MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Volume 1 Chapter 5 – Frolicking Around on the Train

Time flew by and after the blink of an eye, the end of August had already arrived. Because of the long distance, the siblings departed a few days in advance towards Augustus Academy, which was located at the capital.

On their day of departure, all of the villagers turned up to send them on their journey. In the midst of loud drumming and blessings, Ouyang Tao and Ouyang Xue embarked on a journey for knowledge.

On the train that was bound for the capital, Ouyang Xue was a little excited, because Augustus Academy students who showed their ID could ride transportation vehicle for free. Because of that, Ouyang Xue naturally chose the first class seats for their softness and freshness.

Unlike before, where they were packed together like sardines as they only bought standing tickets to save money, the first class cabin was beautifully decorated, with a constant, cool temperature.

The siblings chose a large, two person compartment. To each side was a folding bed, and towards the window was a nightstand and folding table, with a button to call room service right above it. Next to the door, there was a small refrigerator, and a TV was mounted on the wall. The facilities were very complete. It even had a small showering room.

Entering the room, Ouyang Xue immediately took off her shoes, lunged onto a bed, and began to roll. Upon finding the bed was quite soft, Ouyang Xue soon began to happily jump up and down on the bed. “Wow! Bro, this bed is so soft and springy!”

Hehe, look how happy you are.” Upon seeing his sister’s expression that was full of vitality, Ouyang Tao was secretly very satisfied. He put away the luggage, and quietly sat down, as he smiled at his sister.

After jumping on the bed some more, Ouyang Xue opened up the nightstand, and upon seeing that there was nothing in there, her interest shifted towards the small refrigerator next to the door: “Brother, there’re a lot of beverages in here, may I drink one?”

“Mn, but you have to take note, only the ones that don’t have the price tags on them are free.”

“Oh, understood.” Ouyang Xue took a while before making her decision. “I want the orange juice. What about you, brother?”

“Chocolate milk.”

Afterwards, Ouyang Xue quieted down for a bit. While watching the scenery pass by, she sat on the side of the bed, humming a song as she cheerfully swung her legs to and fro while sipping the bottled fruit juice.

For Ouyang Xue, this was her second time leaving the village, but her mood was drastically different than the first time when she was under the pressure of having to take a test. This time around, she could appreciate and take in the new and magical world outside the village; a view that many villagers could not see.

In comparison, Ouyang Tao’s expression was much calmer, because although he doesn’t recall any of his past identity or experiences, he could faintly feel that he had once gone through these experiences before.

How was he like in the past? How did this accident happen? If there was no accident, what would his living conditions be right now? His lost memories may never recover, but this did not stop Ouyang Tao from thinking about his past.

“Bro, what happened? Are you unhappy?”

The Ouyang Tao who was almost lost in his own thoughts, quickly turned his attention back to reality: “Mm? No, it’s just that … hehe, it’s just that I never would have thought that I would be admitted, and can continue to be together with Ah Xue.”

“Hehe, you’re right, I would never have thought that it would happen either.” Ouyang Xue blissfully smiled as she lowered her head. In her heart, “being admitted into Augustus Academy” and “staying together with Brother” were of equal importance. She once hesitated to no end over whether or not she should separate from her brother.

It’s a mystery as to which sibling heaven had favored, as Ouyang Xue would never have dreamed that she would be able to stay together with her brother like this.

Suddenly, the room quieted down as the siblings were immersed within a quiet and delicate atmosphere.

But at this time, Ouyang Tao spoke a sentence that shattered the mood. “However, it is impossible for Ah Xue to be with me together.”

Ouyang Xue started at him blankly for a moment, then blinked a few times in surprise. “Ah? Why?”

“Because sooner or later, Ah Xue will get married in the future, heh-heh.”

“What! Bro, what nonsense are you spouting? I would never just casually marry someone! No way!” Ouyang Xue’s face suddenly flushed red as she shook her head fiercely in denial and incessantly shook her hands.

Originally, he merely wanted to tease his sister, but he didn’t imagine that she would have such a huge reaction. He couldn’t help but follow the joke until the end: “Alright, alright, well even if Ah Xue doesn’t marry, your brother here would eventually take a bride.”

“What… Bro, you… No! I… So annoying! Humph!”


Originally it was meant to come out as just a joke, yet Ouyang Xue seemed to be very irritated. Her mood suddenly became very agitated, and her speech incoherent. Finally in frustration, she threw her empty bottle in Ouyang Tao’s face, buried herself underneath the covers, and refused to come out

“Uh… it seems like the joke went too far…” Ouyang Tao bitterly smiled. Whenever she buried her head within the covers wordlessly and soundlessly, it was a sign that she was angry.

Although to outsiders looking on, Ouyang Xue seemed like a girl that was strong of character with the aura of a genius female magician, but intrinsically, she was like any other ordinary girl. She also had times where she would get angry, and times when she wanted to be spoiled or be loved.

After waiting for a while, Ouyang Tao guessed that his sister’s emotions had settled down a bit, and then approached her: “Ah Xue, are you still angry?”

“Humph!” There was no reply, only a muffled “humph” came out from under the covers.

“Well, it was just a joke. I admit I was wrong, ok?”

“Humph! As if I’ll believe you.”

After the coaxing had little effect on her, Ouyang Tao put on a slightly harsher tone: “If you don’t come out, I’ll get angry.”

“Guu…” After staying silent for a while, Ouyang Xue finally spoke up. “So what if you get angry, I … I’m not afraid of you.”

“Is that really so? I’ll count to three; if you don’t come out, I’ll start spanking.”

“You… you dare!”

“One, two, –“

“Ah, fine, fine, I give in.” Ouyang Xue quickly crawled out from underneath the covers, and then meekly sat there, but her mouth still showed the vestiges of a pout; she was clearly still somewhat angry. “So annoying, it’s the same trick every time…”

To Ouyang Tao, as long as his sister came out from underneath the covers, then the situation had turned for the better: “Hehe, well, don’t be so angry, it was my fault for making such an insensitive joke. Ah Xue is a reasonable person, so you’ll forgive your brother, right?”

“Uuu… I’m reluctant… but I’ll forgive you.” In fact, Ouyang Xue at most was only thirty percent angry, the rest was just her acting spoiled in front of her brother. After seeing her brother apologize so seriously, she instead felt embarrassed. “However, as compensation, you have to treat me to some good food!”

Ouyang Tao readily agreed to her request: “Alright. At noon, I’ll treat you to a great feast, is that OK?”

“Mn, Bro’s the best!”

Upon seeing a lively smile once again grace his sister’s face, Ouyang Tao felt very satisfied. Each time this occurred, he would always think that perhaps the memories from the decade past was not important as long as he held onto the present.

However, he still could not discern the true reason why his sister became angry.

“There’s obviously no blood relation…” Ouyang Xue whispered quietly.

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