Monohito – Chapter 16

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Monohito Chapter 16 – A Tentative Closure

With a thunderous sound a beautiful blue light stretches towards the sky.

The thunderous sound surprises everyone, next a blue light is seen, and following along it the sky is looked up to.

The light disappeared into the distance.

“Yea. Though it something along the way, as expected of the ancient people ‘magic power is consumed all throughout it for power’! But that’s nothing for me!”

Riheed nods gladly.

He doesn’t seem to care that several things were pierced through.

And so, the dumbfounded teachers began to make a commotion in a flurry.

It isn’t possible to hide their surprise that the practice ground’s barrier was so easily passed through.

This barrier was an especially high class one in the school, offensive magic power, as well as physical objects going faster than a fixed speed are intercepted.

Though it breaks once in a while, that was the result of the burden of facing several offensive magic at once.

It was now broken by a single blow.

The teacher specializing in barriers immediately starts to think about different causes for that, and heads to the base of the barrier to examine it.

And so it was decided that without a shadow of a doubt that the school’s foremost barrier was scattered away by a single attack magic.

Incidentally, since the spirit king’s party trick is at the level of being recognized by god, it can’t be prevented by barriers made from living beings.

“Yea, good feeling! Shouldn’t I pass with this!?”

Riheed joyfully looks around at the noisy surroundings.

However the teachers have a tense expression, Riheed shakes from surprise that for some reason there are staffs being pointed at him while chanting.

“O-oioi. I didn’t do anything!”

For the time being Riheed tries to proclaim his innocence.

But the teachers don’t lower their staffs from Riheed as if in vigilance after catching him red-handed.

According to the teachers, it’s a situation where there is not a little number of students in the surroundings, something incomprehensible was summoned, moreover Riheed was seen shooting a frighteningly high powered magic which broke the barrier, he became a target of maximum vigilance.

Normally magic school teachers are at the mercy of various power relationships, but firmly at their root they are teachers.

With the frank wariness aimed at Riheed caused by the surging panic after his offensive magic happening before their eyes, Mikene and Aryu were about to go help by reflex.

“Stop this!!”

But, before they could a sharp voice resounded.

The principal’s voice kept them in check.


Standing in front of the staffs, Aridos takes a position to protect Riheed, the teachers who were about to shoot their magic let out voices of surprise.

“This person only took the entrance exam! Quit being upset over the barrier breaking! It’s no fault of the boy. He was told to put his all into it.”

“Acting like this to someone from our family, we can’t be quite.”

Smiling gently Aryu stands next to Riheed. There was absolutely no warmth in that smile. A knife taken out of her cuffs is shown.

“That’s right, even for teachers it is necessary to judge them in the name of the Mikarune household.”

With the same smile, Mikene gives out her family name threatening the teachers.

From their considerable anger, before long they become quiet with not a fragment remaining.

The surrounding students as well, the teachers are aware in their hearts of the reproachful looks turned their way.

The teachers who are unable to endure that lower their staffs.

And look at the bored Riheed.

Riheed thinks he might not be admitted making him uneasy.

With an appearance suiting that attitude, or rather from the childishness that can be felt, the teachers began to regret painting their staffs.

In the end the commotion continued until a messenger from the royal castle came.

Riheed and them face the magic school’s principal in the school meeting room, and the royal castle’s messenger are gathered.

As for the royal messengers, due to the barrier surrounding the royal capital being destroyed, they came because of witness testimonies of a blue light ascending to the sky coming from the magic school.

Concerning that, the principal explains while being moderately obscure, promising the restoration of the barrier will be undertaken by the school, the royal messengers are driven away.

And so, turning to Riheed, the exam results are reported with a kind smile.

“Wonderful magic ability. I’m doubtful whether we can teach you.”

“Mu, I’m unfamiliar with recent magic. I think there’s much to be taught!”

Pointlessly looking proud, but without knowing if he has gained entrance, an anxious face peeps through when Riheed says so.

“I see. In that case, Riheed-kun. I welcome your entrance to Rhonks Magic School partway through first year.”

Surprised to hear those words, Riheed then replies with by smiling joyfully with his whole face, the surroundings also call out their blessings.

The days from then went quickly.

Riheed who was going to buy the things essential for school was at a loss realizing he had no money.

Because he always acts childishly, Riheed came to be treated as a younger brother by Mikene, since he is under their care, Aryu tries to bring up an allowance but Riheed declines.

Even Riheed without any possessions has his pride so he couldn’t allow that.

To begin with, Riheed raised his plan to move into the magic school’s dorms, but it was rejected by Mikene, Aryu and Hyph.

To Riheed who was tenacious, “I-is going to school together with me unpleasant?” “Does Riheed-sama dislike this residence so much?” “Riheed, you leaving here?”, they each said so with appeal in their eyes so he could do nothing but give in.

Eventually it was decided that in the short period before school starts, Riheed would do part time work with the Mikarune household’s residence as the base.

Various miscellaneous matters were undertaken from the royal capital work offices, being a private tutor to Litris, one way or another the minimum money need to purchase things was acquired, and Riheed got ready for his school entrance.

Thus, many appear in the story, bravery, cowardice, the magician’s school life began.

What kinds of turmoil await after this, that’s for another occasion.

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