Monohito – Chapter 7

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Monohito Chapter 7 – The Servants’ Pasts

Riheed, Mikene and Aryu get inside the carriage Hyph is operating and they head towards the royal capital.

Riheed constantly in high tension discusses magic with Mikene, while Aryu watches over.

Hearing they will stop by villages and towns a few times on the way, Riheed’s tension is climbing.

“This area has also changed completely! There should be something interesting! Delicious food is also fine!”

Riheed talks joyfully while in the appearance of a boy.

Different from the time he looked like an adult, Aryu’s attitude has softened to his young smiling face.

Mikene has slight feelings of confusion towards Riheed who now has the appearance of being the same age.

With such a party, the carriage rushes towards the royal capital of Rhonks Kingdom.

In a town along the way, Mikene answers Riheed’s questions while he reacts to various things, and Aryu gallantly looks on.

Hyph bonds with some guys while eating, and became friends with them while together in the same hotel room.

The trip to the royal capital proceeds relatively smoothly.

Rhonks Kingdom is a large country in the east side of Sass continent with many territories belonging to other races in its surroundings.

The king of Rhonks is hereditary and a cooperative relationship has been built with the other races.

The first king of Rhonks Kingdom was from another race that lived in Rhonks. Gaining the trust of the demi-human clan, demon person clan, spirit clan and various others races as an intermediary, the mighty country in the east of the Sass continent came to be.
The magician of eternal youth also took part in the founding of the country.

And so the king of Rhonks from generation to generation has played the role of mediator in the eastern side of Sass continent.

Unlike other countries, the relations between the human clan and other clans are favorable, public order is also stable.

Thus it’s natural for a trip to go well.

But everything has an exception.

The carriage stops suddenly.

The horse neighs, with the severe shaking Riheed lands on Aryu’s lap while Mikene clings to her arm.

Having the two stuck to her, Aryu looks slightly glad, however at once she sharply becomes vigilant of the surroundings.

“In the direction ahead, someone seems to be fighting.”

“Hyph, we’re not at my parent’s home anymore, talk like usual.”

Mikene says to Hyph who isn’t accustomed yet to speaking politely.

“Got it.”

Hyph nods feeling relieved.

Hyph lived deep in the mountains under the influence of his taciturn grandfather, and is still not good at conversing.

Hyph’s grandfather taught him his way of life.

Method of hunting, ways of fighting against people, handling a bow, handling a sword, Hyph was trained in various techniques.

After his grandfather died, in accordance with his grandfather’s will Hyph travelled to the world outside.

With zero social disposition, Hyph was deceived wherever he went and the assets his grandfather left behind was soon exhausted.

However, for Hyph who lived a self-sufficient life, if he can’t live in this outside world, he only has to return to the mountains.

As long as there’s water and animals, he can live there.

But gradually there was change in his life, selling the fur of the animals he caught for meat, he reached the point where he could purchase necessities.

When emerging from a forest, Hyph came across Mikene’s father Doruin as he was being attacked a swarm of beasts and saved him. Lured in with a meal as thanks, Hyph stepped over the Mikarune household’s threshold and soon became Mikene’s guard.

With such a upbringing Hyph is sensitive to the signs of fighting, even if he can’t see it, he can sense it.

“What should we do Ojou-sama?”

Aryu enquires so understanding her master is compassionate.

Originally from another country, Aryu was trained in killing since she was a child, a genuine assassin.

Aryu was born in a country ruled by the human clan.

In that country, other races are discriminated against.

And Aryu is a half with a human father and demi-human mother, it was a love that was forbidden.

In that country, mixing the blood of humans with demi-humans is severely disliked, and having a child like that is a serious crime.

Her parents were executed when Aryu’s existence was discovered and she was entered into an in name only orphanage which was a assassin training institution and received various training.

Made to hold weapons at an age that can said to be very young, once the training was completed to some extent, the nurtured assassins were sent out to various places.

Aryu was sent to Rhonks Kingdom, a large country to the east, a detestable country where humans and other races coexist.

The target was the Rhonks royalty. To begin with the half-breed assassin was just a disposable sacrificial pawn, ample funds and travel preparations weren’t given. Aryu’s trip was long and difficult.

When Aryu finally reached the royal capital, without specific directions on the means to assassinate, she was at a loss, the originally scarce travelling expenses were running out and her hunger had reached the limit.

Aryu made use of her physical ability to steal a few times from the market but was finally caught, and received severe punishment.

As she was about to lose consciousness from being hit and kicked, Aryu came across the sole master she pledged allegiance to.

Mikene was still very young, and the butler boldly fought against the excessive violence.

The all-purpose butler Barton moves due to Mikene’s words and settled everything.

After that, Barton carried the unconscious Aryu and the all-purpose butler could judge to some extent from her body build who she was.

Consulting with his master at once, it was decided that Aryu would receive training as Barton’s adopted daughter.

Several years later, she became Mikene’s maid by her own will, and we arrive at the present.

Aryu’s master, what she would do at such a time, is well known.

“Let’s go at once.”

Mikene answers so, Aryu and Hyph exchange looks.

At such a time Aryu remains as the guard and Hyph moves out is standard for the two.

Mikene usually would meekly remain, is it self-confidence from going to magic school, this time her words reflected the intention to go together.

The two are perplexed due to the master being different from usual.

There is also the continuously strange person inside the carriage.

“Hhmm. It’s best if you move quickly, they’re surrounded.”

“There’s no other way, don’t part from me Ojou-sama. Go on ahead first Hyph.”

Aryu moves when Riheed spoke as if he can see the entire situation.

Hyph jumps off the carriage with a short reply, lowering his posture, he runs without making a sound.

Aryu ties the carriage to a tree besides the road the chases after Hyph, however due to taking Mikene along she is somewhat slower than normal.

Riheed rushes out with Hyph, but pulls away from Hyph right away and is lost sight of.

“Honestly, if there’s Riheed-sama, I think we may as well just wait in the carriage.”

“But something might happen, and recovery magic is my strong point.”

Aryu states her impression of visible astonishment while running, and Mikene responds to it.

In Riheed’s case, let alone restoration, resurrection seems possible. Aryu holds that thought inside her mouth as she runs looking ahead.

Aryu is glad that her master is unusually active but is also thinking if it’s good or bad for her.

And then, when Mikene and Aryu arrive at the location, men who give off the feeling of being thieves are lying there fainted with Riheed and Hyph standing in the center of them.

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