Disciple – Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Tower Sports Meet

The Grand Mystic Assembly had finally begun. In the early morning, Zhu Yao had already sensed many foreign presences in the surroundings of Lightning Divine Palace. Initially, she had planned on continuing to stay and hide in her own home. However, she was forcefully dug out by Yu Jin’s forceful attitude, and was pulled to the great hall to help keep appearances.

Lightning Divine Palace was referred to as the most mysterious organization in Divine Realm, and no one knew exactly how many disciples were in it either. Furthermore, they did not easily head down the mountain, so, no one knew that there were actually only three people in Lightning Divine Palace. While those paper-people that filled the mountain, were all made by Yu Jin to keep appearances as well. They were a type of talisman envoy, which possessed a little amount of spiritual consciousness. If not struck by lightning, they would not revert to their original forms, so they could not be seen through easily.

But, after all, the mountain gate only opened once every ten thousand years, and if only expressionless people were standing next to the one and only Floor Master’s side, no matter how real they were, it would still be possible to be seen through. Hence, Zhu Yao and her master were dragged along as reinforcements.

The people from the various continents had all arrived early, and they had been waiting outside the lightning formation for a long time. The formation set outside Lightning Divine Palace was the Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation, and its might was limitless. Even if it’s a High Deity, he would not be able to enter unscathed from the outside. Usually, this formation gate was closed, and only Yu Jin and Yu Yan would occasionally open it for their battles.

After Yu Jin instructed a few words to the two people, he opened the formation gate.

The lightning clouds that surrounded Lightning Divine Palace gradually scattered, revealing a large gathering of people outside. After a careful look, there were a total of five different groups of people bundling together up in the sky. Every single group was taking a distance from each other, and unexpectedly, there was no form of communication between them, let alone any forms of greeting for each other. It seemed like the relationships between these people were not exactly really good. But… Wasn’t it said that there were only four continents? Why were there five groups?

Yu Jin once again activated his actor mode, and changed into his business look – The old man face. The Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation had completely scattered, yet, not a single one of the five groups in the sky moved. They simply quietly floated in the air.

Yu Jin glanced at the pink-clothed disciple, which was formed by a talisman, standing at the side, and calmly said. “Come in.”

The pink-clothed disciple nodded. Then, she raised her head towards the sky, and shouted. “Calling upon Advent Cloud Palace of the East.”

Her voice was extremely loud, from how it echoed throughout the entire sky, it could be seen that it carried divine energy. In the sky, which was still quiet earlier, the group of people at the extreme right slowly flew towards the great hall. And here she was wondering what was wrong, so they were only allowed to enter when their names were called?

That group of people had about ten people, and they had uniform clothes and hair ornaments. Even their expressions were uniformly stern. Not to mention, in the crowd, there was even someone holding a flag-pole, and that flag was embroidered with a lifelike green dragon insignia.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that this was similar to a group of players entering the venue of a sports competition. Unconsciously, opening introductions rang in her ears.

The ones walking towards us from the other side is the representative team of Advent Cloud Palace. The Advent Cloud Palace representative team is a well-trained team, and they are filled with great concentration. With imposing and uniform appearances, walking with powerful and sonorous steps, they carry the striking symbol of their team, the “Green Dragon”, high and proud. Their vigour and faith of absolute victory could be greatly felt from the all around the stadium. With their vision of “Godhood Number One, Friendship is Shit”, they promote the spirit of “seeking to prevail over all others”, and they progress towards their goal of “Higher, Stronger, and Act Cooler”.

“Calling upon Vermillion Extent Peak of the South.”

Immediately following behind them is the representative team of Chu Extent Peak. The Chu Extent Peak representative team consists of the combination of athleticism and beauty. Using their own knowledge and hard work, in the stage of godhood, they demonstrated their tenacious spirit and youthful zeal. Currently, with neat steps, strong and healthy physiques, and fine spirits, they have proven their courage and strength to obtain absolute victory.

“Calling upon Fluorescent Wind Clan of the North.”

Following after the call from the announcer, in an organized manner, the Fluorescent Wind Clan representative team is walking towards the competition venue. Both majestic and elegant, in that mere instant, it’s as though a tossed stone has raised a thousand ripples, with each ripple larger than the one before. Look, the representative team of the Fluorescent Wind Clan has arrived! With their well-ironed school uniform, and their supple footsteps, we can sense the unlimited amount of energy coming from them. We can see… hope!

“Calling upon Soaring Enlightenment Palace of the West.”

Coming up next we have the representative team of Soaring Enlightenment Hall from the West. Every single one of the members of Soaring Enlightenment Palace is filled with confidence and determination to struggle on the stage with all their might, in order to display their best to obtain the right to godhood, and to display their best to act cool and strong. They are demonstrating their graceful demeanour, in order to gain even more glory for the Soaring Enlightenment Hall. They strongly believe that with hard work, they can become Gods!

“Calling upon Scattered Fif Hall.”

Coming up last onto the stage is the Scattered Fif Hall representative team. Scattered Fif Hall… Alright, she couldn’t make up anything else.

After entering, in a mere moment, the great hall which was initially spacious and empty, was instantly filled with people. Yu Jin was still carrying that almighty-like expression. With his two hands behind his back, the corner of his eyes lightly swept through everyone on-site.

Unexpectedly, not a single person revealed the slightest hint of dissatisfaction.

Instead, those various Patriarchs, Clan Masters and Hall Masters who came to enter the tower, neatly stepped forward, and respectfully greeted Yu Jin in a junior-like manner. “Greetings, Floor Master.”

Yu Jin still maintained that lofty posture of facing forty-five degrees towards the sky, leaving the five people at an angle where they could see his nostrils. A moment later, he lightly responded. “Mn.” What’s acting cool? This, right here.

“Are there any changes to the people entering the tower among you?”

The five people glanced at each other, yet, none of them replied. A moment later, the Hall Master of Soaring Enlightenment Hall stood up. “The five of us have already prepared ourselves to enter the tower, and there are no changes to the arrangement.”

Yu Jin swept a glance at the five leading figures, and did not say another word. Turning around, he headed towards the direction of Lightning Divine Tower. “Those entering the tower, come. The rest shall stay.” After saying that, his figure flashed, and he disappeared from sight. He completely did not have any intentions to wait for the five people.

The five people however, seemed to have been used to it. They were not in a rush to chase after him, instead, they turned around and instructed their disciples behind them. They were after all the controllers of great lands. Since they had already decided to step into the path of godhood, they naturally would not return. Hence, the people they were instructing were naturally the successors who were taking over their positions.

Only the Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan was different, as he instead, had walked towards a woman. It was unclear what he had said, but that woman’s face seemed to be stained with tears. It seemed like she was his practitioner-pair companion. Zhu Yao frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable. Was becoming a God so important that he could even throw aside his wife?

Zhu Yao did not watch the scene for too long. After all, she was only here today to help keep appearances for Yu Jin. After glancing for a few more moments, she was pulled towards the front of Lightning Divine Tower by Yu Yan.

The white-haired Yu Jin, who was carrying a business-like expression, was already standing in front of the tower.

This was the first time Zhu Yao was seeing the Lightning Divine Tower in the truest sense. After approaching it, she found out that the tower was not just tall, but was illogically huge as well. With a single glance, the bottom of the tower had occupied more than half of the mountain peak. The entire structure was enveloped by a red lightning glow. It was unknown what its surface was made of. It was as pure-white as a jade, and occasionally, it would even emit out a rainbow-colored light. As though it was alive, when the lightning glow glided past, round ripples oscillated on the tower’s surface.

Raising her head, she looked at this mysterious tower, and suddenly, she felt a strange sensation. Her chest became a little stuffy, and even her breathing had turned unstable. She took a deep breath, trying to suppress that strange sensation, however, it instead turned even more serious.

The five people entering the tower finally arrived. The moment they descended onto the ground, they once again bowed towards Yu Jin. “Sorry to trouble Floor Master for the long wait. We can now enter the tower.”

Yu Jin however did not reply, he simply concentrated and circulated his divine energy. At the center of his forehead, three rhombus-shaped marks appeared. After forming a seal with a single hand, he constantly chanted a long incantation. The words he spoke seemed to have gained physical forms, as they flew towards the white coloured tower surface. Slowly, they formed a gigantic formation.

Yu Jin furrowed his brows, and a red lightning radiance shone in the palm of his hand. With a deep tone, he shouted. “Activate!”

The entire Lightning Divine Tower shook, and then, Lightning Divine Tower was opened.

Zhu Yao had thought that the so-called opening of the tower, was to activate a door on the tower surface. Who would have known that it would open from top to bottom? The place where the entire Lightning Divine Tower was connected to the ground neatly broke apart, and it floated towards the top, as though the entire structure was sliced. The body of the tower however, did not receive the slightest bit of influence.

This scene which had evidently defied the laws of gravity, had dumbfounded the earthling Zhu Yao. However, she felt the dull pain in her chest growing even more serious.

The white coloured tower, which had been opened, rose upwards. The place, where the opened space was, was simply filled with a smooth rainbow coloured radiance, yet, the scenery inside could not be seen in the slightest.

“Enter the tower then.” Yu Jin lightly said.

The eyes of the five people who had been waiting instantly shone with a joyful light. They once again bowed towards Yu Jin one after another, before flying towards the center of the smooth radiance of seven colours. And then, they were directly swallowed by the radiance.

Ever since the opening of the tower, Zhu Yao felt an unbearable pressure, as though something was about to rush out from her body.

Puah! Zhu Yao, who had endured for a long while, finally could not contain it any longer, as she puked out a mouthful of bad blood.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan hurriedly held onto his disciple who was about to fall face-flat onto the ground. Earlier, she was still alright, what happened? Reaching out his hand, he sent a strand of divine energy into her for an inspection, however, Yu Yan’s brows furrowed even deeper. The divine energy in her body was currently dispersing at an extremely quick rate.

“What happened to little little grand disciple?” Yu Jin was shocked as well, as he no longer maintained his cold and cool act. “Bring her to the Lightning Abyssal Spring for now. I will come right after I close the Lightning Divine Tower.”

Yu Yan did not reply. With a turn of his body, he was already flying towards the Lightning Abyssal Spring.

The Lightning Abyssal Spring was positioned right at the back of the courtyard, and Yu Yan seemed to have arrived at his destination in the blink of an eye. Zhu Yao however, in this short span of a single breath, could no longer maintain her human form, and once again reverted back to a piece of white jade.

Yu Yan was just about to place Zhu Yao inside the purple pool, but suddenly, he sensed a strong might assaulting towards him. Turning around, he sent a bolt of heavenly lightning towards his back. After a loud boom, a black coloured light fog dispersed, yet, not a single person could be seen in the surroundings. Forget about the person who launched the sneak attack, not even the slightest wave of divine power could be sensed.

Who was it? Why did he suddenly attack him? Was it related to his disciple suddenly reverting to her original form? Yu Yan frowned, as he was unable to figure it out. To actually be able to suddenly approach him, while not being noticed by him, the attacker’s cultivation level was definitely higher than his. However, why did that earlier attack not carry even a hint of killing intent?

Yu Yan clenched his fist, as he looked towards his other hand which he had placed inside the pool. Zhu Yao was currently lying in his palm, and the dispersal of divine energy had finally stopped as well. The lightning energy of the Lightning Abyssal Spring was currently entering the jade. He believed that not long after, she would be able to regain her human form.

Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to let go of the jade, and have her absorb the energy on her own, a strong absorption force suddenly exploded from within the pool. He hurriedly grabbed onto Zhu Yao who was in his hands, but, because he lost the opportunity to dodge, with a splash, he fell into the pool as well.

The pool shook for a moment, yet, at the bottom of the pool, a ray of black light flashed. Everything happened in a blink of an eye, and was too fast for anyone to react to. When Yu Jin rushed over after closing the Lightning Divine Tower, what’s left in the back of the courtyard was a pool which was still slightly swaying. Forget about his little little grand disciple, even Yu Yan had completely disappeared without a trace.

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