Chapter 11: Well then, let’s go.

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Well then, let’s go.

That day was the same as usual, a monotonous day.. or so it should have been.
And yet, in my line of sight was an army of Goblins.
And leading them, was a Goblin King.
There was no one behind me. Aura and Lily, and Tré who usually follow me were not there.
How did it come to this?
To explain this, we’ll have to go back a few hours.

“Now then, let’s start for today!”

Saying that, I set up my [Starting medical treatment. The price will be negotiated after examining the injury] sign on the table.
Aura and Lily sort out the patients already lining up, and then Tré and I heal them.
My work has been a lot calmer since Tré came.
It seems Tré’s recovery magic is outstanding and she’s been working hard even though it’s not at my level.
Then, I catch sight of an adventurer party suddenly entering the guild. They look tense for some reason.

“Asha-san, is something happening at the guild today?”

I ask Asha, who was passing by.

“Actually, there’s a large group of monsters near the village so today we’re putting together a subjugation party to exterminate them. I think all the guild members with the ability to will go.”

Isn’t that dangerous…? But even if I say so, it seems the members of this guild are unexpectedly outstanding somehow. I often receive monster meat from them.
By the time I could take a break from healing, the subjugation party had already departed.

“Well then, shall we have lunch too?”

Today we’re visiting the inn’s dining hall for the first time in a while. Unlike us amateurs, the cooking of a professional like Uncle is indeed a masterpiece.
Satisfied with a delicious lunch, we return to the guild but it was in disarray for some reason.

“Ah, Nest-san, so you guys were here!”

Asha-san approaches us with a somewhat flustered appearance.

“Er.. Did something happen?”
“Yes, well actually… the subjugation party came in contact with the swarm of monsters, but another group of monsters appeared on the other side of the town just now. It seems the subjugation party members are fighting the monsters and can’t return…..”
“Eh……. Isn’t that bad!?”
“It is bad!! The guild master has been discussing with the party leaders, but it looks like nothing can be done…. The subjugation party is doing their best but if they can’t make it in time…..”

Asha-san said, with a gloomy face.
Thinking about it normally, the likelihood of the subjugation party making it on time is low. They left before we went to lunch but it hasn’t even been two hours yet. Factor in the travel time and it’ll be even more unlikely.

“It would be good if we could help, but we don’t have any experience with monster subjugation….. I’m sorry…..”

Putting myself aside, I doubt Aura, Lily or Tré have fighting experience either. And we wouldn’t want to voluntarily put ourselves in danger.

“I guess.. that’s true….”

We left the guild, unable to endure the awkward atmosphere.
News of the monster swarms had already been transmitted to the masses and there were people packing their bags, people crying in front of their houses, all sorts of people.
The innkeepers who had looked after us were no exception.

“Nest, what will happen with us?”

Lily looked at me worriedly, but I couldn’t answer. Aura and Tré were also looking downcast.
With that, she probably guessed the answer. Lily had tears in her eyes.

“I don’t want that! I mean, everyone is so nice here! And yet.. and yet.. I don’t want everyone to leave! Hey, Nest, can’t you do anything!?”
“….Sorry. I want to help but there’s nothing we can do…..”

We’re just ordinary citizens who can’t fight, so all we can do is flee. If we could detain them, I suppose that would be the best action.

No, wait…..? Detaining them would be the best…..? So we don’t have to defeat them….?
……. In that case, isn’t there something even I can do?
Of course the risk is large, but if it can help the townspeople then isn’t that enough to bet on?

“Hey, sorry! I just remembered something, go on ahead of me!”

I send Aura and the others back first and quickly start preparing. My first stop is the Weapons store.
I arranged for armour that was easy to move in, and of course I didn’t forget to get a cloak to hide my face.

With my preparations in order, I head out of town. The large black dot I see in the distance is likely the swarm of monsters.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done this…..”

I unintentionally let out a complaint.

“But if this can help the town then I’ll be satisfied, I guess…..”

Even if I said that, what’s scary is scary and I don’t want to do what I don’t want to do.
……Nevertheless, I don’t want to see everyone in the town crying, and I don’t want to see Asha-san’s gloomy face. Aura and the others’ crying is something I want to see even less.
There are many things I don’t want to do but even so, [Regret] is the one thing I don’t want so I will [Fight].

The distance to the monsters was gradually decreasing. It looks like the monsters are Goblins. Goblins can be considered small-fries by themselves but as you’d expect, a number like this is a wonder.
In my line of sight was an army of Goblins.
And a noticeably larger Goblin King could be seen leading them.
There was no one standing behind me but everyone was behind me. I have things I must protect.

I take out my trusty knife. The knife I used to cut my own body tens, hundreds, thousands of times.
And today this knife will cut an enemy for the first time.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I run towards the Goblin army, alone.

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  1. Cupcake ninja says:

    Great, goblins. I hate goblins. And orcs. If this novel was a bit darker, those slaves would have been raped by now. If I was making a novel, I would include goblins just so the MC could exterminate the entire species.

    Well, enough of that. Why do I never see other comments in these chapters? This is an okay story. The should be others reading this… maybe they’re just lurking?

  2. John the Gamer says:

    I can see a immortal hero approaching with instant-regeneration powers.

    Did he remember to buy a good helmet and neck-guard to protect his only weakness (decapitation)? I hope so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the ominous thing is not a loli.
    It’s just the plot.

  4. mi575 says:

    is there some site i can read it without the pictures?

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