Monohito – Chapter 17

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Monohito Chapter 17 – A Child’s Entry

At the same time as Riheed was desperately earning money during the final stages of the vacation, something unthinkable was occurring at the magic school.

Following Riheed, several midway applicants into the school appeared.

Refusal was difficult, it isn’t known what would happen if they who come from such places are declined, the school was in a large panic because of them and were pressed for a response.

Unfortunately there was the precedent known as Riheed making the talk became complicated.

It became impossible to persist in the refusal of midway school entrance.

In the end, following the precedent it was decided to judge them in the form of an examination.

And, all members use magic to a terrifying degree, and proceeded to forcibly entered into the school.

Those who suddenly appeared and entered midway have a common point.

The all came to this school because of a letter.

They are the children, grandchildren, great-children, or even great-great-grandchildren of those who received Riheed’s letters.

“Here is Rhonks magic school, the school father said that human is…”

In front of the magic school gates is a lone figure about to enter the school, holding a letter which will trouble the teachers.

“Father gave an extremely high evaluation. Can a human really be a good match for me? That huge bird certainly was great.”

The figure talk to themselves while advancing roughly inside the school grounds when a person crosses over from the other side.

“N? Maou?”

When passing by one another, the person who had come to the school store to purchase necessities for the new school term, Riheed, instinctively spoke that name seeing the figure walking.

“What was that?”

“Ah. No, seems to be a misunderstanding. Excuse me.”

Riheed seeing the face of the person passing by, “That guy’s rough, but shouldn’t be so young, why would I make a mistake with such a beautiful form?” he’s puzzled while returning from shopping.

“Wait, you! Do you know my father?”

Ha? Eh? Father? Is it Maou?”

Riheed comes to a halt, becomes panicked hearing a keyword he couldn’t understand.

“That’s right, My father is the Maou. So I am the child of the Maou, Leanne.”

M-Maou’s child…! Not possible!”

Riheed is holding his head after becoming unsteady from Leanne’s self-introduction.

The many misdeeds of the Maou during the olden days are played back in Riheed’s brain.

“Do you doubt me!?”

“It’s not possible! That guy being parent, the world will collapse!”

Inside Riheed’s brain, is the image of Maou and Maou junior acting violently together.

Far from being frightened hearing the name of the Maou, the person is saying incomprehensible things making Leanne pull back.

“Well, guess I’ll give in that you are that guy’s child. Why are you in such a place?”

“That’s because father told me to attend here.”

Leanne says so while recalling that time.

It was reported to Leanne that a large bird flapping its wings through the sky can be seen approaching the castle and even from a distance it could be understood it was doing so with great force.

A little bit after that Leanne was called by her father.

“You called. Father.”

“Yea, just now I received a letter from a friend.”

Leanne’s father, Maou sits on the throne in a very good mood.

“He’s an old close friend, he’s gotten in contact after a long time. I didn’t believe he would die, but he is a human so I thought there might be a chance, good good.”

The Maou is earnestly pleased that his old friend is living.

The father who is normally overflowing with dignity, it’s especially surprising that he has a human friend, and to go so far as to be pleased about a human’s survival, Leanne’s surprise couldn’t be concealed.

“For that reason, you will soon go to Rhonks magic school.”


Due to the Maou abruptly making a serious face and announcing that matter, Leanne’s voice of doubt is reflexively let out.

“Therefore, I’m saying to attend Rhonks magic school.”

“W-why’s that!?”

“My child, since when did you come to demand a reason for what I ask of you?”

Suddenly speaking such a surprising question, the Maou coldly stares at Leanne.

Leanne is unable to pursue this any further.

“I’ll tolerate it this time since I’m in a good mood over my friend’s survival. Incidentally your questions will be answered.”

Maou says so arrogantly.

“My close friend is asking for a letter of recommendation because he wants to go there. Therefore you also go.”

“I, I understand.”

Not understanding the ‘Therefore’, Leanne’s head is nodded for the time being because of the just now’s blunder.

“With that appearance inherited from your mother, learn one of the charm magics and try to entice that guy.”

Leanne is at a loss for words because of those excessive words, Maou seems to be very serious, from that day till the day of departure, Leanne’s mother who is a special teacher on charm magic gave Leanne uninterrupted private lessons.

“Mu… The human who knows my father…? Are you Riheed…-dono?”

“Yea, indeed. I’m Riheed.”

When his name suddenly comes out, Riheed pointlessly straightens his back.

“That so, you…”

Leanne surveys Riheed with interest.

And when looking at Riheed’s eyes, suddenly uses the taught charm magic.

“Mu, doing that suddenly is impolite. Really.”


Despite the many lessons, not only being from the demon clan but a direct descendant of the Maou, yet Riheed wasn’t even worried at all about the magic, Leanne’s let out that sound from astonishment.

“M-my magic had no effect.”

“Hmm, charm magic. Pardon me but I’m not interested in males. But I must that arrogance is entirely like the child of Maou.”

Riheed passes his impolite judgement.

“Na!? I-it can be seen that I’m a woman!!”

Leanne is slightly delighted at being indirectly called similar to Maou while also skillfully being angry.

“I see! However, with such an androgynous appearance and the way you talk, can it be helped if you’re thought of as a man?”

Riheed gives his frank opinion about Leanne’s serious coming out.

“Ku, that’s fine then!”

“It’s no good! You are attractive, you shouldn’t use charm magic but rather your own charm.”

Leanne’s face became red before she was aware from Riheed’s words spoken without awareness.

Thus Riheed and the Maou’s daughter met, contrary to the Maou’s prediction, the daughter hadn’t intended to be conscious of the magician of eternal youth.

In what way will this meeting bring ups and downs to Riheed’s school life, the people themselves at that time couldn’t imagine.

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