Purple River Chapter 02 Part 04

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Deep Feelings

“Woah! What a lavish mansion! Awesome!” Seeing ZiChuan Ning’s manor villa with garden and pools, Luo Jie sighed in resignation: “With my salary, I won’t be able to afford this even if I stop eating and drinking for thirty thousand years.”

Chang Chuan turned to ZiChuan Xiu: “Sir, does your sister have a boyfriend? Would you mind hooking us up? I have followed you into battle for so many years… Ouch, why did you hit me, Luo Jie?
Luo Ji: “Sir, hook me up instead… Sir, you mustn’t trust him, he talks bad things about you behind your back all the time… Only I have always stayed true and loyal to you, Sir!”

“Horseshit! You are always saying bad things about him. Like last time when we were still in the Far East, weren’t you the one saying Master Xiu thinks through his arse? I scolded and corrected you right on the spot!”

“No you didn’t. You said that “It is because his head was stuck in his arse.” You even laughed hysterically… Sir, you mustn’t believe his lies!”

“Please, Sir, if you introduce Lady Ning to the perverted douchebag Luo Jie over here, it will be a nightmare…”

“Chang Chuan is a womanizer… Sir, I’m telling you: “The few nights we stayed in Sha Jia, he was gone every night. You would only see him the next morning, barely able to stand, as if he just went through several Battles of Heng Chuan. Even his shirt was covered in lipsticks… Chang Chuan, confess now. Where were you?”

“I went to take care of the lost young ladies; I wanted to show them that there was still true love in this world… I wished to make the world a better place… Sir, now that it comes to this, I may as well tell you: Luo Jie is a pervert. He often goes to the female barracks to peep on them… You know their underwear that often went missing… Just search Luo Jie’s backpack and you will know. They are all there, every single one! If you really let Her Ladyship be with someone like him… can she really be happy?”

“It is just a regular and normal hobby… In my opinion it is not that much different from collecting stamps really… I can provide happiness to Her Ladyship just fine! Sir, please listen to me, I know Chang Chuan’s darkest secret… Sir, hold on.”

“Sir, where are you going? I haven’t told you about the shit Luo Jie has done yet, he…”

Compared to six years ago, the manor hadn’t changed much. ZiChuan Xiu walked towards the old oak tree, surveying the strange yet familiar manor along the way. The knife mark could still clearly be seen. Everything was exactly the same as it had been before he left six years ago, only people changed… In that moment, ZiChuan Xiu felt it deeply: One does not mature from the passing of time, but experience. He had already crossed the stage of youth. From a boy, he had become a man, or even an old man.

He stepped into the room and the servant respectfully welcomed him: “Young master, you have returned!”

ZiChuan Xiu gave him a friendly nod, but sneered at the thought: “Tch, nothing has changed, even the way I’m addressed.”

As he entered the room where he lived as a child, he was stunned: It was exactly the same as it had been six years ago! Books, bedding and even pillow cover, everything was the same. He sat down in front of his desk, reaching out with his right hand with a customary movement, and a block of ink appeared in his hand… even the positioning stayed the same!

Has no one been to his room before? ZiChuan Xiu wiped his hand over the table, found no sign of dusts. Clearly someone had been cleaning the room on a regular basis. He was confused…

“Everything was the same, right?” Not sure when or how, ZiChuan Ning had already appeared at the door.

“Not even a speck of dust.” ZiChuan Xiu spoke casually: “How did my lady manage such a feat?”

“I have forbidden anyone from entering this room. I would clean it once a week myself, then put everything back the way it was before.” ZiChuan Ning tilted her head slightly; her beauty was beyond words: “But I really can’t stand that pair of smelly sneakers anymore; even though I wash my hand eight times every time I touch it, I can’t get rid of its smell!”

ZiChuan Ning’s word came easily, but ZiChuan Xiu felt the weight in his heart: How can I possibly repay her feelings…

He instinctively tried to avoid that conversation, seeking for an excuse…

“Lady, I…”

“Your stomach is acting up again and you want to go to the bathroom? Your stomach always does that when things get heavy… I can tell from your eyes… Six years, you are still using the same excuse; it is getting old!”

ZiChuan Xiu’s new revelation came as a disappointment: ZiChuan Yuan Xing’s ability to see people for what they really are has not only survived, but flourished in his daughter, ZiChuan Ning.

“Lady Ning, you have misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with my stomach… just that my head really hurts. Ouch… I must have caught a cold! I have to lie down for a bit…”

“Tch!” ZiChuan Ning walked out of the door: “I knew you would do that! Useless… Right, I have confiscated all the porn magazines under your bed! If you want new ones, there is a bookstore across the street. The owner usually hides them; just tell him that I sent you… I’m one of his regulars… He has all the latest editions.”

ZiChuan Xiu’s headache suddenly got worse… much worse.

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