Poisoning the World : Chapter 432

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Chapter 432 : Want to Discipline? No Way!

She will not give him the opportunity to ruin another young girl’s youth!


If she could not escape today, there was always tomorrow… Anyways, at least she still had time!


The little qilin was someone who liked festivity and noise. Wherever there was excitement, that was were the little qilin would be. It appeared from a small, inconspicuous corner and pounced into Ning Xuemo’s arms. “Master, I want to go!”


His little claws had not yet touched Ning Xuemo’s clothes when he was sent flying by Han Shanyue. “Go wash yourself!”


The little qilin somersaulted on the ground before laboriously jumping back up and angrily glaring at Han Shanyue.


Its body was already clean enough. Why did it have to go wash again?!


Han Shanyue coldly stared back.


The little qilin seemed to tremble, and all the blue fur on its body stood up straight. With its tail between its legs, it ran away to take a bath…


Ning Xuemo was slightly curious. Did her little qilin suffer any injustice under Han Shanyue?


Why was it that when it saw him, it would act like a mouse seeing a cat?


In the past, the little qilin liked to cling onto her, and at night, it would turn into a cat and curl up by her feet.


But once this Master Han Shanyue came to her residence, the little qilin did not dare to stay by her side for too long. At night, it wouldn’t curl up by her side to sleep anymore…


These days, Ning Xuemo was always anxious, so she did not pay too much attention to the little qilin’s mood.


However, now, a sense of doubt rose up in her heart. She glanced at Han Shanyue who was standing next to her and asked, “Why is it so scared of you? Did you discipline it?”


Han Shanyue walked forward with big strides, not answering her question but only saying a sentence lightly, “Look at how you’ve raised that mythological beast. What do you take it for? A cat?”


Ning Xuemo paused. His words sounded like he was complaining about how she was misguiding the little qilin…


The little qilin was hers!


“It is yours, but you are mine. Therefore, it is mine. From now on, I’ll take care of Little Apple.” Han Shanyue seemed to hear her thoughts.


Ning Xuemo smiled but did not speak.


She was going to bring the little qilin with her when she left. He wanted to discipline it… Sorry, no way!


They walked outside. Once Ning Xuemo stepped through the door, she was shocked.


Outside, there was a dense crowd of people.


Yulin Army soldiers with their shining armor, little children dressed in green robes, and hemp-wearing young girls carrying all sorts of celebratory things were standing outside respectfully.


In the midst of it all was a luxurious carriage drawn by eight horses…


With a glance of the eye, it was impossible to see the tip of the entire procession. On both sides of the procession were musicians lightly playing music.


And currently, at the head of the procession was the Crown Prince Ji Yunhuang and other officials.


Seeing that Han Shanyue and Ning Xuemo came out hand in hand, Ji Yunhuang’s eyes flashed with sadness, but he instantly covered it up with a smile and went forward to make his salutations to Han Shanyue. He said that under the orders of the Emperor, he was here to invite the Heavenly Teacher back to Heavenly Teacher’s residence to bath and change clothing before going to the Temple to pay his respects to the heavens and Earth.


All of his words were in classic “officialese” language. Ning Xuemo more or less entirely understood the meaning of Ji Yunhuang’s words and finally realized that being a Heavenly Teacher meant going through a lot of ceremonies and rites.


Looks like the Vast Sky Empire racked their brains and used all their effort to try to keep this Heavenly Teacher.


They did not care about wasting manpower and even went to this extreme.


She had already gone ten days without seeing Ji Yunhuang. Now, looking at him, he seemed to be thinner. There were faint dark circles under his eyes, and he looked exhausted.


In front of this big of a crowd, Ning Xuemo did not want to be holding hands with this Heavenly Teacher, especially in front of Ji Yunhuang.


Poor little qilin… Han Shanyue bullies Ning Xuemo and now he bullies an innocent little beast…

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