Poisoning the World : Chapter 431

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Chapter 431 : There Are Already Many Rumors About You

The messenger had finished its report and Han Shanyue acknowledged it before waving him away.


He then glanced over to the painting that he completed just now and he gently grazed his finger over the lady’s eyebrow in the painting, then the corners of her lips before a smile flashed across his face.




The sun had risen and Ning Xuemo woke up. Just as she was about to get ready, she heard something coming from outside.


It sounded like a very traditional type of music, the kind that had the ability to calm people down.


However, upon listening, Ning Xuemo was disturbed and became slightly irritated by it.


And she did not know the reason for her exasperation as it was rooted in her since young. While others listened to traditional music to meditate and stay composed, she felt an immense rage from it…


Hence whenever she needed to listen to light music, she would never turn to traditional music.


Therefore, now that she heard it now, her rage started to take form.


Thus, in an attempt to suppress her anger, she took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.


What is happening now? Is there a house along the main streets doing some ritual?


Ning Xuemo came out of her courtyard and was greeted by a surprise.


Old Zhong brought a team of new bodyguards waiting outside, looking spirited and alert.


What is going on? Did something good happen?


Just when Ning Xuemo was about to ask, Old Zhong had already gone up to her, “Master, the Heavenly Teacher has requested for you.”


Isn’t he supposed to be heading to some grand ceremony?


Why is he asking for her?


Ning Xuemo suddenly felt that something was amiss, but she could not refuse it and hence reluctantly made her to way to Han Shanyue’s courtyard.

Only then did she know about his intentions. He wanted her to accompany him to the Heavenly Teacher Residence.


He reasoned that he was going there to change and wash up and needed her to be around his side.


Ning Xuemo was clearly not willing to, and came up with a reason to refuse, “Heavenly Teacher, you will have many maids over there to serve you, you don’t need me specifically.”


“But there is only one concubine,” Han Shanyue retorted.


Darn it! A concubine is not a maid, and you expect the concubine to help you to wash up and get change?


“Heavenly Teacher, I’m afraid I’m not your concubine yet, why not wait till we are officially married?”


“Can’t do.”


“But if I were to go with you now, it will cause gossip.” And most importantly, it could sabotage her plans to escape!


“There are already many rumors about you. One more wouldn’t make any difference,” Han Shanyue could not be bothered to argue with her any further so he immediately took her hands and leave.


Ning Xuemo was stunned but she could not continue to refuse him anymore as it might cause suspicion. Moreover, her hand was held very tightly by his.


Wasn’t he mysophobic? And was he not always avoiding having physical contact with her?


Why was he suddenly holding her hands now?


“I haven’t washed my hands…” Ning Xuemo confessed, hoping that he would release his grip automatically.


Han Shanyue’s fingers grabbed on slightly tighter with no intentions of releasing and replied, “Wash it at the Heavenly Teacher Residence.”


“I thought you hated having physical contact with others?” Ning Xuemo was persistent and did not give up.


“I have get used to it someday,” Han Shanyue replied her casually.


Ning Xuemo was speechless and surprised. Did he mean that he would be having more physical contact with her regularly in the future?


That was for sure as the day after tomorrow came, it would be their wedding day. And on that day, would he be consummating their marriage?


Ning Xuemo shivered surreptitiously and she was even more determined than ever to escape!


Although spiritually she was an adult, this young body of hers was only barely fourteen and her body was not fully developed yet hence, consummating would be very painful…


The typical mindset of a bride to be in those days : Consummation. The typical mindset of a bride to be in modern days : How about children? Taxes? Work? When can I get a job? Where can I get a job? What happens if this marriage gets sour? What happens…

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