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31 Another war

『『Currently, it is 2 wins 1 loss. Everyone is doing their best』』

Tsurumi Chihaya replies to the message received in the smartphone with a brief message.

『『Understood. I leave them to you. We are reaching soon』』

After finishing replying, she puts the phone into the pocket of her jacket immediately, and moves forward to the large building in front.

「Chihaya-sensei……Is it okay for you to even leave the arena?」

Walking beside her, the man in blue suit with a black-rimmed glasses…Yukimichi Takayuki speaks to her.

「I have already done what I can……Yukimichi-sensei too, even though you’re the class teacher, you left your students, right?」
「That’s because Katada from my class is relatively reliable. In addition, the director is Meria-sensei. She should manage it successfully. Chihaya-sensei, you’re worried about your students, right?」

Tsurumi Chihaya replies after a short pause while…walking next to Yukimichi Takayuki.

「Yes, but only this case…I can’t leave it to the others」
「Well, you’re right. At least, for this case……we know a little of the inside…」

When the cheers erupt in the Jinguu Coliseum………the 1-A and 1-B class teachers, Tsurumi Chihaya and Yukimichi Takayuki head towards a certain facility.

「Takasei General Hospital」.

As indicated in its name, it’s a huge hospital equipped with cutting-edge medical technology founded by the owner of Takasei Academy.
And here…
was once a research facility called as 「Talent Development Laboratory」deep underground.

That Talent User specialized broker, the white-robed man…Hazama Kyouhei’s memories were altered, and the information of the payment site of the merchandise was extracted.
And the person who prepared the riot this time…a member of the Diet, the business partner of the temporary employment agency managed by Inou.
All of those, in the end…lead to a certain person.

Sagara Ougen.
The instigator to this Teihen High School’s abolition riot. The head of the Sagara Group that grew rapidly in the recent years.
All of the obscure events that happened around Teihen High School, connects to here.

Tsurumi Chihaya and Yukimichi Takayuki walk pass the Takasei General Hospital’s roundabout, and head to the entrance.
When they stood in front of the automatic door…the glass door slides open slowly.
Yukimichi-sensei muttered this while touching the black frame of his glasses.

「I have………quite a lot of unpleasant memories here, though」

Tsurumi Chihaya showed no expression…

「I’m also the same. I don’t want to come to this place again……but」

But still, there’s some kind of powerful determination dwelling in her eyes.

「They……I don’t want our students to go through the same thing, after all……」
「My my……please think about me who got involved with your personal feelings~?」

Behind them, the social studies’ teacher of Teihen High School, Motomiya Satoru followed them…while scratching his ruffled hair.

「Motomiya-sensei……please. We will add some payment for this time」
「Well, even I……will do my work properly if I get what I’m supposed to get」

Yukimichi Takayuki slips in a word from the side.

「I’m also begging you. After all, I like the current workplace now」

While Motomiya Satoru fixes his bed hair with his fingers

「Yeah, as for me, losing the current workplace is a little……just a little~, inconvenient. Of course, I’ll help. If you pay me」

and said that with an unusually low voice.

And while chatting, they move forward as if taking a stroll.
Passing through the windbreak room, entering the entrance hall that has gorgeous ornaments like a high class hotel, and…Motomiya greets the woman at the reception.

「Good afternoon~! I should have an appointment for today~」
「Understood. May I know the name of the person you are having an appointment with?」
「Yes. The name is…」

Motomiya stares at the woman’s eyes and says this.


The receptionist stiffen just like that, and her pupils opened suddenly.
Focusing somewhere far…as if looking at the entrance.
To the woman, Motomiya placed his hands on the counter, and continued.

「So we want to meet him」

With just that, no one will know what it means, but upon hearing his vague words, the receptionist–

「…………I understand. An appointment with President Sagara Ougen. President Ougen is currently at the garden of the special research facility underground. In order to reach the special research facility floor, please take the second further elevator, press 3rd floor, 5th floor, 9th floor and then -1st floor. After that, please press the 『open』 button 5 times. After reaching underground 15th floor, please use this card key for guest to enter」

Saying that, she took out a card from the safe below the counter.
And Motomiya-sensei accepts the card from the receptionist with a smile…

「Sure, thanks~! That really helped. 『Erase』」

After he said that, the receptionist twitched her body, and her focus changed to somewhere else…
As if noticing something, she looks at the hospital’s entrance.

But…there’s no one there.
The receptionist stares at the direction of the entrance.
Even though three people are standing in front of her, she acts like they don’t exist. Apparently, she can’t see them at all.

「Motomiya-sensei, she’s…?」
「I just erased her perception of us being here. There won’t be any impediment to her daily life. Well then, let’s go」

Motomiya-sensei head to the elevator hall while playing with the card.
Tsurumi Chihaya and Yukimichi followed him to the inside.




Inside the elevator…

「Time to input the code……」

After pressing 「3」,「5」,「9」, and 「-1」 with his index finger

he presses the 『open』 button 5 times.

Then, all of the buttons lit up, and the elevator starts to move downwards.
The elevator which only had until 「-1 floor」, raises its speed and continues descending…
…About ten seconds later, it stopped slowly.

And the moment the door opens, there’s a massive metal hatch with 「WARNING! Authorized Personnel Only」 written in red.

On the right side of the exaggerated door, there’s a control panel which has the words 「Please insert your ID」 displayed in the display.
Beside the display, there’s a slit to insert card…and Motomiya-sensei inserted the card key without hesitation.


< ID confirmed NAME : V.I.P.GUEST >

Those words appeared in the display…


< Please insert the attendant’s ID >

A message requesting another ID appeared.
Motomiya suddenly took out another card from his pocket…and inserted it into the machine.


< ID confirmed NAME : Hazama Kyouhei >

< Authentication completed The gate will open >


Gashu Gashu Gashu Gashu Gashu

The heavy metal hatch make a sound, and opens in turn from the front.

As if imprisoning something violent–as if fearing that it would run away, it was made excessively secured…
The metal doors open one after another…



Vuon… Guii…n

And along with the exaggerated sound, the final silver hatch opens.

Beyond the hatch–is a passage made of metal plates, an unknown groan deep inside……and a roar of something like a beast can be heard faintly.

While sweating…Tsurumi Chihaya took the first step into the floor called as 「Special Research Facility Floor」.

「Then, let’s go……to end the nightmare continuing in here」
「Right…for Takasei’s students……let’s go wild」

Without changing expression, Yukimichi continues after raising his glasses.

「My my, this might be more than what’s supposed to be paid to me~」

While scratching his head, Motomiya Satoru…followed them with a lazy pace.

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