Kuro No Maou – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 First Time Jealousy

Affair. If someone were to ask if this word would apply to Kurono’s behaviour, the answer would be NO.

Kurono treats Lily as his partner and puts a tremendous trust in her, and treats her more importantly than anything else in this different world, but there is no advancement in terms of romance.

If you were to look from the start, he would hug her, pat her head gently, and has even more skinship than a normal couple, but they were not lovers.

That’s because Lily had never revealed the passionate feelings in her heart, that is, she had never confessed to Kurono. And neither did Kurono do so nor did he have intention to do something like that.

But this point of view was worthless theory in Lily’s eyes.

(“Who is it!? The woman, the bitch, the beast that tried to seduce my, MY Kurono!! Try laying even a single finger on him, I’ll kill you so badly that not even small bits would remain!!!”)

Mozrun who basically said that Kurono had gone to sleep with a woman, was taken extremely seriously by Lily.

(“I won’t forgive her! I will never forgive something as envious as that!! I haven’t even ki, ki, kissed with him yet!!!”)

Her emotions were exploding out as if her own restraints had been blown away to the moon.

(“Where? Where did Kurono go? Where is he……..”)

But, still to locate Kurono calmly even then was what made her cunning.

(“If she is still in the village, then it must be an adventurer. Also, Mozrun said it was a ‘cute elf girl’ as well, so it’s not a member of [Three hunting princesses] but someone that came today. That means, she must have returned after completing some quest without knowing the current situation. Then they must be in a place where she could be alone with a man—-an inn of an adventurer, is it?”)

There are two facilities where adventurers can stay in Alsace. One is the Guild, and the other is the common inn. Considering the scale of Alsace village, having another inn except the guild could be said to be a well equipped village.

And Lily has completely mapped this small village in her brain. Without even a single hesitation, she flew towards the only inn in the village.




Found it.

Behind the inn, there is a dirty storage shed. Kurono and that thieving cat are here.

“Kurono……..I’ll save you right now.”

Thinking that my Kurono could be dirtied right now, I felt every second was precious.

Thinking about it from outside was nothing but a waste of time.

So I’ll break in from the front and take the shortest distance towards Kurono.

But I’ll still take care. After all she is someone who was able to capture Kurono, who is the greatest man in this world, even if it was for only a short time. As long as she is an adventurer, she should be able to use force to remove obstacles as well.

Although, no adventurer can stand against the serious me, no, even if it was a rank 5 adventurer stronger than me or a dragon, I will still not hesitate to go help Kurono. I must not hesitate.

And, at this moment, I’ll prove it.

In front of the weak wooden door,

“Fairy barrier – Oracle Field, full power!”

Light type defensive magic destroyed not just the door but even the wall that it touched as well, and made a path for me.

Beams, Light balls, and even [Meteor Strike]’s chant has been completed as I enter. If I face resistance, I’ll erase without leaving any trace!


As I broke inside the room, I found his beloved figure inside this room scattered with various items.


“Eh, What!? What’s going on!? Why has the door been destroyed!?!”

Kurono who widened his eyes in shock and another person was there. I see, so this is the thieving cat that tried to steal my Kurono?

Petite and slender body, along with gray hair and pointy ears, that were the characteristic feature of elves.

Her face was as Mozrun had said, cute, and her eyes were green like a cat’s.

But, from my point of view, it’s only average. Her beauty was not on a level that Charm would exist. She didn’t even have an adult body with a good figure. She’s just a brat.

If he wanted to lay his hands on such, such a low level woman, why did he not come to me—-No, I should stop. First I need to eliminate her.

“It’ll be fine Kurono, I’ll save you right now.”

Their clothes are still on. Looks like I avoided the worst scenario. That’s a relief. But I can’t be negligent until I remove her from in front of Kurono.

I smiled towards Kurono to make him feel relieved and then glared at the elf brat with intent to kill.

“hi, Hiii!?!”

Fuun, weak scum, afraid from just my killing intent.

If she wants to lay hands on Kurono, she should first refine her pathetic skills at least, this third rate stupid woman—–no, wait, wait a second.


Is it actually a guy?

I just had an intuition but to check that I’ll try to use telepathy deep inside his mind.

I soon got my answer.

(“Why—–Why? Even though I’m a man——weak, pathetic——“)

He’s a genuine man.

He looked cute as tears appeared in his big round eyes, but this elf is definitely a man.

But, I still can’t be negligent.

No, if Kurono actually liked ‘this type’ then I can understand why he didn’t lay his hands on me.

Especially strong men like not just girls but even boys, something like that was written in one of the books left by the magician in the hut in the forest.

Then, did Kurono have an urge to have this boy—–

“Wait a second Lily!! You are definitely misunderstanding something!!!”

Suddenly Kurono had come in front of me. What, are you going to cover this brat who is not even a girl?

“This person is not an enemy! Just an adventurer, I came to talk to get help from this person!”(T/N: I am using ‘this person’ intentionally because Jap doesn’t specify gender many times, like in this case.)

“I don’t believe it.”

“This person came back from a quest just now, so I understand that you haven’t seen this person before but it’s not a spy or something from the Crusaders!”

I think there is some kind of a very big difference in what we are talking about.

No, it’s definitely different, and the problem would be on my side, I think.

Eh, what? Did I jump to an early conclusion?

“Ok? So calm down and listen—-“

“Oh, I see……”

That’s fine.

At least, I don’t sense any sexual urges from Kurono’s outer layer of thoughts at least.

There’s no feeling of trying to hide a secret. He’s only trying to somehow stop me from acting while misunderstanding things.

I see. He was just a co-operator…….then, that means I was having an embarrassing misunderstanding only. So everything will settle peacefully here.

“…..then, let me hear the details as well.”(lily)

I decided to obediently back down.

If Kurono does not have any feelings for this boy then I have no problems.

What’s more problematic is what that skeleton bastard irresponsibly said. What, what did he mean by ‘He must enjoying himself right now!’, damn him this isn’t a joke. Due to that I ended up showing Kurono such an unsightly part of me.

I’m not gonna calm down until I at least hit him with one of my light beams.

“aa, um, this is Simon, a rank 1 adventurer.”

And after introducing myself to this guy called Simon, I listened to the situation from Kurono.

Though, now that I know that she’s not an ‘enemy’ woman, my interest in him has almost disappeared.

“—–and so, I asked Simon to cooperate with me.”

For the rest I’ll just vaguely listen and act as I am convinced and this mess will be settled.

Or so it was supposed to be……..




“Why are you making such a scary face Lily-san? Could it be that Kurono-san really was—“(Fiona)

“No, it was nothing. It was just a misunderstanding of that vulgar skeleton.”

On Fiona’s question, Lily made an effort to answer as calmly as possible.

But, Lily didn’t realize that Fiona still said that she had a ‘scary face’ even though Lily had returned to her child form.

“I see. Then that’s fine. It’s not rare to see a party disbanding due to a love affair after all.”

“How rare of Fiona to say something decent. Have you experienced it?”

“No, I only saw something like that happen, so you can say I was an observer.”

“I see. Well, be relieved. Kurono isn’t a weak man who can’t control his sexual desires.”

And Lily left after saying that she needed rest.

She was heading towards the room used by Kurono.

The person himself (kurono) was still talking with Simon in that lab cum storage room that suddenly had better ventilation due to the door disappearing.

Lily entered the empty room  and jumped on the bed and stretched her limbs.

“…….It’s irritating.”

Lily pulled the blanket and buried her face in the pillow and breathed the scent left by Kurono.

Normally, there was nothing more relaxing than this aroma but right now, it only created waves in her heart.

“Why did Kurono……such……..”

Just what was it? She didn’t know why she was so disturbed.

But she knew the source of that feeling.

“He looked so haapy…..”

That was how Kurono was with Simon.

The existence of guns. Alchemy that didn’t use magic. As she was listening to him, she realized that Kurono was extremely attracted towards the ability possessed by Simon.

That was so clear that she didn’t even need telepathy to know that.

Delight, curiosity, expectations, and other such strong feelings mixed together were clearly delivered to Simon as a straight compliment.

“I don’t know that. I never got such feelings, I never received them.”

Lily had certainly created an emotional bond with Kurono, and also built up an unbelievable amount of trust in each other as well, that was no doubt about it. They clearly had a strong bond with each other.

For Kurono, in this different world, no, in his whole life, except for his family, there was no one more important than Lily.

Kurono’s trust and deep affection were both, without a doubt, real. And Lily also understood that.

But affection and interest were 2 different emotions.

Lily certainly possessed Kurono’s ‘feelings/emotions’ but she never made him interested in her.

Simon’s existence had pulled Kurono’s interest, which Lily had been unable to, completely through Alchemy.

As to why Kurono was so interested in Alchemy, Lily didn’t look into his inner thoughts. No, she was unable to ‘look over the construction’.

But rather than the reason, the fact that Simon had pulled Kurono’s interest in him was,

“I don’t like this, Why, Why someone like him…….”

Above all, she couldn’t simply accept it.

Lily, until now, was never dissatisfied with her current relation with Kurono.

No just due to Kurono’s behaviour, but Lily herself was satisfied as well.

For example, appearance.

There are many beautiful women like Fiona and Irina that appeared in front of Kurono.

But, she didn’t think that she was inferior to them in looks, thus she never became jealous of their beauty.

Kurono, who fought with his life on the line as an adventurer; she even had the strength to fight beside him so she never felt tormented by powerlessness either.

Yes, I am the perfect partner for Kurono, I don’t lack anything. That was what Lily thought.

But, today, with the appearance of the man called Simon, the fact that she could fulfil his heart was overturned.

“Why, Why is this so frustrating——“

And so Lily became aware of the emotion that was rampaging within her.

That was, for Lily who possessed absolute beauty and strength, an emotion she had never experienced.

A primitive emotion that comes to humans instinctively, that has been labelled as one of the major sins, a negative emotion.

“—–I see, I am feeling jealous.”
Lily, for the first time after being born, experienced jealousy.

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