Kuro no Maou Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – Assault! Simon’s Laboratory

Standing there was not a cabin or shed but more like a storeroom. [ET: Remember he wanted to go to her laboratory.]

“C-come in……”

Simon opened the door with an embarrassed expression and invited me in.

“So this is the laboratory, huh”

“That’s right! Something like this is my laboratory you got a problem!? It can’t be helped at all! A rank 1 adventurer ain’t got money to buy a spacious room!”

“No, I know about that so calm down.”

I now understand why we crossed the garden instead of entering through the front door of this lodging and come to this place. So this is Simon’s lodging room cum laboratory.

Well it would be bad if one were to use the guest room of lodging for something other than sleeping or resting. And with the income of a rank 1 adventurer acquiring a spacious room for sleeping and work is impossible.

I understand that Simon sleeps here and does research. I also agree on it but still,


I spoke my feelings in a low voice so as she can’t hear. [ET: Till the time it ain’t proved Simon is a boy I won’t change she/her/herself to ………… get that.]

“Sit down” (Simon)

She pulls a chair of woods from under the desk she might be using a lot and offers it me.

There is no other chair and so Simon sat on the bed.

Hey! Now that I look at it, that is just some wooden boxes lined up and a sheet is spread on them. Where the hell is bed then!

It’s really bad, Shimon-chan looks like the protagonist from Unlucky Human that premiers on World’s Masterpieces Show. Really pitiful.

“Onii-san, you just thought of something rude just now, right?”

“No, I never did! Still, this place does has the feeling of an laboratory—”

After inspecting the room, the first impression that comes is “Damn full of things.”

On the desk there are many thick books which look like old-fashioned dictionary lined one upon another. Various tools are scattered too.

There are also mechanism for making tools, a suspicious brights coloured liquid, raw materials like fangs and scales of monsters. These all were spread on the desk, table, shelves, floor, everywhere.

Yep, it does has the feel of laboratory. Almost to the extent that it coincides with my fantasy images.

This really is the laboratory of an alchemist! I can say that without a doubt, well I don’t know how other alchemists are though.

“—I don’t have much time, so let’s get right to the main point.”

“Eh, Yeah”

Maybe I released a somewhat serious atmosphere, Simon showed an expression of nervousness.

Indeed, the talk from here on is me speaking as the leader of adventurer alliance.

“First of all I need to confirm one thing. Will you accept the emergency quest?

“Of course, I’m also an adventurer, and I have no objection in accepting the request.”

Simon replies immediately without any hesitation.

“This time is pretty dangerous, you know, no one can guarantee your safety.”

“That isn’t something you say to an adventurer. If it was someone else, that person would definitely snap. But still, I will take that as an warning.”

“Sorry, i just wanted to confirm.”

Most adventurers follow after strong people, but Simon didn’t feel like that to me. And she also seems like someone who never fought at front lines, So I wanted to confirm her determination.

“And so, I want Simon to help me with something, unfortunately we don’t have much time so I don’t know whether it will be done or not—”

“What is it?”

“I want you to make a machine gun” [ET: Yaay now we are talking.]




Lily and Fiona came down to the first floor lobby through stairs as if they are really good sisters.

“Creating Potions tires the eyes.” (Fiona)

“Yep, and that so repeatedly~”

After completing the compounding which included staring game and weighing to split the potions in accurate quantity, both came down for resting and eating food.

By the way, the way Lily compounds is through measuring by the eye. She somehow compounds the raw material while playing a staring game with them.

“Thank you for your hard work, will you take a breather from now?”

The one who calls out to them is the dark magician skeleton, Mozrun.

For the republic it may be someone who might become a subjugation target as soon as he is spotted, but Fiona is already familiar with his appearance resembling that of grim reaper.

“Yes, we got hungry”

“Ahahaha, it’s always that, don’t finish up our all provisions before the fight.”

“I’ll try to.”

“Hey Where is kurono?”

Lily restlessly surveys the lobby, but she couldn’t find the black tall figure.

The leader Kurono is a lot busy.

If it was someone like Vulcan, he would’ve silently waited for the enemy to come, but Kurono who is giving his all in preparations and is the busiest person here.

Stationing of adventurers, coordination between parties, construction progress, securing the goods and more is all the work Kurono needs to complete.

Due to that Kurono is not waiting in the guild but is moving around the whole village.

“Maybe he is in Conference Room”

“Ah, wrong. Boss went out some while ago.”

Mozurun overturns Fiona’s prediction.

“So that’s how it is”

“Eeh, where did he go?”

Mozurun kindly and thoroughly answers to Lily asking a question in a childish manner.

“He went out with a really beautiful elf girl. Right now he might be having some pleasure time. Well he had been working a lot, this much of breather is allow—”

“Not allowed”


Just as Fiona and Mozrun sensed a vast amount magic swirling,

“I won’t allow any of that.”

In front of their eyes, was Lily who returned to her original form.

The cute loveable face of the child is no more alive, the only things that remains is a young girl with a beautiful face seeming like a Noh Mask.


On Lily’s sudden change, Fiona breaks out in cold sweat.

She senses the white light magic which will result in big explosion if touched.

Thanks to that, Mozurun is now trembling with fear of getting purified by her light.

“I will bring Kurono back”

“E—” (Fiona)

Their eyes meet, but in her eye Fiona is not all reflected. No doubt she is seeing ‘something’ in far distance.

Before Fiona could answer, Lily was no more in her line of sight.

“……It would be good if it doesn’t turn into something troublesome.”

“Boss, please, please come back in once piece……”

Fiona and Mozrun saw Lily off who went out in super high speed, or rather, they couldn’t even see her off.


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