MMS – Prologue

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A beautiful and sunny day could easily turn into harsh winds and raging storms by night. This was the unpredictability of the seas. Even if a ship was 100 metres long and weighed 10000 tons, it still was merely a boat. Within the towering waves, the ship shook continuously. It was as if the next wave could capsize it.

Despite that, humans were creatures who never gave in easily. It did not matter whether they were facing the gods or the demons, much less mere waves and a storm.

The ship pushed on at full speed, going against the headwind. It bashed through a huge oncoming wave and stubbornly continued forward——that’s right, a man’s determination could conquer even nature.

Therefore the most terrifying thing in the world was neither a savage and raging storm, nor was it the roaring waves of the sea. It was humanity itself.

Bang, Bang, Bang….. After a series of gunshots, on the bridge of the ship, all the high ranking officers including the captain and his first mate laid in a pool of blood with a bullet shot through the back of their heads—— this was merely the beginning.

In the cabins of the ship, the sound of gunshots and painful cries signified that death and terror was soon approaching. A group of black clothed men held the weapons they had snuck on board and began their massacre, shooting at anyone they saw as they stepped on the flesh and blood of the innocents they killed when searching for their actual target.

In one of those cabins, a couple locked their cabin door from inside and moved all the large furniture in front of the door to block its entrance, in hopes of delaying the approaching footsteps of death.

In the corner of the cabin, a youth around twelve or thirteen was repeatedly calling for help using the communication crystal. Although fear caused his body to tremble uncontrollably, he held the head of the microphone firmly, hoping to relay his message more clearly as he repeated continuously: “This is Ocean Liner SS Poseidon, we are under attack of unidentified men, Mayday……”

But there was no reply from the other end of the communication crystal as all signals had already been hijacked by the attackers.

Boom, Boom, Boom…. The sound of the gun stock knocking the door announced death’s arrival. The youth could no longer suppress the fear in his heart and pounced onto his father who was protecting the door with his life. “Ahhhhh! Dad, Mum, I don’t want to dieee! Help Helpppppp!”

“It’s okay son, it will be fine……” The helpless father said and hugged his son tightly, hoping to calm him down despite knowing that this time, the chances of escape were slim.

The knocking on the door only continued for a little while before stopping. Was it safe already? Obviously, this short lived peace was just an illusion as what followed was……

BOOM——! The sound of an explosion. The door was blown open and the impact from the
explosion caused the youth to fly, knocking him against the wall and blurred his consciousness. In his dizziness, he felt a hand holding on to his shoulder…..

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4 Responses to MMS – Prologue

  1. LightofAsura says:

    Well, let’s just hope he isn’t as big of cowered later on. At this point he’s still just a weak little kid, but still his actions were kinda annoying. Guess i’m too used to novels like Coiling Dragon, Martial god Asura, etc.

    This is just the prologue as well, so guess we’ll see.

  2. meow says:

    Despite that, humans were never creatures who gave in easily. sounds odd

    “Despite that, humans were creatures that never gave in easily”

  3. bumbandit says:

    [what more] mere waves and a storm = much less mere waves and a storm. no?

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