Kuro No Maou Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 The Maximum Firepower of [Element Master] (2)

“Kurono, Kurono, cheer up ~”

“Sorry Kurono-san, I’m the type who ends up saying whatever comes to my mind.”

“No……it’s fine, it’s true that my magic is too simple……….”

“Yes, I couldn’t even lie that it was amazing.”

After hearing Fiona’s words that didn’t give a good follow up at all, I somehow changed my thoughts and cheered myself up from being too negative.

Lily who was still loveably cheering me up was my only emotional support.

“Alright, then next up is Lily?”(kurono)


As she cheerfully replied, she took out a red gem the size of a tennis ball.

This magic Artifact known as [Queen Beryl] possessed an enormous amount of magical energy that allowed Lily to return to her normal form even without the Fairy Queen’s Divine Protection.

I can actually feel it from the shine and magical energy radiating from it.


With a cute shout, Lily was enveloped in dazzling light and I ended up turning my eyes away due to the light.

“—-fuu, now then, I should also do my best, I guess.”(lily)

The next moment, the beautiful young girl version of Lily stood there.

The one piece dress worn by Lily, Ancient velvet was the same as my [Baphomet’s Embrace], and changes its size according to the one wearing it.

Thus even after the change in the size of her body, it remained a perfect fit to her body.

“a, no need to create a target for me alright. My magic isn’t plain like yours.”(lily)


Even my one and only ally also said such things!?

“nfufu, sorry sorry, I know how amazing Kurono’s magic actually is, okay?”(lily)

As an evil playful smile floated on her face, she patted my head while tiptoeing.

What’s with this carrot and stick tactics? Is Lily a bad girl who leads men by their noses?

“I’m fine so just show it already.”(kurono)


Giving me a smooth wink, she turned her back towards me and began to chant.

“تألق نجوم تحطم يهلك”

As expected, I still can’t make any sense of it, but I think it was much smaller than the ones I have heard till now.

Only lower level primary Model magic have chants so small, but there’s no way Lily’s magic would be a low level one.

With just that small chant, above the area where I had set the target, a giant magic circle made of white light appeared.


“Yeah, Lily really is amazing.”

The strongest magic of Lily I have ever seen is the pillar of light that is fired from that magic circle in the sky.

Even in her child form, it was strong enough to make the goblin cave collapse. How much stronger will it be now?

The current magic circle was many times bigger than the one I knew.

“—Meteor Strike.”

What was launched from the magic circle wasn’t a pillar but a giant mass.

Yes, it was exactly as its name, a meteorite flashing in 7 colours.




“That was an amazing magic. To be able to control so much magical energy so well, I’m envious Lily-san.”

Fiona complimented Lily in front of the crater of 50m diameter created by Lily.

In front of the power that surpassed our expectations, both me and Fiona had the same mental state.

So magic can actually be this powerful. In front of this, my bullet arts isn’t plain, it’s nonexistent!

“fuf, thank you. But although it is strong, it is slow in speed so an opponent who is fast can evade it. Kurono’s magic bullets are more convenient against human opponents as there is no wastage and it is very efficient in killing as well.”

“That’s true. Against the same number of opponents, Kurono-san’s magic can finish the job while consuming much less magical energy. Lily-san’s magic must use a lot of energy, right?”

“I can’t even use it consecutively infact. I must make sure to use it only when I’m sure of hitting the enemy.”

You two, thanks for covering for me.

“But, a normal magician can’t even produce this much power, right?”(kurono)

“Well yeah. In my current state, I’m equal to a rank 5.”

“Even in the crusaders, there must be very few who can display this level of power I think.”

“As expected, Lily really is amazingly skilled. Even though its only for 30 mins, you still will be our pillar of protection.”

“ufufufu, that’s right, so compliment me more and more!”

She leaned in close to me just like when she is a child. It’s really embarrassing when she does that in her girl form. But damn she’s too cute!

“Then, lastly it’s my turn.”(Fiona)

“a, aa, give it your all.”

My expression that had relaxed while I fawned over lily became stiff and strict again. Though, my hand was still patting and caressing Lily’s head.

“Yes, as per your demand, or rather, I want you two to see my full strength right now when we have the chance.”

Fiona can’t control her magic properly so she would often attack in an excessively wide range. Basically, there was a risk of friendly fire so she was not taken in by any parties apparently.

Let’s just say that only after seeing her most dangerous one and accepting it will she become our true party member.

That’s why I wanted to see her full strength.

“aa, use the strongest one you can.”(kurono)

“ok, then——“

And then, she raised her staff [Ainz Broom] overhead and began her chant.




At the same time, at Alsace village, all the adventurers that were preparing and working stopped moving.

A loud sound of an explosion, as if a volcano erupted, resounded and a large black cloud appeared in the sky.

“What the hell is that?”

“That direction, that’s where Kurono and the others went to experiment, right?”

Even Vulcan and Irina, who were high ranked, were baffled by this.

“That means it’s due to a magic?”

“I think so, but…….”

The place where the supposed magic was used was approximately 1km away from here. To be able to see it even from here, the fact made the adventurers instantly shudder.

“……what outrageous power.”

The black smoke kept on rising towards the sky.

The fact that this thick smoke, that could only been seen in cases of forest fires, was caused due to a single magic would have instilled fear in the hearts of adventurers, even those that have learnt attack magic.

“Flames, means it’s that gluttonous witch girl?”

“I think. I saw her magic once at Irz but it seems that was not her full power.”

“Kurono and that small fairy were already a weird combo, and now they also have a witch with outrageous firepower. What’s up with his crazy party?”




There was not even a trace left of the crater made by Lily.

That’s because an even larger crater of about a 100m diameter has been created in front of me.

“…….Kurono, are you alright?”


Lily was still hugging me from the front. Her Oracle Field had also covered me inside it.

“Thanks for protecting me.”

“un, as long as you are fine.”

Yes, the moment Fiona used her ‘strongest magic’, Lily ran towards me and protected me.

The crater was created about 100m away from me but she must have done that to protect me from the shockwaves that were created.

The crater created by the giant explosion had almost reached in front of us.

If we had been inside the range—–I really don’t want to think about it.

“…….How, was it?”

And the culprit who brought this giant destruction, Fiona turned towards us normally.

How was it? Isn’t that obvious?

“Amazing Fiona! With this we can win against the Crusaders! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

Yes, amazing, at least the power was amazing. This is far beyond my imagination.

To have displayed this level of power alone, she is an incredible magician.

Just how much of an idiot are the people in the republic to have let her go away?

Well whatever. Thanks to that I was able to meet Fiona. That too, at this timing when the Crusaders were approaching.

“I am happy that Fiona became our comrade. I’ll have you use this power to its fullest.”

Standing in front of her, I clearly gave words of acceptance.

“I see…….I’ll work hard.”

Her tri-cornered hat’s visor bent down and hid Fiona’s current expression.

Somehow, her answer didn’t seem too energetic.

“n, you alright?”

“Sorry, when I use this magic——-“

And just like that she fell on my chest.

“——I become unable to move for some time since I get tired.”

This is the exact reverse of the time when I fought against the Crusaders in Irz and was saved by Fiona.

Just how she held me back then, I also decided to gently catch her in my arms.

“I see. Take rest then.”

“Yes, I’ll accept your offer.”

It’s a bit embarrassing but I continue talking for the time being.

“But still, if you fall after just one use then you’ll have to think of the right time and place to use this.”

“Yes, but Kurono-san please think that for me.”

“Alright. I’ll have you use it right when it counts the most.”

As I simulated the battle with the crusaders in my mind, I held Fiona up in my arms.

Basically what you would call a ‘princess carry’.

“Fuwaa!? Ku,Kurono-san, this posture is…….!”

“You can’t move right? I’ll carry you like this till the village so don’t worry.”

“That’s not exactly the problem here……..”

Fiona brought her hat even more in front of her face and hid herself.

Ah, could it be that she’s thinking something like ’Don’t touch a woman’s body so casually!?’ or something like that…….I did it with absolute good intentions but, did I go too far?

“Should I put you down?”

“That’s not it……no, then quickly take me to the village please.”

“Ou, leave it me!”

Let’s go then, the moment I thought that, a small impact came from my back.

“Kurono, I can’t move either so carry me.”(lily)

“Li, Lily?”

As I turned to look back,

“Carry me as well.”

Lily asked me while smiling cutely as usual.

But I can tell, her eyes aren’t laughing, actually, they are scary.

“n, no, Lily, weren’t you energetic just——“

“I’m tired. My fatigue came in just now, so carry me, and hold me. Doing it just for Fiona is not fair.”

“…….got it.”

I don’t think I can go against it.

At the end, I worked hard to walk to Alsace village 1 km away while completely carrying both Lily and Fiona.

And, needless to say, all the adventurers greeted us with a warm gaze without saying anything.

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