Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.7

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Chapter 3. Ahh… I’m Screwed… (7)

3.5 Their Story

[2] Aruen Rudh’s Story: Oh f*ck wait!


“Our target today is Instructor Naruan.”


I heard a name that I hadn’t heard in a while.

My only source of fear as well as my respect. The one that I want to beat the most, as well as my greatest teacher. But why him?




I spoke shortly, but that’s ok since I have a higher rank than him. According to my instructor, it’s fine to speak rudely to anyone as long as you have a higher rank.


“He’s training his disciples too well.”

“Nn? The hell does that mean.”


Isn’t it good if they get trained well? I have to kill him for doing his job? Did the Organization finally go crazy? I thought these thoughts, but then I ended up sighing when I heard the next words.


“He trained the descendants of the Raina family and the Nermia family to become extremely powerful.”



God damn it, this instructor… I know that he doesn’t discriminate between anyone, but isn’t this too much? Why the hell is he training spies like that?


Could it be that he doesn’t know that they’re spies? No, everyone should’ve been alerted about the spies. The information department should’ve sent info about their name, age, and everything else…




…The information department? The leader of that thing was Cia, right?

If what I’m thinking is right… Instructor, apologies for being unable to defend you.




But what am I supposed to do here? I’m supposed to obey the Organization no matter what. That’s the only way I can advance quickly. Well, that’s not what he actually said, but that’s the point of it.


There were several group leaders as well as the infamous Group 1 and 9.


“Phew~ There’s quite a lot.”

“Well, he is your instructor after all… We need to be prepared.”

“Yeah, he beat you mercilessly, didn’t he?”

“T, that was a long time ago!”




I shouted this with a flushed face, but everyone just laughed. Damn it! That damned co leader… I’ll definitely punish him when we get back.

After thinking that, I sighed, and lowered my voice a little.


“But that instructor… He’s the real deal. About half of us are expected to die.”


The laughter immediately stopped. Although they speak immaturely, they were a part of the greatest fighting force in the Organization.

They were mostly extremely good assassins as well.


“I feel sorry for the instructor, but be prepared to go all out. No, that wouldn’t be enough. Just be prepared to die.”


And that night, I had waited for the instructor at the place where he was suppose to meet up with his comrades, but he had managed to escape.

A normal swordsman of his calibre would not run because of pride, but the instructor was different. There were only two things that he would stress the most to everyone around him.


First, if you die, it’s all over. You can always build up your reputation.

Second, do not try to view the world in black and white. There is always a light dirtier than darkness, and there is darkness that shines brighter than light itself. Do not judge the world based on how it judges you, judge it based on your morals.

And the instructor always was the perfect example of his ideas.


“17 is dead!”

“Leader of Group 11 is dead! 23 and 8 died as well.”

“3 members of Group 9 died trying to surround him!”

“Leaders of Group 8 and 18 are down!”


Soon enough, I began to get reports of death. Group leaders were strong enough to use the Life Sword. A swordsman who was unable to use the Life Sword, however, were easily neutralizing them.


“…They’re getting taken down in one hit?”


I was able to see just how strong the instructor was now. Everyone was downed in one hit. He kills assassins faster than an assassin. How did this even make sense?


“Leader, he’s going to location 7.”

“Create a large net around him, and slowly choke him. Don’t risk anything, and put all the leaders at the front. Use 3 leaders and 7 subordinates.”


How much time passed since I last saw the instructor? I remember him telling me this the last time I had seen him.


[The most important thing is… the sucker punch.]


Kill your presence. Kill your breathing. Kill your mind.

The Life Sword is too much for an assassin. Bright lights and great powers are not associated with assassinations.

Because of that, I condensed my power and attacked at a crucial moment.


Clang! I aimed at the heart, but he blocked with his sword. The sword that got hit by the Life Sword was chopped in half.

To him, who could not use the Life Sword, this was critical.


I can win. I can actually win!

When I was overcome with happiness, the instructor spoke with his usual cold tone.


“Do I know you?”


I became sad when I heard that, but well, it’s all my uniform’s fault, I guess. What should I say, though… Mm… Should I tell him why I’m here, or should I tell him my last words as a disciple?


After thinking a bit, I just sighed.


“Haah… I told you to restrain yourself a bit.”

“…You are?”


Thankfully, he seemed to remember my voice.


“It’s been awhile, instructor.”


I bowed a little and sent him my greetings. The instructor maintained his cold face, and spoke as if he knew everything.


“The Organization, is it?”

“Well… Yes.”


I shrugged, but in my head, I was thinking something different. So he knew everything… I suppose not even Cia would do something that dangerous. No matter what his worldview is, why would he train the kids of our enemies…


“Why’d you have to take those kids as disciples! Things became just too dangerous!”


Mm, I raised my voice in accident. Honestly, I don’t want to cut down my teacher. I may be famous for not being discriminatory, but I still have to draw the line somewhere, right?


Well, it’s not like I’m hesitant or anything. The instructor isn’t someone I’d be merciful to, honestly.


I attack, and attack, and attack.


I slash quickly, but the instructor dodges by a hair’s breadth every time.

He’s using just his body’s strength to dodge everything.


‘Amazing, but!’


I gathered my strength into my toes. It stresses my body, but this should end it all. One hit kill. The strongest assassin is not the one who is skilled with swords, he is not one who kills many at once, nor is he a person who can control energy efficiently.


One hit, one kill. It is enough if he can kill the target in one hit.

I gather strength into my toes, then I charged with my blade.






I didn’t expect this attack to be blocked. But the instructor can’t use his sword anymore? The instructor threw the handle at me, but I sliced it apart.

I don’t know about others, but if it’s that instructor, he could’ve turned that handle into a dangerous weapon.


“I’ve been surrounded?”


Once I heard that, I began to notice the presences around me. Was I too focused or something?


“Well, Group 9 had been dispatched, after all. You know about them as well, right?”


I responded casually. I’m no kid now. I’m the leader of the Darksword.


But. No, because of that, this will be a one on one!


“Don’t worry about them. They won’t move while we fight.”


They won’t attack, so please focus.


“You’re saying that when you already have me surrounded? I can’t believe it.”

“You were the one who taught me to run when you have the chance, though? I wouldn’t be able to catch you ever again if you run here.”


Again, please focus. Please go all out. Please… allow me to surpass you!


“K… Kuaa!”


I run forward once my instincts awoke. This is a one on one! I shall beat you with pure skill!

But the instructor’s reaction towards my move was a bit strange. He just swung his arms in midair…




I felt a chill run across my back, but I ignored it. That was my fatal mistake.




A silver light. Then…


“Me… metal…”


This is a dream. This is all false. Something like that shouldn’t be here.


“Y, y, y, you… S, s, shouldn’t be… magic…”


My head stopped functioning. My body became paralyzed. Something like this cannot be here!


“It’s a form of black magic.”

“L, l, liar! E, e, even if it’s black magic.”

“Right. Because it’s black magic, the cost for doing this is very high. Black magic is a form of magic that is very reliant on contracts. But… what if this weapon had an ego?”



The shock rendered me speechless. Ego? Egoooo?!



A weapon with intelligence. It was powerful by itself, but its ego was what made it truly priceless.


Many warriors use it, and the sword remembers every battle.


An old ego weapon is smarter than any strategist, and stronger than any swordsman.


No, before that! Why the hell is that thing an ego weapon!


“Then, for now…”

“N, no!”


I tried to run, but.


“Punishment time.”


I could not dodge that.

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