Kuro no Maou Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 – Assault! Simon’s Laboratory

“I see……so it had turned into something troublesome.”
In my hands, is the bulletin of the emergency quest that I got from Onii-san.
I understood somewhat about the situation because of it.
If I had been secluding myself in mountains for 1 more week, I would’ve encountered the dreadful army called as Crusader.
“Right now the embankment is under construction for the purpose of being a protective wall.”
In front of the area where Onii-san pointed his finger, there were beast men and dwarves erecting fence of woods and wrapping some sort of iron wire around it.
From the looks of it, the villagers are preparing themselves for fighting even while knowing the situation.
“We will stop Crusaders here, at worst they will come here day after tomorrow.”
“Then, is it alright to be hanging out with me? You’re leader right?”
“And so, I want the guns. They are amazing and powerful weapons, after all.”
“It ain’t that special. It can be repelled by any monster with somewhat hard scales or skin and it’s attack is also lame compared to any lower grade explosion magic. And if one doesn’t know how to use it, then the chanting is more fast than reloading. I doubt I will need to say about chantless magic then.”
A normal bullet can inflict damage up to monsters of rank 2.
Even inside rank 2 monsters, there are those with strong scales and skin, and there are those with increased defense abilities due to magic.
And not only monsters, An armor enchanted with defense magic can easily repel the bullets. Furthermore, a lower grade defense magic might be able to block 1 shot or 2 shots.
To break those defenses, higher grade magic or martial arts will be needed.
That’s why, a person like me with neither martial arts or magic can ever become a rank 2 adventurer.
Though not much time had passed since I registered, but I can only think of me being rank 1 even after 10 years.
“Indeed, it may be disadvantageous against monsters. But gun is more reliable in killing a human being.”
Onii-san’s eyes became scary when he said that.
He is definitely hating the enemy that will be coming soon. Even I, said to be oblivious of human emotions, can feel it.
“Enemy’s attire is chainmail under a thick surcoat. They don’t have any armor with defense magic. Therefore, gun is the best choice. Humans are weak than other races. They get hit once and they can’t fight, so a gun capable of wounding them is perfect.”
I’ve never shot any human, but have shot some goblins. Just like Onii-san said, a race without that sort of skin or scales will be able to go down in just one shot.
But it can’t rapid-fire, and I’m a solo adventurer so I doubt if I will be able to fight against a crowd.
“And this time, we have the vanguards,right?”
Onii-san speaks as if he saw through me.
“I want you shoot down the enemies that will come from the riverside, can you do it?”
“The river is pretty near. So I can shoot them even while being on the other shore.”
Onii-san makes a surprised face, oops, is he thinking that I’m lying.
“If one can’t do something like that, then guns aren’t suited for them. And bullets are more pricy than arrows, if I keep on missing my targets then I’ll go bankrupt.”
Arrows are sold in bundles at every village, but bullets need to be order made and so it needs more money.
“Is that so, then can you show me, no, can you even let me shoot ?”
Onii-san makes an excited expression. Really, though being a magician he loves guns. He is weird.
“Ah, if you’re worrying about money of bullets. I will give you, will this suffice?”
Onii-san throws a single coin. I in a panic catch it so it won’t drop.
“1 Gold!? I can’t take this much!”
“Just that it, think of it as prior investment.”
“Don’t mind too much about it.”
“If you say that much, then it’s fine……”
I don’t have any reason to refuse, and it won’t break from just pulling the trigger. This was made to be unbreakable even if used pretty rashly.
I quickly reload the gun, and hand it over to Onii-san.
Onii-san’s eyes are sparkling. He really is a child.
“From here, yeah, that tree over there is inside it’s attack range.”
I point my finger towards a tree standing on the roadside 150 metres forward.
It is big, but it’s trunk pretty thick around that of a human skull. It’s very good for experimenting.
“great, then here I go—-”
The smell of dry gunpowder floats.
The gun definitely did shootout the loaded bullet, but where did the bullet went is unconfirmed.
“I missed. This is difficult.”
“That’s how it is if not familiar to it.”
“That’s right, indeed—”
Onii-san moves his hand not holding the gun forward. Magic starts swirling around his hands and a black bullet materializes.
That bullet was not like the round one I used. It was long and arrow along with a pointed tip and edge.
Huh, maybe a pointed edge and tip will increase the power of a bullet—
While I was thinking that, the black bullet is fired with an explosion sound and in a ultra high speed.
*Bakin* The sound of the trunk of tree breaking reaches the ears.
“As expected, if not familiar I can’t hit it.”
“Onii-san, the one right now”
“It’s my original magic. I made an offensive magic with the image of a gun.”
‘It doesn’t has barrel neither trigger so it doesn’t look very cool’ while saying that Onii-san laughed.
Onii-san if you have a magic like that, why would you need gun.
The gun I have made through a lot of troubles, is nothing of a big deal to a magician like Onii-san who can just make it in any quantity.
I really hate magic. From the point of view of a person who can’t use it, there’s no other thing more sly than this.
“Now, show me how to use it.”
Let’s stop it, I don’t envy the magic. After all now I’m an alchemist who doesn’t rely on magic.
I reload the bullet in gun, just by doing this process my concentration rises.
After setting up the gun, there only the enemy in front of it.
A target at this distance is easy. Even if won’t hit at pin point, I can still aim at it and shoot it.
Without even letting 1 second pass after setting up the gun. I pull the trigger.
Shoot & Hit. It’s only natural to hit after it’s fired.
“You’re great! It hit on one try!”
“N-Not really, anyone can do this once familiar with this. You’re the first one to praise me after shooting with a gun. Normally people shrug their shoulders while saying “Ah, so what?” and like that.”
If it’s just hitting the target, even Onii-san could do it with magic.
“Hey, will it be able shoot if I throw this in air.”
“Eh, What do you mean?”
Before I knew it, in Onii-san’s right hands a black round object was made by magic.
It’s near 30 centimetres in length. Is he saying of hitting it in the air. It seems interesting.
I reload the bullets and once again set up the gun.
“Throw it.”
“‘Kay, then here I go.”
*Buun* While cutting through the air, the black disk flies at the speed of an arrow.
The black disk makes a slight curve due to the wind attacking it and slowly increases its distance.
Hitting a moving target is more difficult than hitting unmoving target. It is still easy to hit because it can’t make sudden movement like monsters.
I pull the trigger, sound of fire resounds and the black disk in air smashes into pieces.
“You even excel at clay-pigeon shooting too! You have, without a doubt, the talent for sniping.“
“Ah, th-that……clay-pigeon shooting is what……”
“Hahaha, don’t be shy.”
While laughing in good mood, Onii-san violently strikes my shoulders.
I-It kinda hurts, you know. And suddenly Onii-san starts patting my head.
“Please s-stop it!!”
I realise my always stiff facial expression is loosened and I’m also laughing.
Thats right, this is first time someone has praised me so straightforwardly and has accepted me.


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