Kuro No Maou Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 The Maximum Firepower of [Element Master] (1)

30th of Shinyou. Since the Crusaders did not arrive in the shortest expected time, i.e. 3 days, construction work was still continuing to create an even stronger and sturdier line of defence.

And since most of the construction had been done and the adventurers that left for MPK tactic also returned successfully, we decided to postpone everything else for today.

“Today, we’ll perform an experiment to confirm our maximum firepower!”

And so, we came to this vast plain about 1km west of Alsace.

By the way, the members are me, Lily and Fiona only.

Today’s experiment was a simple one to simply fire our strongest attacks and measure its destructive ability.

Normally there seems to be a magic item that is meant to measure this, but right now we don’t have the time to accurately measure it numbers. In the first place, we won’t find such a high tech magic item in this rural area.

For the time being, I’ll at least get an idea about the level after seeing it once.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too late for this?”

“Don’t say that Fiona. You know everyone was busy till now.”

Well, that’s true.

“I don’t know what level of magic can the adult Lily and Fiona use. But I’m sure its pretty high level so you guys will definitely be the key in the upcoming battle, so I’m counting on you guys!”(kurono)

“Being told this directly is a bit embarrassing.”(Fiona)


Fiona who really didn’t look actually embarrassed and Lily who was giving a wide smile; these two together really make for a great pic.

But unfortunately, we didn’t come here for hiking or picnic. Though that would have been fun, I can’t really complain now.

“Then first is—“

“Let’s start with Kurono-san.”

“eh? Me?”

“Yes. You’re the leader after all.”

“Kurono, good luck!”

I see. I need to do this as well. Lily aside, Fiona had never seen me fight after all.

“Alright. Then I’ll show you my best one!”



Fiona clapped unimpressed and Lily innocently clapped loudly. It feels nice.

I was going to start, but wait a second.

If we’re talking about my strongest magic, then its [Magic Bullet – Bullet Arts Full Burst].

In terms of piercing ability, Sword Arts might be stronger than a single bullet but that depends more on the ability of the weapon itself. It’s base strength is very average.

Also since martial arts are treated differently than magic, the grudge hatchet’s [Kuronagi] is also a no go here.

And my [Bullet Arts Full Burst]’s effect is to fire an enormous number of black magical energy bullets rapidly.

If I use this in an empty plain like this one, the bullets will only fly far-faraway and will not cause any kind of explosion either. There’ll be no change in the scenery at all.

This won’t do. Don’t I have something that can just simply cause a lot of destruction? Firing guns requires an aim after all!

“You’re making a troubled face Kurono-san. What happened?”

“Does your stomach hurt?”(lily)

While making a calm face, I ran forwards in a straight line.


I heard the voices of the two I left behind but I dashed without paying attention.

After running for about a 100m, yeah, it should be fine here.

“[Shadow Gate]”

[Shadow Gate] is the same as [Shadow Space] that I had been using till now but after taking lessons in techniques from the dark magician Mossan, [Shadow Gate] is the levelled up version with more capacity and faster deployment speed.

By manipulating the shadow, I created a circle-shaped shadow of diameter 1m on the ground.

Controlling the shadow basically shapes my own shadow into different things, so enlarging it and reducing it also possible.

But it can’t separate from the caster himself so even this big circle is connected with me with a small shadow.

“Um, Crusaders’ armaments were around 1 set right?—-”

4th dimensional pocket really makes me feel like that robot cat. Especially now that the goods inside have increased.

From inside the shadow, I brought out the basic equipment of crusaders that was a surcoat and chainmail.

All that’s left is to randomly create a humanoid shape and make it wear this.

Materializing magical energy is the speciality of my black magic. I can create a body as long as I don’t focus on sturdiness, durability etc.

A randomly created weak thing won’t be of any help in a battle but it can at least become a target aim for me.

I created a body of around my height, though it was shaped like a sheet/plank.

I made it wear the chainmail and surcoat and it was complete!

“Well, this much is fine.”

And I once again dashed back to where Fiona and Lily were.

“Alright. Then I’ll show you my best one!”

“oh so you’re going to start again from there.”(Fiona)

Fiona’s cold words stabbed me but I’ll pretend to not mind it.

“I think you would have already understood but I’ll fire my magic towards that.”

I took one step in front of them and took out my [Black Ballista Replica].

Bullets had already been [loaded] and the bullets now floated around me in a circle.

“[Bullet Arts Full Burst]”

Over a thousand bullets rushed towards the target together.

As if firing against a real soldier, I didn’t hold anything back.

The bullets covered the 100m distance in an instant and reached the target.

The human shape became destroyed as if someone put it inside a mixer.

It was as if nothing even existed there in the first place.

“How was it?”(kurono)

“Um, that’s it?”(Fiona)

“Eh? Yeah I’m done…”

I knew that it wasn’t something really surprising but to think that she would be this disappointed…..

“It won’t explode?”

“There’s no explosion. I only hardened the magical energy after all.”

“a, does it have tracking ability?”

“…….It only flies straight.”

“Was it a Single Action?”

“Yeah I just used single action in a large number.”

“I see—–“

I realized even before Fiona said it. My black magic was really,

“—-It’s simpler than I thought.”(Fiona)

Fiona who gave a unrestrained opinion made me cry a bit.

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