Monohito – Chapter 6

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Monohito Chapter 6 – Selfish Master and Large Bird

In the end, Mikene’s selfishness was easily accepted by her parents.

Both parents, deep down were worried about their daughter who never mentions her own desires, if anything they were pleased when Mikene told them she wanted to continue going to school.

Of course, the parents would feel relieved if she were to marry the partner they prepared, but their cute daughter’s desire became their top priority when they heard it.

For that reason, for the short while before returning to school, the family spent it peacefully.

The youngest son, now the eldest son, was receiving private lessons from the all-purpose butler, so he was absent from the happy family circle, though nobody seemed to be worried since he stayed in his room all the time.

While Riheed is learning the basics of modern magic from Mikene, can’t I one way or another obtain magic books, is thinking about being unable to read them.

Like that Riheed had a good idea.

“If I become a student I can enter the library!”

He said so loudly as if he had made the greatest discovery of the century, Mikene who is holding a textbook in front of herself looks towards Riheed while blinking with surprise.

“Errr, I don’t think that’s possible.”

“What, why!?”

Having his magnificent idea denied right away, Riheed shouts out in desperation.

“Riheed-san’s age is too high.”

“Ha! Such a thing! How about this!?”

Riheed who had become desperate, laughs at Mikene’s word, raising his staff he chants a short aria.

Thereupon, smoke appears with a comical *pop* sound and wraps around Riheed.

When the smoke gradually clears away, Riheed is standing there with an appearance as if in his mid-teens.

“Look! Are there no objections with this age!?”


With her comprehension not having caught up yet, Mikene is in a daze.

“Do I only have to take the exam after this!? Even if I look like this the contents are of considerable age! Won’t I have no problems with a teen’s exam!?”

Full of confidence, Riheed meaninglessly sticks out his chest.

“Errr, can you not wait a little under a year to enter school?”


Riheed raises a soundless scream.

“Th-there’s basically no way to enter magic school part way through the year.”

Mikene explained while being frightened of Riheed’s state.

“If it’s come to this then there’s no options left but to force it…”

A dangerous look burns in his eyes, as Riheed starts to develop an extreme plan muttering in a small voice.

“Oh yeah, that’s right! There was a second year senpai who entered midway! I’m certain they had a referral from the royal family of some… country…”

Mikene realizes it is possible to enter the school midway through connections, however in the middle of her statement she questions whether the strange magician before her eyes has such connections, and her words taper off.

“Hoho! Using connections is fine!”

Unrelated to Mikene’s doubts, Riheed stares at the sky while saying connections connections as if recalling them.

Suddenly picking up a writing brush, tearing the paper which was used some time ago for studying, he starts to write something while murmuring.

“To whom it concerns, are you alive? Please sign these documents without hearing anything. From Riheed.”

Riheed, who finishes writing that awful composition on the first sheet, starts on the second one.

“To whom it concerns, Though I haven’t seen your beautiful face in a long time, I meet you in my dreams. But next time I would like to meet up since nothing beats the real thing. Incidentally on another note, I want to enter a magic school this time, if you don’t mind I would like a referral, and would greatly appreciate it if the enclosed letter of recommendation can be signed. From Riheed.”

After the third one, Riheed is sometimes concise and sometimes a lengthy compliment is attached to the written letters.

In that way several letters are completed. Going out to the garden he drew a magic circle with his staff.

When the magic circle is completed, Riheed begins to pour magic power into the circle from outside it.

Then, when he stabs the edge of the magic circle with his staff, a huge stream of light flows from the circle.

When it settles down, in the middle of the circle is a huge dragon… no it’s not, the bird spreads its wings out and looks at Riheed.

“I’ve been summoned after a long time. Are there things to do, my master.”

“Uh huh, it’s been a while, Mook. This time I need you to deliver these letters.”

The huge bird talks, while the conversation between the human and huge bird advances, Mikene looks on in astonishment.

“Hey hey, have you mistaken me for a carrier pigeon or something.”

“I would like you to go to the demon clan’s territory and the spirit village, a friend who lives in a troublesome place and that guy whose whereabouts I don’t quite know. Besides Mook, who can I ask.”

“Guess it can’t be helped then, with the exception of me, it’s a dangerous place even for dragons.”

Mook says while sticking out his chest in pride.

After placing the letters in the basket hanging from Mook’s neck, Riheed faces Mook.

“It might be that some of these guys don’t exist in this world anymore, at that time just get the signature from some important looking guy. When you’ve collected some, I’ll probably not be here so please look for me and bring them.”

“Good grief, my master is selfish.”

Like that, Mook flaps his wings and disappears from sight in the blink of an eye.

Mikene who was watching that series of events had her thoughts halt in the middle of them.

And thus the bird of which tales are sung, bird that brings victory, bird of misfortune, messenger of God, bird who saves the world, king of the sky, and among various other names, carries letters all over the world for his master.

And became the seed for a large disturbance.

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