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103 War in the Forest 4  Operation in the Fort

「Heave-ho, fortifying~! 『Attach Clay』!」

When we reached the place, Tsuchitori-san started to build a 『clay fort』 according to Major Kirishima’s instruction. Clay walls enclosed around with the small hill at the center, and there was a deep trench dug at the outer circumference.
Just like that, the 『clay fort』 that was made impromptu, appeared at where we are.
This is just a temporary peace of mind against that army of Variants, but it is better than nothing.
This territory with the diameter of 10 meters, is our fortress right now.

「Meria-sensei……are you okay?」
「Yes, I am fine now. I am sorry to make you worry, Kagura-san」

Kagura-san has been worried of me since a while ago, so she stayed by my side the whole time. I think I am a failure as a teacher after showing such unbecoming figure in front of the students.

……But I am okay now. My body can move and I can think properly.
I still feel scared, but not to the extent of getting crushed by it.

「Thank you, Kagura-san…… Thanks to you, I calmed down. Please go standby with Shiro and the rest because you are an important relief member」
「Okay……but please don’t overdo yourself, okay?」

Saying that, Kagura-san walked to the center where Shiro and Tarou are.
The number of people gathered at this small hill is 12 people.
4 from Yumino-san’s 「Sniping team」 and 3 from Tsuchitori-san’s 「Defense team」. Non-combatants are Shiro, Kagura-san and Tarou. And there are also Major Kirishima and myself.

Since a while ago, Major Kirishima has been grasping the overall situation from the communication device (Income), and using it to give instructions to the students.

『Hikawa-kun, once you finish stopping the enemies, return to the base. Kurasaki-kun and Yomohira-san, retreat slowly so that you won’t get surrounded. Akai-kun and Serizawa-kun, continue to hold out for a little longer』

『Roger, Satsuki-sensei』


『……Ah, understood』
『……Eh? Seriously……?』

The reason why the students can move calmly without being flustered is because of her.
The gifted lady who controls the battlefield, Kirishima Satsuki.
Gaining trust from comrades and even superiors with her outstanding fighting strength and leadership, she was promoted to Major at the age of 22……in her fourth year in the army. Called as a 『genius』 at constructing the war, and trusted by her superiors.
Her alias 『Black Haired War Maiden (Valkyrie)』 is not for show. Even in this tight situation, her instructions are precise, and the war situation is moving slowly.

……I am really glad that she is here.
In this state of emergency and also this situation with only inexperienced students, it is usually impossible to set up a combat attitude this smoothly. Because she is here, this command system is created.

I need to thank her.
Thanks to her, I can devote to my thoughts.

I use my head, and think.
That is the only thing I can do right now.
……There are too many strange things in this attack. I need to grasp the essence of it as fast as possible.

「……Looks like I need to sort out the situation first……」

Since a while ago, I have been contacting the Teihen High School’s staffs. However, no one answered. Even the emergency communication portal that is always connected to Delta-sensei is not working at all. I also can’t contact Otou-san.

There is clearly a signal jamming. I can’t help but to think that this attack is planned carefully. For now, I will set aside my error of not being able to realized it.

But this training camp itself was not decided relatively early.
It was just a few days ago when I requested an instructor from the army.
But those Variants are surely prepared from a long time ago.
How much have they prepared for this attack?
How far did the enemy assume the situation?
Who is the target? Serizawa-kun? Kagura-san? Major Kirishima?

……No……not good, I need to calm down.
I don’t know exactly how far did the opponent plan this attack.

But I am clearly feeling something is wrong. What is this?
If they want to crush us, then……they should be able to do it.
Because they can prepare that much of Variants.
Rather, it is probably more efficient to make that army appear all at once at a point-blank range.
Why they didn’t do it?
Is there a reason why they can’t?
They can’t get close to us?
Or they thought that they can’t achieve the aim?

……There are too many doubts. Too much.
I don’t have the time to shut down the possibilities one by one right now.
For now, I should think about the things happening now.

……That is right.
It is easier to understand if I think from there.
That army of Variants appeared suddenly means that 『the people who generated them』 are at the same place. It is better to think that the people who generated those, are still at somewhere close.
Then, that army is certainly a diversion.
It is better to think that it is the groundwork to separate us, and there is a different target.

……But I don’t understand their aim.
What does the enemy want? Someone specific? Is there a meaning to this situation?

Don’t panic.
Let’s sort the root first.

The assailant this time is 『Haba Ryuuichi』.
Or someone similar to him. That should be right.
There is no one who can prepare that much of 『Variants』 other than him.

Then he……what do they want?
What they want the most?
What they think is the most troublesome?

That is right.
That is most likely at here.
Then……I know that.

……I see.
So that is the reason.

Then……I might be able to draw out their information using 「that」.
Now is the best timing to turn this situation.

When I made up my mind, I requested Major Kirishima to change the position of a student.

「Major Kirishima……can you send Kurasaki-kun to here?」

I think it is a sudden and strange request from myself, but……she didn’t question me.
I thought she would clearly want an explanation, but she only said this with a smile.

「Fufu……I understand, Meria-sensei. I will change his position right away!」




Yomohira Miriya and Kurasaki Yuuki were exterminating the Variants steadily. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is overwhelmingly unfavorable to them. They had no choice but to fight while retreating slowly.

「……Fuhi……Geting tired……Yomohira-san……?」
「……Not at all……still fine……」

Saying that, Yomohira pretended to be tough, but compared to the start to the combat, her movement is not sharp anymore. She is clearly showing signs of fatigue.
Kurasaki who guessed her condition since a while ago, covers her properly while controlling the battle.
Then, there is a call from the Income from Kirishima Satsuki.

『An update to the command. Hikawa-kun, switch places with Kurasaki-kun. Kurasaki-kun, when you meet up with Hikawa-kun, come back to the base. Yomohira-san, hold out that place with Hikawa-kun』


Just like that, Yomohira and Kurasaki stayed on the spot while defeating the Variants, and shortly after that, Hikawa Takeru reached them. The next moment, the Variants around were frozen by Hikawa’s Talent 【Cold Maker】.

「Yo……I’m here, Kurasaki-kun. We are switching, right?」
「Fuhi……I leave the rest to you……Hikawa……cover her properly」

Kurasaki said only that to Hikawa, and quickly head to the base while riding the waving shadow.

「……So……what should I do here? Should I protect you?」

Hikawa looked around the Variants that were frozen, and asked Yomohira. While exhaling white breaths, Yomohira answers her next partner’s question.

「…………Make puppets……ice puppets…………」
「Ah, I see. ……How many do you want?」
「……30……about the size of Hikawa-kun……」
「That’s a lot. Understood. 『Ice Armor』」

Just like that, Hikawa created 30 delicate ice puppets in a blink of an eye with his Talent. The puppets look like armored knights with sword and shield.

「How is this? I gave them some equipments」
「……OK, good job……『Manipulate』」

The 『Ice Knights』 start to move by Yomohira’s Talent, and form units.
5 in one platoon. A total of 6 platoons.
Each platoons charge to the crowd of Variants.

「……Aha! That’s incredible. How do you do that?」
「……Don’t talk to me. Because I am concentrating right now……」

The Ice Knights composed of 30 knights, chop the Variants with their swords, and at the end, cut the cores accurately.
The Variant strikes back, but it was blocked by the knight’s shield, and directly after blocking, the other knights stabs their swords into the Variant. Just like that, after it stopped moving, they cut the Variants behind it into small pieces.
The Ice Knights divided into 6 platoons, are lead without being disordered, and they exterminate the Variants one after another.
Hikawa Takeru looks at Yomohira who are controlling them alone.

「You……Was it Yomohira-san? You are really interesting」
「……Stop the idle talk and fight…………6 of them are down, so please resupply」
「Ah, I will resupply as much as you want, so use it however you like. I will leave the stock here」

Saying that, Hikawa Takeru creates a large amount of armored ice knights, and charges to the crowd of Variants delightfully.



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