MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 11

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Volume 1 Chapter 11 – Even if I Can’t Win, I Won’t Lose in Spirit

A match. Such a thing had never crossed Ouyang Tao’s mind before. He didn’t even think he would ever have anything to do with it.

But now, he was going to engage in the first battle of his life, with almost no preparation at all. It was such a hopeless situation…… Ouyang Tao even had the urge to roar those thoughts out loud.

Thinking back, this was the reason why his teacher had deliberately not talked about the match on the way here.

No matter what he said or did, it was already too late. No matter what happened, he had to engage in a match with another person.

Fear was not the only thing in Ouyang Tao’s mind right now —— I’ll fight if I have to, I’m not afraid! The give-it-his-all attitude also appeared in the youth’s mind.

As the saying goes: “Any last minute preparation, even if rushed, may be of some use.” Using whatever little amount of travel time, Ouyang Tao continuously asked his teacher questions, and hoped he would teach him a few tricks: “But Professor Lu, no matter what, I still don’t know anything; so it’s improbable that I’ll win.”

“Sheesh, why’re you so nervous? Didn’t I just say that this was merely a guidance match with a senior? It’s normal to lose. Its main purpose is for you to get battle experience.”

Actually, Ouyang Tao also knew that no matter what, anything battle related should not be easily mastered in such a short amount of time. What’s more, his opponent had been going through an interrelated training since childhood. However, he felt that if he tried hard enough, he may not lose too miserably: “But Professor Lu, at the very least, could you tell me the rules?”

“Oh, that I can. I’ll slowly tell you about it later.”

The battle arena was as big as a soccer field with a magical array drawn on it. Surrounding it were audience seats, and it appeared that no one else was here yet. On the stage stood Ouyang Tao and his guidance teacher, Lu Yun. But below the stage, workers had already started to move mountains and mountains of materials on stage.

Not just that, there was even an on-site ambulance. The medical team looked completely ready for whatever was going to happen. Thinking about the “deaths” his teacher had previously mentioned, Ouyang Tao felt a cold chill —— They were for real!

“Wear this protective amulet later when you go up.” Lu Yun passed an amulet to Ouyang Tao, and continued: “This protective amulet has strong protective magic. It works together with the magical arrays on the field. Once it detects that you have received fatal damage, it will activate and send you out immediately. Of course, this also means that you have lost.”

“Umm, what if I refuse to admit defeat, or carry out certain life-threatening tactics?”

“Ohh? You sound very motivated. Already planning to risk your life?” He was obviously terrified when hearing about the battle, but in this short span of a few minutes, he was unexpectedly already thinking about risking his life in battle. This change made Lu Yun become exceptionally surprised.

“How should I put it…… Since professor already said that losing was normal, then I don’t have much to be afraid of. All I’m thinking of right now, is how I’m going to bring out my utmost spirit.”

“Good spirit.” Lu Yun praised him. “As per the rules, I should tell you that gently tapping the protective amulet can cancel its automated function. And it only activates when you break the chain holding it, which also signifies your surrender. But I advise you to not push yourself too hard.”

Not only was this the first time Ouyang Tao was fighting a battle, his opponent was also proficient in battles.

This was not only because it was Ouyang Tao’s first time going into battle, but was more because he was about to face an opponent who was most likely going win.

“I understand. I’ll be careful.”

Then, Lu Yun pointed at the workers moving the materials and said: “Those are all general alloys. From them, you should be able to obtain most of the elements that you need. On the other side are the refined magic stones. These are all the materials that are available.”

“Looks good enough!”

“Because this is a guidance match, there are a lot of materials available for you. Furthermore, your opponent will have a lot of restrictions. Some restrictions are that they can’t have more than six machines on stage, and the machines and weapons created cannot be higher than Grade 5. There’s also a time limit of five minutes. However in an actual battle, there will be limited resources and no time limit, to make it fair.”

“I roughly understand.” However, Ouyang Tao soon realised another big problem —— he didn’t even know how to, and never had constructed a battle machine before.

But now, there was no more time for him to obtain advice from his teacher, as the other Mechanical Engineering students and their respective teachers all entered the arena.

“Professor Lu, you’re early.”

“Yes, just bringing my student to familiarise with the arena.”

“Professor Lu, I heard that the first match of the day was specially requested by you?”

“Haha, an old student’s request, satisfying her is of no harm.”

Lu Yun and the other professors started to converse, but from what Ouyang Tao saw, the others were not actually as friendly towards his professor as they seemed. It looked as though they were maliciously waiting for something stupid to happen to him.

“Ouyang Tao, go to the standby area and prepare in advance. Once everyone is here, the first one to go on stage would be you.”

“AHH?!” Ouyang Tao was shocked agape. Not only was it his first battle, he was also the first to fight. He originally wanted to observe how others fought, but did not have a chance now.

“What are you Ahhh-ing for, go quickly, make use of your time to prepare.”

Prepare? Prepare what? Ouyang Tao was left with no choice. But then again, there was nothing much to prepare. The quicker he finished, the quicker he could get leave.

“Haha, Professor Lu, what’s wrong? Your student looks very nervous.”

“Yeah. Does he not have any battle experience?”

At this point, Ouyang Tao heard the other professor’s sarcasm towards his own teacher.

Then, he suddenly realised how much pressure there must be for his guidance teacher to have a commoner student.

I can’t let my teacher be disgraced! Once he thought of this, Ouyang Tao was even more willing to give it his all.

But the problem now was, even though it was his first battle, he understood that only having spirit was not enough in battles. What else could he use to fight against his opponent?

Ouyang Tao sunk in his seat and continued to wrack his brains. He had to come up with a plan with the little amount of time he had.

Suddenly, a voice came from above him: “You must be the commoner student Ouyang Tao, right?”

“Yes, you are……” He looked up and immediately recognised the beautiful face that was looking at him —— the Mechanical Engineering Department’s only female student, daughter of the current prime minister. She was glaring at him as she looked down at him. “Ahh, the prime minister’s daughter?”

“My name is Tia Jacqueline. Remember this name!”

Tia’s tone was low but had power and was packed with plenty of firepower. Ouyang Tao realised that she was challenging him —— Wait a minute, she couldn’t be my opponent later, could she?

About Tia, Ouyang Tao found out some facts about her from conversing with Monica yesterday. Just from her rank, she was a Mechanics Expert who was six to seven ranks higher than Ouyang Tao. How could he not be worried —— But why was his first battle against such an opponent?

But Ouyang Tao continuously reminded himself, in spirit I must not lose. Therefore, he replied strongly: “Do you need something from me?”

“Hmph, looks like you have some spirit.” Tia said and raised up three fingers: “Three minutes, as long as you hold on for three minutes, we shall consider it my lost!”


“See you on the battlefield!”

Not waiting for Ouyang Tao’s reply, Tia turned to walk away, and simply did not care about Ouyang Tao one bit.

“Tch. Hmph, what hmph.” Ouyang Tao blurted out. Then, he suddenly had an idea —— sufficient materials, a time limit, three minutes…… I’ve got it!”

Ouyang Tao thought up a strategy. In this match, he had already made up his mind, and did not plan to win.

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