Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.8

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Chapter 3. Ahh… I’m Screwed… (8)

“K, kuaaa! P, please! Stop!”


I stared apologetically at my disciple screaming in pain, and…




Started to beat the bastard who tried to stab me some more.


“K, kuaaa! U.. U, uaaah!”

-Huhehe, that’s the stuff! Left, right, one, two!


The wooden bat and the metal bat doesn’t just look different.

Their actual difference lies in the amount of enchantments and curses on it? Also, the materials that were used as well?


The wooden bat was created using the wood from the legendary tree of Yggdrasil. Mm… that’s what the dwarves told me, so I guess I can just believe that.


It’s a material used in the staves of archmages, and in the warships of the imperial navy as well. As long as it’s processed well, it is said to be able to block even the Life Sword.


Well, that all depends on just who’s using the Life Sword, though.


But the metal bat is different. It’s like a brand-name product that has a ton of legendary metals in it. Where did I get those legendary metals? I smuggled it away from the Organization’s safe little by little. Well, I took it away very little at a time. If I didn’t do it like that, I’d be dead right now. Where’d I get the rest of the metal? I stole it from the Noble families.


Mm, that’s actually why the Organization’s so infamous in the empire. I stole from the Organization’s safe, I stole some family heirlooms from various Noble families, etc etc… Well, they all got melted down at this point.


And the strangest thing of it all is, the metal bat doesn’t actually look like a bat. There’s a limit to how many enchantments you can cast on something that looks like a club.


Because of that, I made a bunch of metal rings, cast enchantments on each and every one of them, and connected each one of those into a chain. then, I wrapped those chains around to create something that resembled a bat.


But, since it still didn’t give me that satisfactory whack that came from the conventional bats, I tried something new. That was a homunculus.


I thought about making a metal homunculus, and tried to use that to create something that would deliver me the ideal whack.

Out of luck, I was able to create something that had 99 curses, 108 enchantments, 30 magic spells and 27 dark magic spells imbued in it. The ego bat had been born.


Thanks to that, even the dwarves became extremely surprised! But there was only one homunculi weapon that had ever been created, and the dwarves are now frantically researching this strange phenomenon. I’m helping them out occasionally as well.


Ah, back to the original topic, the difference in the wooden bat and the metal bat lies in the amount of enchantments and curses.

The wooden bat has more curses compared to enchantments. There are 8 magic spells, 20 curses, 17 enchantments, and 3 dark magic spells.


What does that matter? The enchantments mostly serve to disable any negative effects except pain from curses. That’s how the wooden bat doesn’t hurt you, but actually massages you in reality.

But the metal bat has a lot of enchantments. What does that do?


The body gets better. You regain your strength. Your body becomes healthy. You become energetic. You become sensitive, and your body starts moving closer to perfection.


In other words, you can’t faint.


When you get hit with the wooden bat, you can actually faint. You do wake after being beat up in that state more, but once you get beat to a certain point, your body tries to defend itself and faint.


But! Although the metal bat hurts more than its wooden counterpart, it does not allow you to faint. Why? That’s because you get healthier the more you get hit by it. Because of that, you just feel a shitload of pain while becoming a healthy sonuvabitch. Theoretically, your power and skills would get stronger by 1.4 times when getting hit by the metal bat. If you can actually fight, that is.


-Heeheeheehee! T, this is it!


Ah, this thing’s going over to the other side again. Everything’s perfect about Arcadia except one thing. This thing’s a little crazy. What should I say… the ultimate sadist? This thing starts breathing heavily when it looks at people that it hit before.


Mm… That’s one of the reasons why I tend not to use it.




I can only sigh when I look at the former disciple try to crawl away with his tongue hanging out.


“You still need to be beat more.”

“N… Nhooo…”


You can’t run, you know. I try to continue my drum solo after saying that, but.


“A, attack!”


Tch, I haven’t even finished, and you attack? Don’t you remember what your leader told you?

I’ll teach you to be obedient to your leaders.











One falls with each and every blow. Hm, they’re all actually pretty good. Usually people run when they see stuff like this, but these guys aren’t…




“Leaders aren’t supposed to run.”


Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his actions. Actually, I should applaud him for being able to even stand up.




“You need to see this through to the end.”


I’d try to just run at this point, but.


“There’s a need to kill them all.”


I had to actually think about this a bit. If I let them live, they’d come chasing me. But it feels wrong to kill off my former disciple. If I kill off everyone here, the entire Darksword would get super mad at me… And there’s a lot of people following this kid, too…


But if I just kill the subordinates, this former disciple would mine would get pissed…


There’s only one choice, then. I’ll have to put them into a situation where they can’t even chase me, and I’ll plant fear into their brain.


-Drumstick form.

-Ohh! What’s this?


The metal bat turned into two short sticks.


“W, w, what are yo…”


When the former disciple says this with a pale face filled with fear, I told this foolish child what I was about to do like a kind instructor I was.


“I am planning on performing music.”


Mm, let’s start with George Winston’s “Variations on Canon”.

You are the instrument, and I am the musician! In other words, you guys are drums.




“S, stoooop!”


This marked the beginning of my moonlit concert.

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