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51 Meria-sensei’s private lesson

「…Well that is how it is. Do you understand up until now?」

I was receiving a lecture from Meria-sensei in the living room.
According to her, I have an 「extremely special」 Talent, and I need to know more. That’s why, a special lecture has started in the Kurono house.

In other words, a 「private lesson」 by Meria-sensei. Somehow, it sounds very nice.
It’s not like we’re doing something shady.
This is a fully-fledged study.
But the Meria-sensei in front of me now is not like when she’s in school. Her appearance now is casual as she’s wearing a loose tank top and shorts with her long hair tied to the back.
Emphasizing the huge breasts, and around under her arms……I can almost see it. It can’t be helped that I can’t concentrate at all because I was looking at there curiously.

「Hey……are you listening, Serizawa-kun?」
「……Yeah. Perfectly」

That’s right, I’m listening to Meria-sensei’s voice properly.
To miss the words from this beautiful woman’s mouth. I can’t do such wasteful thing.
Unfortunately, I don’t get what she’s saying.

「Really……you are special, okay? Remember that, okay? I won’t help you even if you are troubled later, you know?」

Rebuking that, I finally start to listen to the contents.




【Talent User】 is generated in the rate of one in a thousand.

Because the current Japan has a population of 20 million people, thinking it simply, there will be 20 thousands of Talent Users. Young people manifest easier, and the higher the age, the lower the manifestation rate.
That’s why, the estimated number of Talent Users in Japan is about 15 thousand.

But because most are personal statement, the precise number is still unknown. However, by the law, people who have Talents, are obligated to report to the country. If one conceals it, a severe punishment awaits. No matter who the Talent Users are, they will be controlled by the country.

According to the country’s standard, Talents are ranked based on their usefulness with 「Level」, or more precisely, 「Supernatural Level S-LEVEL」.
It is the 5 level evaluation from 1 to 5, and the Talent’s general statistics can be grasp based on the level and ratio.

「Level 1」 is one in a thousand, then, 「Level 2」 is one in 3 thousand. It became the calculation of how many thousands.

And when it comes to 「Level 3」, the number decreased greatly. One in 100 thousand. That means that these 200 people are valuable personnel.

And on top of that, 「Level 4」 is considered to be a threat higher than a single-shot nuclear weapon, but the rate is one in 2 million. The number is about 10 people in the country.
Whether this is many or little, that depends on the people, but when thinking that such people are walking in the town normally, it’s somewhat scary.

And the 「Level 1」 that didn’t get into the base of Level 2 and above, was classified as <Useless> with comments such as 「For now, the usefulness is unknown」「It can’t be used in the army right away」.
Well, that’s only comparing with Level 2 and above. When compared with an ordinary person, it doesn’t change the fact of being a Talent User.
Unlike the difference between Level 3 and Level 4, there’s not much of a difference in between Level 1 and Level 2.

Only 10 thousand people know about this.
Regarding the ability, there are many people who self-state and even people who don’t know how to use it.
Because the research on Talent is still young, there are still some unknown parts. It’s quite a chore to even select the 「useful」 ones.
If I change the way of saying, 「Level 1」can be said as an unknown area of mixed gems and stones. It’s not strange to even dig a gem up. But due to the high numbers, they don’t have time to select one by one.
If you want an evaluation, rise up yourself. The mentality during the war might have a small influence on this.

That’s why, there are many Level 1s that were reevaluated and leveled up, but basically, if you don’t do anything, the Level will never change.
And one of the established plan to discover those, is the event called 「Talent School War」.

By the way, Level 3 and Level 4 are classified even detailed by grade 「A~C」.

First, the index of Level 3 is indicated by 「how many soldiers」. To put it simply, 「how many opponents can you take on at once?」.


<Grade A~C standard>

A – ~9999 people (5 people)
B – ~1000 people (30 people)
C – ~100 people (65 people)


And that is

「S-LEVEL 3 A-5000」
「S-LEVEL 3 B-300」
「S-LEVEL 3 C-10」

expressed like that. The number after the ABC, is the evaluation of 「how many soldiers」.

This is only how many people the person can take on. That means even if a Grade A Level 3 fight against a Grade C Level 3, the Grade C can win depending on the affinity.
But if it’s the same type of ability, the grade indicates the difference in power.

The maximum of Level 3 is 9999 soldiers. Once exceeding that, the level will change to Level 4 right away. The power of a nuclear weapon capable of affecting the geographic terrains.

And the grading standard changes into 「how many nuclear weapons」. The reason why there is a 「Borderline」 in between the Level 3 and 4, is to indicate the extraordinary power.


<Grade A~C standard>

A – ~99 nuclear weapons
B – ~10 nuclear weapons
C – 1 nuclear weapon


It is expressed as

「S-LEVEL 4 A-50」
「S-LEVEL 4 B-5」


Coming this far, they are important figures for the country, so the country will hire guards to protect them from assassinations. That much of a VIP. Of course, they are basically stronger than the guards.

Basically, means that there is an exception.

Apart from the grading of strength, there is a valuation basis of 「One who’s acknowledged of the same usefulness」. Those people have a different role than fighting. They are graded as 「S」. S from the word「Special」.


Like that. Even if a person is a Level 4, there are times when the person can’t fight. In that case, the person will be protected, and many guards will be deployed around the person.

And above that is 「Level 5」.

Because Level 4 has an outrageous standard, it may be useless to classify it, but it is not meaningless at all.

The threat degree is 「More than 100 nuclear weapons」, in other words, 「it’s too absurd, so we stopped counting」.

In reality, even if 1000 nuclear missiles come flying, they can manage it somehow or they can even cause a similar kind of destruction depending on the situation. If these guys were to fight, the world will ruin for sure. Genuine monsters.

By the way, the gorilla is classified as this 「Level 5」.
The Level 5 which only 9 people exist in the world.

Well, if it’s him, he surely can manage 1000 nuclear missiles. I have already confirmed his abnormal ability a long time ago during the one week of mountain life.

Apparently, this is a secret, no, a very top secret-like treatment, so she warned me many times to not tell this to people.
Can you tell such secret to a freeloading student that easily?

Well, according to Meria-sensei, she’s telling me this because she thinks that I will reach Level 5 quickly……
Wait, aren’t you expecting too much from me?
Something like being on par with that gorilla…I can’t even imagine it.

Let alone reaching 「Level 5」 which is said to be the world’s strongest quickly. I can’t imagine it.

Or rather, what should I do if I have such power?
I don’t think I need such power………

I thought about 「being matchless in the battlefield」at first, but now that I think again, killing a person is absolutely impossible. Don’t understand, right? I mean, matchless.

I just want my peaceful high school life to continue……
I think that’s the best.

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