MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 26

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Volume 1 Chapter 26 – Why did I get shot?

Just like Edward’s assessment, due to Ouyang Tao’s magic possessing high metallic properties, coupled with his high level techniques, his machine completion rate was very high.

Not just so, Ouyang Tao’s imagination and ability to create was not below Edward. Since he was already familiar with creating the Electrical Rifle, many parts could be made quickly. Only the parts that needed modification took up more time to work on.

Furthermore, Ouyang Tao could control his production line with magic, which increased the work efficiency by several folds.

Using only three hours, Ouyang Tao completed the three different test prototypes. Afterwards, he used the remaining materials to replicate another five copies of each. He then sorted them into three different weapon boxes, and thus successfully completed his work for the day.

All that was left was to bring the weapon to the testing ground tomorrow to test them out.

At this point, Ouyang Tao suddenly felt a strange feeling; a feeling of suffocation. A strong pressuring heat suddenly approached.

It came from the direction of the locked window in the laboratory.

BOOOOOM —— ! Without waiting for Ouyang Tao’s reaction, a strong explosion shattered the window. The impact sent him flying, knocking him onto the main door behind him.

Although he knocked hard against the door, Ouyang Tao did not suffer from any serious injuries and still remained conscious. Something seemed to have helped him cushion the impact against the door.

Soon, a masked man in an exaggerating red ancient robe, with a cape and a black ceremonial hat appeared. He gave off a fiery hot aura as he walked out of the smoke from the explosion, stopping five to six metres before Ouyang Tao.

Who the heck’s this guy? Ouyang Tao immediately found the answer to this question —— He’s the culprit of the past two assault incidents!

“Oi, what do you want!” Ouyang Tao shouted at him.

“Judgement!” The masked man replied, and slowly raised his right hand, a fireball —— No, it was a scarlet red energy ball made from the fire element, and aimed directly at Ouyang Tao.

But, why would Ouyang Tao remain still; with a weapon by his side, he immediately sprang into action. He used his magic to directly control a weapon inside one of his weapon box, and positioned it in front of him in mid-air. Both of them seemed to fire of simultaneously. The scarlet light and fives streaks of blue lightning collided into each other, causing a bright light and yet another explosion.

Smoke instantaneously filled the room. Sand and stone flew around as all kinds of shards shot everywhere, turning the laboratory into a horrendous sight. Ouyang Tao could only try and shrink himself while blocking his face with his hands and turning his head to one side.

“Nobody move!”

“Is there anyone here!”

The patrolling guards and the elite guards smashed open the laboratory door, rushing into the room. Although they were already very fast, there was already no one in sight.

“You’re stepping on me…… Bastard!” Correction, there was someone there, just that he was crushed under the door.

The rescue team immediately removed the door and the debris covering Ouyang Tao, and handed him over to the medical team that followed behind them.

“I’m alright, nothing’s wrong with me.” Despite what Ouyang Tao said, and although there was really nothing wrong with him, the medical staff still insisted on bringing him to the hospital to receive a checkup and treatment.

Compared to the other seven victims who were burnt severely and still laid in the intensive care unit of the hospital, calling Ouyang Tao lucky was an understatement. He only suffered some superficial injuries —— Obviously, his quick reaction and new weapon saved his life.

However, this also meant that Ouyang Tao was the only one that fought the culprit and basically came out nearly unscathed. Therefore, he was naturally a crucial person in solving the case.

In the hospital, even though Ouyang Tao underwent a series of checkups and confirmed that his injuries were just superficial with no other problems, he was not allowed to leave the hospital.

Been forced to lie in the hospital bed, it was inevitable that Ouyang Tao complained: “Since you already said I’m alright, why don’t you let me go.”

“It is I, who’s not letting you go.” The young professor said, appearing in front of Ouyang Tao.

“EH? Professor Lu? How come you’re here?”

“Of course I’m here to visit you. My student met with such an incident. How could I, as a teacher, not show my concern.” Lu Yun didn’t tell Ouyang Tao that he was now in charge of the investigation. This was to keep it secret and prevent any unnecessary panic. “How’s your injury?”

“Heh heh, it’s just superficial. It’s not much different compared to the fight with Tia.”

“We can’t be careless even if it’s superficial. Rest well at the hospital today and discharge tomorrow. You also have to give the repair team at least one night to repair the apartment.”


Since his teacher already said so, Ouyang Tao decided not to say much more.

“Tell me, how did it happen?” Although Lu Yun looked calm, he was more anxious than anyone —— Why was the target Ouyang Tao? Was his judgement wrong?

Ouyang Tao then recited the incident once to Lu Yun.

Lu Yun became doubtful. He judged that the first two incidents were retaliatory in nature, hence he predicted that Tia would be the next victim.

However, this incident proved that Lu Yun was wrong. He needed to understand where had he gone wrong.

The regretful thing was, after hearing Ouyang Tao’s story, Lu Yun didn’t find any clues. Because what he had heard from Ouyang Tao, sounded like an adventitious incident.

This time, Lu Yun started to worry……

“Bro…… Brother!!!” At this time, a girl’s cry interrupted the conversation.

Looking at the source of the shout was Ouyang Xue. Her face was flushed red and she was panting. It seemed like she had ran over.

“Ah Xue?”

“UWAAAAH —— ! Bro!” Seeing her brother safe and sound, she could no longer hold back her tears and agitation. She pounced onto Ouyang Tao and started to cry in his clutches “Uuu…… I’m so glad you’re fine. So glad. Uuu……”

Ouyang Xue had just been sent back to her dormitory when she heard that such an incident had happened, and that the victim was her brother. Hence, she rushed to the hospital immediately.

“Good Ah Xue. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Look at me. Aren’t I alright?” While consoling her sister, Ouyang Tao apologised to Lu Yun “Professor Lu, my apologies. My sister is a little agitated.”

“No worries, care and concern between siblings is very common.”

The people visiting Ouyang Tao was not only his sister. His seniors from the same dormitory Monica and Chen Feng also came with a fruit basket: “Yo~ You look energetic, looks like you’re alright then?”

“Yup, more or less.”

The visiting Chen Feng also brought along a small bottle which he placed at the head of Ouyang Tao’s bed. He then pat Ouyang Tao on the shoulder showing his concern while Monica explained: “This is a life-saving pill Chen Feng usually use for emergency injuries. Its effects are extremely fast.”

“Thank you seniors.”

Not long after that, another visitor came. It was Edward who came under the protection of his guards.

“Yo, Edward, didn’t expect you would come as well.” Ouyang Tao took the initiative to welcome his new friend.

“Ah, my friend, I really didn’t expect such a thing would happen……”

“I’m okay. If not I wouldn’t be talking to you in such a relaxed manner.” He arrived at the school for only just a few days, yet so many people were already showing him concern; Ouyang Tao was extremely happy: “Eh? What happened to your hand? Are you injured?”

Ouyang Tao observed that both of Edward’s arms were bandaged, but Edward merely shook his head: “It was all my fault. After hearing that you got assaulted, I panicked and walked too fast. In the end I fell down the stairs. Luckily, there were guards there to bandage for me, *Cough cough*……”

“You need to be careful.” Although Edward was a theoretical genius, his body was weak and he was vulnerable to illnesses. This was really worrying.

Not just all these familiar people, someone who was unfamiliar also came to visit —— It was Tia.

“Your get well soon gift.” Tia placed a gift basket at the head of Ouyang Tao’s bed “Recover quickly, I hope you won’t use your injury as an excuse when you lose the next time.”

After speaking, Tia turned and left.

This happened all too fast and Ouyang Tao did not seem to comprehend what had happened.

His sister had already started to ask: “Bro, who’s that? What’s your relationship with her? Why’s she visiting you?”
(TL note: She has serious brocon issues)

“Ahh? That……. I don’t know her too well……” Ouyang Tao was helpless. Other than the guidance match with Tia, they had barely interacted. Ouyang Tao had not expected her to visit as well.

Being attacked was clearly a bad thing, but Ouyang Tao felt rather happy deep down……

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