MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 20

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Volume 1 Chapter 20 – The Jittery Academy

Something happened. Something big definitely happened. Anyone could tell.

Under the “escort” of a team of armed guards and two members of the disciplinary team, Ouyang Tao and his sister entered the light armoured vehicle and were brought to the security station in school.

Even though they were sitting in the car, it was not difficult to tell that the atmosphere in the school was extremely tense. There were armed guards and disciplinary team members patrolling all around the school.

All the guards were dressed differently. Instead of the light armour they normally wore, they were wearing a reinforced mechanical exoskeleton and armor. They held a black anti-magic explosion-proof shield in one hand and a general purpose machine gun in the other. Fifteen guards formed one team together.

The two disciplinary members were in charge of the teams. One member stood in front to lead the team while the other stood behind to hold the line, and used his sharp eyesight to scan around to maintain a strong defence. They acted as if strong enemy was about to approach.

Down the path, they saw students from the special departments and their protection was even more unbelievable. Every student from a special department had four guards dressed in blue —— they were the guards of the Principality of Ryan.

This meant that they were the elite guards that protected Archduke Ryan’s Residence. Many of them were alumni of Augustus Academy, and hence, knew the place well.They were all strong figures who could battle a hundred by themselves. However, they were now the personal guards of students. This showed the severity of the matter.

But, just what could cause matters to be so serious?

When they arrived at the security station, Ouyang Tao and his sister were taken to two separate rooms to record their statements.

“…… Which means to say that you separated with them around 11:45 pm last night. Am I right?”

“Yes. After that, me, my sister and my two seniors, the disciplinary team’s Monica and Chen Feng, went back to the dormitory together.”

“Then, during the incident, the few of you were always together right?”

“That’s right, we were always together.”

“Okay, thank you for your cooperation. Your personal guards are just outside. For the remainder of the time, they will ensure your safety.”

“Oh, I understand .”

The questioning and statement took merely fifteen minutes before ending. Ouyang Tao also found out more about what had happened —— Three of the Mechanical Engineering students who clashed with them last night were assaulted and badly injured.

Since it was like that, suspecting the siblings was understandable. But due to fire type magic being used, and Ouyang Tao belonged to Mechanical Engineering department, his suspicions were quickly cleared off and he was released.

Ouyang Xue being from Elements department was not so lucky. Despite her being innocence, the questioning lasted for an hour before it stopped. Ouyang Tao waited outside for his sister.

“Broooo!” Coming out of the interrogation room, Ouyang Xue immediately jumped into the arms of her brother, and hugged him tightly. “I’m so scared…… I obviously didn’t do anything……”

The person in charge of her questioning politely apologised to Ouyang Tao: “I’m sorry that we scared your sister, but it was just routine questions. We hope you understand that we are just doing our jobs.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Ouyang Tao nodded and consoled his sister. “Be obedient, don’t be scared, don’t be scared…… Ah Xue didn’t do anything so she does not need to be afraid.”

Contrary to his sister’s strong front, she was actually rather weak inside. Furthermore, ever since she was young, she had always been an obedient child, and had never experienced this type of situation before. So being frightened was inevitable.

After she calmed down, several guards sent Ouyang Xue to her lessons. Ouyang Tao then went to the library, and everything came to an end……

It was probably too early to say that since Ouyang Tao’s daily life was affected. Especially since he was a student from a special department. He now had four personal guards following him around.

No way, don’t tell me that these guys are following me to the library? Even if a few more people would reduce the creepy atmosphere, having so many people is rather absurd.

Even though something bad, like students being assaulted by a magic user happened, there’s no need for the school to be this jittery right?

Of the four guards, one stood on his left and one on his right. The remaining two stood behind him. Ouyang Tao was not used to it: “Umm…… Big brothers, do you all have to follow so closely?”

“It’s our mission to ensure your safety until the culprit is found. Please cooperate.” The reply of the guards was within his expectations.

“Okay then. But I’m going to the library and might read for very long. Since you guys can’t enter, are you going to just wait aimlessly outside?”

“Yes, this is our duty.”

There was no choice as it looked like the four of them were determined to follow him.

Arriving at the library, the four personal guards stopped at the entrance and stood at attention. They split two on each side and protected the entrance.

Zhao Yuehan, who was concentrating on reading lifted her head and like yesterday, remained expressionless as she asked in a gentle voice: “Is anything the matter?”

“That…… I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind those few people there.”

Zhao Yuehan glanced at the guards at the entrance and turned back to Ouyang Tao: “No matter, I already know the whole story.”

She sure is an understandable senior. No that’s not right. Based on her age, she shouldn’t be any older than my sister.

Not only that, she wasn’t allowed to leave the library, so how did she find out what happened outside? She couldn’t have used her Spirits to gather information…… Ouyang Tao felt that he shouldn’t think too much about it.

“I’d like to borrow a few books……:” After that, Ouyang Tao gave her the names of a few books, just like yesterday.

Then, Zhao Yuehan once again closed and opened her eyes to then say: “Section D of the fifth and sixth floor. The will-o’-wisp will guide you there.”

“Ahh, thanks.” Today however, Ouyang Tao remembered to thank her.

With or without his word of thanks, Zhao Yuehan did not seem to mind at all. She just continued reading the book in her hands.

Today, Ouyang Tao found something that interested him. It was a weapon —— named Magic Powered Electrical Rifle.

This weapon was capable of using magic stones as fuel to fire off an electric attack. It could be modified according to different needs and was able to even fire off a strong enough current that could burn through armour. Furthermore, it could fire off electronic pulses to destroy the operation of an electronic system. It was a great weapon.

At this point, Ouyang Tao still didn’t feel like an actual Mechanical Engineering Magician. All his research and effort was not like the others who prepared for their next battle. He only had one motive —— in his next battle against Tia, he wanted to beat her.

It was not just sufficient to be well-read, one must also have experience to attain wisdom. This was especially true in the Mechanical Engineering department, which mainly focused on actual battle skills. It further emphasised on logic and actual manufacturing. Ouyang Tao knew it was useless to be just well read. As a result, he chose this electrical weapon for starters.

At noon, Ouyang Tao had finished reading three of the books he had borrowed. He wanted to eat lunch and then go obtain some materials before going back to his laboratory to experiment with the electric rifle’s practicality in the afternoon.

“Just leave it there……” Like last time, the three books Ouyang Tao finished reading floated back to their original position. However, what was weird was that the three books he did not read remained on the writing table.

“Senior, there’s three books left.”

“You haven’t read them……” Zhao Yuehan said. How did she know? But what was more surprising was that she even asked him: “Continuing in the afternoon?”

“Ahhh?” Being asked like this stunned Ouyang Tao for a moment. She made Ouyang Tao feel embarrassed for not coming back in the afternoon. However, his reply was still negative: “That…… I might be doing an experiment in the afternoon, tomorrow I guess.”

“Oh.” Zhao Yuehan’s expression did not change one bit as she lowered her head and continued to read her book. However, Ouyang Tao felt that she sounded a bit disappointed.

“Sorry, goodbye.” Strange, why did I apologise? It made the atmosphere weird……

As Ouyang Tao was about to step out of the hall, all of a sudden, a reminder came from behind him: “Be careful.”

“What?” He turned his head around to look but Zhao Yuehan was still reading her book. Was it just my delusion? Ouyang Tao felt that it wasn’t, and what he had heard earlier was indeed Zhao Yuehan’s voice.

Maybe it’s just a senior looking out for her junior……

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