MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 33.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 33.5 – Interval #11

Countless days ago……

“You see, if we released the magic in a spider web like structure, we would be able to stop slightly slower or less powerful forms of magic using the web structure……” Edward pointed at the image, trying to explain his creativity to Tia and other senior Mechanical Engineering students.

But, Tia did not care: “Enough! Do you know how much magic is needed to construct the magic web that you said? What about its stability? I say, don’t talk about such useless ideas anymore.”

“What useless ideas? This is a breakthrough between technique and magic!”

“Then make one and show us.”


“If you can’t make it, isn’t it a useless idea?”

Everytime the conversation steered to this point, Edward became speechless. Given his skill level, he was unable to achieve the precision and power needed for the design —— Furthermore, even if he was able to achieve it, he needed a large number of experiments to demonstrate and modify his product.

Mechanical Engineering magicians were battle magicians. All their techniques are meant for battle. Also, due to the frequent scoring matches between students, no one was willing to invest the much time, effort and materials in such a meaningless experiment.

“Be practical Edward, don’t do such meaningless things anymore.” As Tia spoke, she threw away the blueprints and notes in her hand, scattering them all around —— To her, they were meaningless pieces of paper.

“Oi, don’t throw them away.” Still, these “meaningless pieces of paper” were Edward’s hard work. He quickly gathered all the scattered papers and arranged them in order.

“Edward, stop daydreaming.”
“Do something practical.”
“You’re rubbish, you only know how to brag.”

The other students also left with a look of disdain, leaving behind only their cruel insults, disdain and mockery……

“Enough…… I had enoughhhhhh —— ! *Cough Cough*…… Only he was left in the small meeting room. The suffering Edward wanted to scream out loud to let off some of the anger building in him. However, all that came was an immediate coughing.

Despicable…… So despicable…… I could only blame myself, blame my weak body. If only I wasn’t plagued by this chronic illness. I could at least do something to prove myself, to prove that I’m not a daydreamer.

“If only I had strength…… If only I had enough strength……”

“Then what would you do?”

“Eh?” Edward looked up and saw a man who was not supposed to be there sitting at the window ledge. Due to his back facing the sun, Edward couldn’t see his face clearly but felt that he was someone who was the same age as him. “Who are you?”

“It does not matter who I am, what matters is……” He jumped down from the window ledge and walked slowly towards Edward, “What matters is why you are willing to put up with those ignorant fools. They are not fit to discuss such a level of problem with you.”

Hearing that, Edward seemed to have understood something. That’s right, I’m the real genius. Those fools are ignorant and narrow-minded, why would I want to bother with their idiotic views.

Then, the stranger spoke again: “That’s right, what did you say just now? You wanted power right?”

“Yes, I want power! The power to be able to prove myself.”

“Haha…… Just that only?’

The man words let off an ominous feeling, making Edward uncomfortable for a moment. However, he chose to continue the conversation: “What…… What do you mean?”

“You have suffered insult, being looked down on and all kinds of unfair treatment. The hatred in your heart, do you want to let it go just like this?”

“That……” Edward hesitated for a moment before replying “Of course not!”

“That’s right, make them experience ten times or even a hundred times the pain!”

“Of course!”

“Good.” The man said, as he placed a head ornament in front of Edward, “Wear it, and experience the power you want.”

“This is……” Edward curiously took the head ornament over. When he looked up again, the man had already disappeared……

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