MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 9.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 9.5 – Interval #3

Other than the headmaster’s speech, the welcome dinner had another important segment, which was the teacher-student interaction.

Actually, the higher ranked teachers and professors sat at the very end of the banquet. They chatted and observed the new students from afar, only appearing and interacting with the students when it was halfway through the banquet.

This arrangement was made to allow teachers and students to interact and know one another better. Furthermore, not allowing the teacher to come out too early was to try and avoid making the students act too reserved, which would affect the interaction between the new students.

When it was about time, the teachers all stood up and went to their assigned tables to meet the new students. In the next few years, these teachers would be in charge of the progress of the students’ training and advancements; while also aiding them to become proficient magicians, no, warriors.

For the seven common departments, each table had one teacher, which meant that each high ranked teacher had to tutor ten students. Whereas for the three special departments, each student had their own dedicated teacher and they conducted their own one-to-one training.

However, such a scheme had its disadvantages. This was even more so for the teachers of the special departments. The student’s skill level and results became the gauge of the teachers abilities. In other words, the competition between students in the special departments was essentially a competition between the teachers.

“Professor Lu, looks like your student…… Heheh.”

Due to the fact that Ouyang Tao left early, when the teachers entered, he was no longer there. Facing an empty chair, Ouyang Tao’s teacher Lu Yun undoubtedly faced the laughter and sarcasm from other teachers.

“Yeah, no able to meet him now, is a little disappointing.” Luckily, Lu Yun was already used to it and reacted very smoothly. He sat down at the seat prepared for him and smiled, remaining silent —— even though it was awkward, it was the best way to handle it.

Despite that silence and calmness was the best way to handle such a situation, it was not the way that Lu Yun desired.

Looks like he’s a child with a temper —— the silent Lu Yun thought.

In fact, he already knew that Ouyang Tao had left his seat. He even saw everything that happened just now, very clearly. Without asking, he knew in his heart what had happened —— because Lu Yun had faced a similar situation before.

Even though Lu Yun was born from nobility, in this era, his family had fallen from grace. Plainly speaking, he was a lowly noble who lived no differently from a commoner —— unnoticed, alone, ostracised, and was looked down by the rest. Lu Yun had faced all this before.

Therefore, Lu Yun knew that logically speaking, under such a situation, Ouyang Tao’s actions were very rash and illogical. Because no matter what the weak do, it would only make matters worse. The only way was to not do anything at all.

At that time, Lu Yun thought that as long as he had the necessary skills and was able to obtain recognition from others, he could obtain a place in the academy, and hence improve his situation —— however, he was only half right. Lu Yu definitely climbed to the position of the youngest professor in Augustus based on his own abilities, but his situation did not change much.

That was because he was ostracised and envied by the other professors.

Towards this, Lu Yun still chose to remain silent about it. His silence allowed him to remain in this field —— but that was not the situation he wanted.

Today, he saw Ouyang Tao pick a different approach to handle this —— even if he was looked down upon, even if he was ostracised, he wanted to make his stand and be himself.

This never admitting defeat spirit and rash action had sparked a fire in the silent Lu Yun’s heart.

“Teacher Sir, may I speak with you?” During Lu Yun’s contemplation, a young lady arrived in front of him —— the sole child of the current prime minister Marquis Jacqueline, and graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Tia.

“Of course you can!” Lu Yun cheerfully agreed. This could greatly help him ease out of the current awkward situation.

Tia was Lu Yun’s previous student, and was reputed to be a “once in a century genius”, and had already obtained the nickname Mechanics Master.

As her guidance teacher, Lu Yun was extremely proud to have such an outstanding student.

Tia sat down beside Lu Yun before continuing: “Teacher Sir, I have a small request.”

“Mn, continue.”

“In tomorrow’s guidance match, I want to spar with the commoner student Ouyang Tao.”

“Oh?” The unexpected request caught Lu Yun off-guard that he didn’t know how to answer for a while.

However, curiosity got the better of him and very quickly, Lu Yun made his decision.

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