MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 12.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 12.5 – Interval #4

As he watched his student’s performance from below the stage, to use the word satisfaction to describe how Lu Yun was feeling was already insufficient.

This youth not only had zero battle experience, he didn’t even know how to construct the most basic of machine and weapons.

He actually dragged the battle to such a state by merely relying on his never say die attitude, and his self-created defense method. Lu Yun felt that this youth would perhaps be able to walk on a different path.

About the other student……

Tia was no doubt an outstanding Mechanical Magician and warrior. In terms of her determination, or let’s say stubbornness, Lu Yun felt that both students were very similar, which made him remember what had happened during the banquet last night.

When Tia pointed out that she wanted to battle against the new commoner student, Lu Yun’s first reaction was naturally shock: “Why do you want to fight him?”

The new student guidance match was a tradition in Augustus Academy. Every new student had to challenge a senior student once. To some extent, it was for the seniors to show their prowess to the new students.

In other words, choosing your opponent actually had the hidden meaning that you wanted to teach that person a lesson.

Tia was a graduate student who had the title of Mechanical Master. She had been unbeaten in battles ever since she entered the academy. With her reputation and skills, challenging a freshman who had just entered school was too much, and could been seen as bullying.

And Tia’s reason for choosing him was: “Because his attitude makes me upset.”

“Attitude? What kind of attitude?”

“His attitude that challenged me.”

So that was it. That was how she saw Ouyang Tao. In some sense, Ouyang Tao’s action on the night of the dinner did exhibit some form of retaliation. But actually, it was a sense of forced retaliation. He definitely wasn’t issuing a challenge.

Furthermore, Lu Yun was a bit selfish. He didn’t wish for his student to lose so badly in his first battle at the academy: “Hehe, I don’t think he was challenging you Tia. What’s more, wouldn’t it seem like bullying if you fight him?”

However, Tia was very persistent: “No, it was him who challenged me first. His arrogance itself is a challenge.”

“Arrogance? How did you get that?”

“I hear that in nearly fifty years, he’s the first peasant recruited into Mechanical Engineering right?”


“And Teacher Sir, I remember, in the history of Augustus, there are only two other commoner students in the history of Mechanical Engineering. One is the late headmaster, and the other is the expert of the lost science and technology, Professor Lin Shixiong. Am I right?”

“Yes.” Hearing his own teacher’s name made Lu Yun uncomfortable. Still unsure of how she came to this conclusion, he nodded and asked: “Tia, what is your point in saying all of this?”

“That’s what I was thinking; if this peasant could obtain admission to Augustus, wouldn’t he possess a similar strength to the other seniors?”

Hearing this, Lu Yun finally understood. Rather than her saying she wanted to teach the new student a lesson, she should have said that she craved for a strong opponent.

But the time was still not ripe, so therefore Lu Yun kindly rejected her: “Erm…… Hehe, Tia, maybe you overestimated him…… As of now, he still does not possess the strength you imagine.”

“If he does not possess that level of skill, Teacher Sir, I think that the peasant student should learn how to respect and be courteous to his seniors.

“Well……” Lu Yun was worried. Because the conversation between him and Tia’s conversation had already gotten the attention of the other professors.

“Professor Lu, what’s wrong with that? Both of them are your students. Letting them spar and exchange skills is a good thing.” Tia’s new guidance teacher, the one who strongly tried to prevent Ouyang Tao from entering the academy joined in on the conversation.

“Yeah, anyway, it’s only a guidance match.”

“Mn, we’re also looking forward to seeing the commoner student’s skills.”

Following that, the other professors began to agree about the match.

Although they said that nicely, frankly speaking, all they wanted was to see Lu Yun lose face. Furthermore, it was difficult for him to now reject them.

Although he could still reject it if he tried, after hearing what Tia said, Lu Yun also started to become curious about the skills and proficiency of his new commoner student.

“Okay then, I’ll let them go ahead with the battle.”

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