MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 24.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 24.5 – Interval #8

Although Augustus Academy swiftly reacted after the first attack, another attack came unexpectedly on the next day. It was yet again, an assault incident. Furthermore, the victims were Mechanical Engineering students yet again. This made the higher-ups in the school panic.

A Mechanical Engineering magician was someone equivalent to a ten thousand man army. They were the most precious attack force of the Principality of Ryan. Also, during the two incidents, a total of seven people were lost to the attacks. This was even worse than during war times, which was appalling.

If the actual culprit could not be found out in time, the consequences would be unthinkable.

However, the investigation of the school’s security team and the elite guards did not lead to anything. Even the Ouyang siblings, who were initially the prime suspects, were eliminated after the happenings of the second incident, making the case even more of a mystery.

Logically speaking, at this point, there would definitely be professors or high ranking teachers who would want to step out to investigate this matter —— This was a good opportunity to earn merit and obtain a chance at promotion.

This time, the damage caused by the culprit and the effects of it were very severe, there would also be huge rewards provided by the Academy Council —— Whoever could solve the case would obtain the right to be a council member.

Despite all the incentives, no one dared to accept the case. This was because the clues left behind by the culprit were too few. Furthermore, it concerned the unfamiliar power of Original Sin and the Demon King Relics. Furthermore, time was quickly running out, and the odds of solving the case was close to zero.

However, one person was willing to do accept the uphill task —— That person was Lu Yun.

However, once he took over the case, he did not conduct any investigation or inquiry. Instead, he secretly looked for two members of the Disciplinary Team.

“Professor Lu, I hear that you’re fully in charge of the assault case now. What, do you have a task you want us to do?” Monica asked. She and Chen Feng had been halfway doing their patrol duties when they were suddenly called to meet Lu Yun.

“Yes. Frankly speaking, I already have a rough idea about the identity of the culprit.” That’s right, that was the only reason Lu Yun dared to accept this case. However, he couldn’t take any action yet. “What I’m lacking now is, evidence.”

Monica felt that Lu Yun words were quite strange: “It doesn’t matter who it is. First get him over to do a routine investigation since that’s harmless.”

Chen Feng who was listening from a side also nodded.

“No, I cannot act rashly and startle him. Because if he doesn’t strike at another victim, even I would be unable to crack the case within the limited time period.” Lu Yun said, before suddenly changing topics, “Oh yeah, how’s my student recently?”

“Eh? Why suddenly ask this?” Monica tilted her head in uncertainty: “Professor Lu, you can’t be suspecting the siblings right? Despite not knowing them for long, Chen Feng and I are willing to guarantee that it’s not them.”

Chen Feng also nodded his head in agreement.

“No, the two of you have misunderstood me. I’m only worried about the siblings’ safety.”

“Professor Lu, hearing the tone of your speech, you seem to have already figured out who the culprit is.”

“Erm, rather than saying that I identified the culprit, let’s say instead I can confirm who his next victim will be.” Lu Yun was very sure of the judgement that he made. “The next victim will be the graduate student, Tia.”

Monica blinked her eyes in uncertainty and Chen Feng face was somber. They obviously wanted to know how Lu Yun came upon this judgement and why he looked for them.

“The reason is simple, because you two are the strongest members of the Magic Swordsmanship and the Feral Beast department respectively. Based on your current strength, even if you two are unable to defeat the culprit, you two can buy enough time until the surroundings support army arrive.”

“I understand, using Tia as bait to set a trap, is that right?” Monica exposed a slightly sardonic grin, “She just recently graduated from you Professor Lu, yet you’re actually willing to do this.”

Lu Yun kept quiet for a moment, as his face revealed his helplessness and unwillingness. As a teacher, who would be willing to sacrifice their own student: “That’s why I looked for the two of you…… I’m entrusting this to you guys……”

They must protect Tia —— Although Lu Yun didn’t say such a thing out loud, Monica and Chen Feng both understood.

“Understood, leave it to us.”

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