Disciple – Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Stagnating Cultivation

In an instant, Zhu Yao sensed that this was a bad situation, as she turned around and tried to flee. But, with a simple twist of his finger, Yu Jin rooted her to the ground. In a flash, he stood right in front of her.

“What are you trying to do, grand…” Zhu Yao wanted to shout out, however, with a gentle wave of his sleeves, she could no longer speak either.

Yu Jin gave a sly smile. The hell, this bastard was doing it on purpose. Her master did not agree to accepting the Floor Master position, so he changed his point of target to her. This savage beast.

“Don’t be afraid. I will simply be inserting a divine imprint. It won’t hurt at all.” A lightning glow flashed in his hand, and then, a strand of flashing red light tangled itself between his fingers.

It’s even stranger for such a strong might and pressure to not hurt, right!?

It’s only been a few months since she entered Lightning Divine Palace, and he’s handing over the role of Floor Master to her just like that? Did he have to play it this way? If she had known of this, she wouldn’t have brought Miao Lin over here.

Yu Jin raised the hand covered in lightning glow, stretched out two fingers, and tapped them on the center of Zhu Yao’s forehead, directly inserting the divine imprint into Zhu Yao’s body. Before he could even let go, a complication suddenly arose, as the divine imprint was instantly reflected back.

“Eh? You have another divine sense imprint in your body?” Yu Jin blanked, and his face was filled with disappointment. In an instant, as though he had recalled something, he sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. Then, he powerlessly said. “So you’re really Yu Yan’s personal succeeding disciple, huh?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes back at him. Who else could she be?

“Haah, forget it!” Yu Jin heaved a long sigh, and removed the stationary spell on Zhu Yao. The Floor Master’s divine imprint was a divine sense-related imprint, and everyone could only possess a single type of divine sense imprint in their bodies. Initially, he had thought that his little little grand disciple was merely a rock spirit. Even if she was Yu Yan’s disciple, she would simply be a regular disciple, and would not have the personal succeeding disciple imprint on her. Who would have known… He had miscalculated. When this strand of divine sense was planted, only the owner of the divine sense could remove it. In other words, unless Yu Yan came over to remove it, he shouldn’t even think about imprinting the Floor Master’s mark on Zhu Yao. Once again, he sized Zhu Yao up. “I say, little little grand disciple, why did your master take in a rock spirit as his personal succeeding disciple?” And before this, she shouldn’t have gained her human form yet, right?

“That’s none of your business!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “My master has great eyes for people, that’s why, among the sea of people, out of the millions of disciples, he chose…”

“This piece of rock.” Yu Jin continued in her stead.

“…” Can you not bring that up?

“Enough. Let’s head over to that Advent Cloud Palace’s emissary.” Yu Jin, who failed in his assassination, walked towards to the front of the hall with a disappointed look. Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow after him. Hmph, once I return, I will report this to master.

Miao Lin, however, was waiting rather patiently in the great hall. When he sensed that people were approaching, he turned around. With a joyful look, he started walking towards the direction of the two people from afar. “Miao Lin of Advent Cloud Palace, pays respect to High Deity Yu Jin.”

“Mn.” Yu Jin lightly responded. Compared to the previous happy and easy-going look, his current response was filled with unspeakable might and dominance. Even Zhu Yao could not hide her curiosity, and looked over.

Only to see a white figure walking past her. He stepped into the hall, and sat on the highest seat. White brows, white beard, and white clothes. Though he looked over seventy and beyond his prime, he was filled with unspeakable majesty, causing people to look up in awe.

This person… Who the heck is he?

“Floor Master.” Miao Lin, however, looked as though everything was normal, as he respectfully reported to him. “The reason our Patriarch sent me over this time, is regarding the name list of the Grand Mystic Assembly.”

Zhu Yao blanked, and only then did she glance over to that foreign-looking old man at the center. No matter how dumb one was, he would still be able to see that the old man was Yu Jin. Why did he have to change himself to an old man? Was he bored?

Zhu Yao was unclear when Miao Lin left, but Yu Jin had not harassed the two of them for several days straight. Most probably, it was related to that Grand Mystic Assembly or whatever which Miao Lin brought up.

Regarding why Yu Jin wanted to transform into a white-haired old man, Zhu Yao had asked about this as well.

Yu Jin smiled especially complacently, and he replied with an exceptionally justifying tone. “If I don’t transform to look a little aged, how will I be able to express the imposing spirit of the Floor Master of Lightning Divine Palace?”

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. Indeed, with that old man look of his, it was rather intimidating.

“Furthermore.” Yu Jin added. “If I were to address others with my former appearance, I will definitely look much younger than the master of Advent Cloud Palace. Then, how will I be able to scold him, and lead him by the nose with the status as his elder?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. As expected, it being all about might and spirit was all a lie. You simply become old for the convenience of scolding others, right?

Yu Jin did not think it was shameful; instead, he was proud of it. “Haah, human nature is ugly. Hence, as Floor Master, there will always be such uncomfortable days every year.”

“…” You’re treating the Floor Master role as an auntie?

Since the annoying Floor Master had not been coming over, Yu Yan began to attentively impart Zhu Yao with divine arts. As a jade spirit, which had even gained its human form with the aid of the Lightning Abyssal Spring, Zhu Yao’s foundation was not stable, hence, she had no choice but to start cultivating from scratch.

Her master said that cultivation in the Higher Realm completely depended on divine energy. Cultivation was no longer separated by the five elements, and all living things with spiritual consciousness raise their cultivation level by absorbing divine energy.

Back then, Zhu Yao had a slight sense for absorbing divine energy, so, to her, it was not really a difficult task. However, after meditating for exactly a month, the divine energy in Zhu Yao’s body was still pitifully little. With her current cultivation level, she could not even be considered an Earth Deity.

Regarding the bug she needed to fix this time, even till now, she still did not know who it was. Zhu Yao was a little anxious, as she faintly sensed that the bug this time wasn’t that simple. After all, this place was Divine Realm. Seeing that she was not making much progress with her cultivation, she was a little worried.

“Calm your inner heart, circulate the energy into your Zhoutian.” Looking at his disciple who was evidently out of sorts, Yu Yan spoke out to remind her.

“It’s still the same.” Zhu Yao instantly turned dispirited, as she let out a long sigh. “Master, why is my divine energy absorption rate so slow?” It had already been more than four months. Forget about making progress in her cultivation, instead, she felt that the divine energy in her body was becoming weaker.

Yu Yan frowned. He had naturally sensed the situation surrounding his disciple as well. It’s just that he did not know of the reason either. Theoretically speaking, his disciple’s aptitude was not considered poor. Looking at the speed of her human transformation, it was rather rare to see a spirit gaining its human form in the Lightning Abyssal Spring in just ten days. However, ever since she had gained her human form, her cultivation had stagnated. It was as though the divine energy in her body had reached a saturated state, so no matter how she was to absorb even more, the amount of divine energy would not be able to increase.

“Are there any irregularities in your Dantian?”

Zhu Yao carefully sensed for a moment, and shook her head. “None.” The amount of divine energy in Dantian was pitifully little.

Yu Yan inspected her pulse, and thoroughly checked the meridians in her body. Her meridians were wide and large, without the slightest bit of irregularity. Theoretically speaking, this should be the most perfect aptitude one could have. Then, what in the world was the reason?

“Master, I wouldn’t be a jade spirit all my life, right?” In Divine Realm, the number of figures at the Earth Deity level was the least as well. If this continued, she would simply be cannon fodder at every given moment! Let’s forget about fixing the bug as well.

Yu Yan pondered deeply for a moment, before grabbing onto her hand. “Let’s try again.” After saying that, he sent a strand of divine energy into her. Zhu Yao concentrated, and as usual, she guided that strand of energy into her Dantian. However, that strand of divine energy became weaker as it flowed. Before it could even enter her Dantian, it had completely dispersed.

“Master…” Just what the hell was going on?

“I have never seen such a situation either.” Divine energy that had already entered one’s body could actually disappear. It was really rarely seen. “For now, first practice in the various divine arts. After the Grand Mystic Assembly, I will bring you into the tower.”

“Tower?” Zhu Yao raised her head towards the Lightning Divine Tower, which was as tall as the sky, at the peak of the mountain.

Yu Yan stroked her head. “When the time comes, we can ask my master if he had seen such a situation before.”

“Oh.” So he’s calling for reinforcements. Zhu Yao was silent for a moment, before she continued to ask. “What’s the Grand Mystic Assembly?” That unfortunate Miao Lin seemed to have come for this matter as well.

“The Grand Mystic Assembly is held once every ten thousand years. It’s the day to discuss who shall be selected to enter the tower.” Yu Yan explained.

“Enter the tower? Aren’t Lightning Divine Palace disciples the only ones able to enter the tower?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “There are four great continents in Divine Realm. There are countless deities, while Lightning Divine Tower is the one and only path to godhood in Divine Realm. So naturally, Lightning Divine Palace disciples are not the only ones entitled to enter.” However, only the mark of the Lightning Divine Floor Master could activate the Lightning Divine Tower. “Every ten thousand years, Divine Realm will conduct a Grand Mystic Assembly. The High Deities of the four great continents will be qualified to enter the tower to face the trials of godhood.”

“Wasn’t the cultivation of an Ink Deity enough to enter the tower?”

“Countless savage beasts roam the tower, and it is filled with tribulation lightning bolts. Other than the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace who cultivate in the arts of lightning, it’s difficult for other people to sustain themselves. Disregarding the godhood trials, I’m afraid they might even fall in the lower ten floors. Hence, Lightning Divine Palace disciples can enter the tower as Ink Deities, while others have to be High Deities.”

So that’s the case. “Why is there a need for a selection? Can’t they directly enter the tower after achieving the corresponding cultivation level?”

“Only five people can enter every time the tower is opened.”

“Only five?” No wonder. It seemed like this so-called Grand Mystic Assembly, was actually a one-time opportunity in Divine Realm to rise to greater heights. “Then, after entering the tower, are we not able to return?”

“If it’s the lower ten floors, we will still be able to freely enter and exit the tower. After the tenth floor, there will no longer be opportunities to exit the tower. We will only be able to progress towards the Dao wholeheartedly. Either we turn into Gods, or we fall.”

“Deities can die as well?”

“Deities indeed possess longevity, but we are not undying.” The number of deities dying due to battles, personal feuds, cultivation, and treasure-hunting had long been countless.

Zhu Yao raised her head, looking towards the sky-piercing tower. “Then, are there really people who become Gods?”

Yu Yan was silent for a moment, before he slowly said. “It is unknown to everyone. People who have turned into Gods, have detached themselves from the six paths and are no longer influenced by the five elements. No one knows the appearance of a true God.”

Zhu Yao momentarily felt a strange sensation surging from the depths of her heart. After heading above the tenth floor, people could no longer turn back. Could this one-way path, with no ways of retreat, really turn one into a God? After becoming a deity, one would already be bestowed with endless longevity in the first place, so why must they become Gods?

After understanding what the Grand Mystic Assembly was, Lightning Divine Palace had evidently become bustling. Usually, other than her master and Floor Master, no other living beings could be seen. However, as though in a single night, a large number of disciples had appeared in Lightning Divine Palace out of nowhere.

Men, women, young and old. There were so many of them, it would soon reach an uncountable number. Zhu Yao even suspected if she had actually reincarnated and gone to a different map.

Though everyone’s clothes were different, every single of their sleeves were embroidered with a lightning cloud insignia. This insignia was embroidered on her clothes as well.

Just where did all these Lightning Divine Palace disciples pop out from? What happened to only having three people?

Zhu Yao was extremely puzzled, until one day, when she was practicing her divine arts, one of her lightning ball struck a blue clothed disciple who was sweeping the floor then. That disciple was instantly set ablaze.

Zhu Yao was given a shock, as she hurriedly extinguished the flames. However, what she saw was a piece of burnt paper falling onto the ground. When she picked the paper up, she saw a single word was written on it.


Uh… The hell was with this sweeper thing?

“I say, little little grand disciple, do not play with lightning, alright? Wouldn’t it be bad if you had struck someone?” Yu Jin suddenly popped out of nowhere as well. Taking the piece of paper off Zhu Yao’s hands, he reached out his hand to cast an art, and in an instant, the piece of paper once again turned back into the blue clothed disciple earlier. Other than having a bundle of burnt hair, the rest of him had returned to normal. Without speaking a single word, he picked up the broom that fell onto the ground, and continued to sweep.

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded.

Yu Jin, however, had already turned and left. As he walked, like scattering dollar notes, he threw pieces of talismans everywhere. And when those talismans landed on the ground, they turned into varied-looking disciples. As though they had received some sort of command, they turned around and went to work on their own tasks.

Talismans could actually be used this way as well? How did she not know about it?

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