Kuro No Maou – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 – Adventurer vs Scout Troop (2)

The scout troop fought well against against adventurers of rank 3 and more.

“Damn, Don’t get seperated, stay close—”

The heads of the commander and the commanding soldier were blasted into bits with Kurono’s sniping, but the soldiers still made frantic efforts to fight.

“Aa, This won’t last more than 3 mins”

Adventurer Ai catches a glimpse of such soldiers running.

Ai runs after her pet cat that had run away.



A Orc attacks Ai, but she evades it at hair’s breadth.



This time another orc attacks with a battle axe, but she evades by sliding beneath it.

The two orc didn’t chase after the running away Ai, and changed their targets to soldiers fighting near them.

“It was dangerous, wasn’t it? Aw, my hair ends got cut.”

The bloody feud unfolds at the main street. Ai somehow or another with goodluck dodges all the offensive magics and stray arrows, while steadily moving forward.

“All right, Just a little more.”

Some dozen of metres away, is the solid wall made by Fiona using ‘Tera Shield.’


The wall made by the natural airhead seemed like a stone wall, but it is impossible to jump over it, furthermore the horses can’t jump that high.

Even if it’s Ai who is makes mistakes in missions and always falls from, but as long as she is an adventurer rock climbing is not a big deal for her.

Ai in front of the two-storied big wall, challenges it with enthusiasm as if saying ‘I will climb if there is a wall here.’

“Hey you, why are you trying to run?”

But immediately after, from her back comes a voice with bloodlust.


Ai timidly turns back to look, there were 3 elves standing.

There were Elf girls standing there, with blond hair, blue eyes, narrow and long ears and also toned slender body.

Ai witnesses one of the girl shooting arrow in the heads of soldier and killing them. Their outwards appearance are completely different from inner contents.

“Aww, that soldier didn’t even last 1 minute.”

Upon those words Ai recalls the figure of the soldier desperately defending himself using magic from the trio’s attacks some seconds ago.

“Isn’t it bad, just get caught without resistance, we don’t want to do tiresome work.”

The two not killing the soldiers, fix an arrow made of lighting on the bow string and ask for Ai to surrender.

“Erm, If I get caught without resistance, will you guarantee my safety.”

“Haa? If you’re also an adventurer you must know what happens to the monsters captured alive, don’t you?”

“Just like I thought.”

Ai made a wry smile while cold sweat pours from her forehead.

“Well, we can’t leave Tsukimi-chan here, so I won’t give up and run away from here!!”

The two elves shoot the lightning arrows seeing Ai move.

The same time the arrows are fired, a round ball like object fires from the hands of Ai.

Along with the balls flying away, AI bends down in a grovelling position and the arrows go past above her head burning the ends of her twin tails.

The two elves run away from their places, while being vigilant towards the mysterious ball flying in the sky making a parabola.

In an instant the ball emits dazzling light and bursts.

“Flash, huh?!”

Though the elves see through the true form of the ball, but they couldn’t do anything other than closing their eyes and protect with their hands in that much time.

The dazzling light can even be felt even behind the closed eyelids, if one were to look at it with open eyes, they would go blind without a doubt.

Thanks to closing the eyes, they didn’t suffer any damage, but it still will take some time for their eyes to recover.

“Tsk, now I don’t care even if she dies! ‘Air Blast’”

The two elves having lost eyesight for the time being stay vigilant for sudden attacks, and now they attack instead of taking Ai as a prisoner.

The primary magic they excel at involves both wind and lighting, if it is concentrated on their bow ‘Sylph Light’ and fired, it becomes a low grade offensive magic.

It can be used as a arrow, but to be precise it is a cane in the form of arrow.

The ‘Air Blast’ shot by the two advances forward covering a wide range with wind blades surrounding.

The invisible blades with great cutting sharpness, leave countless cuts on the stone wall on the ground.

「تتبع الانتعاش――Lesser Heal」

Just as the the wind blades advance forward, the third elf who was beating the soldiers, starts a healing magic and the eyesight of the two returns.

“You really saved me there, nee-san”

“Thank you!”

After giving their gratitudes, they once again see their prey, Ai.

“No way, healing is too fast?!”

Ai somehow dodges the range of the Air blast by climbing on the wall, but the the point she is clinging like a frog is in the middle of the wall.

From this positions she can neither defend or attack, of course she can’t even climb the wall before the second wave of attacks come.

As Ai looks back, she sees the figure of 3 elves with arrows nocked and are going to shoot.

If one person was hitting, she might have been able to evade, but with three shooting at the same time, she will definitely get hit by at least one arrow no matter what she tries.

Furthermore, the three are rank 3 adventurers, they can’t miss their target at this range.

“It’s not time to be stingy about using items. Take THIS!!”

Along with a scream, Ai once again releases something.

Before she is hit and her fate is fixed the effect of item activates.

Along with a plop sound, the item bursts and a dark green smoke spreads out.

“So it’s poison this time!?”

“Wouldn’t I be also engulfed in it idiot, this is just a smokescreen.”

The dark and dense green smoke spreads and hides Ai inside it.

“There’s no other choice but to scatter this”

Once again the three nock bows and pull string to their extent.

“Air Blast”

Two use the same magic as before, but this time to scatter away the smokescreen.

WIth a sudden gust of wind and Ale blast the smokescreen disappears.

“Lightning Arrow – Line Sagita”

And the other one fires a lightning arrow filled with bloodlust.

The Line Sagita flies through while leaving a trail of blue color just like the laser beam, but

“Whoa, close call!?”

Again Ai dodges at hair’s breadth by climbing to the top of the wall and jumping down quickly from it.

“Ju-Just how much good is she at escaping……”

One elf says as such ,though it was dangerous, but she escaped without even a single injury.

“Well there is still one more person outside.”

“Aa, was it Fiona?”

“If I remember correctly she is rank 1 adventurer, but she could use this great defense magic, wouldn’t she be fine?”

The three decide not to go to other side of wall to attack and decide to take on soldiers as their prey has run away, but just as they look behind,

“Uaaa! Please wait, save m—”

The last soldier was cut in two halves by a beast man, and the battle was over.

“Over already?”

“If you move 100 metres from the gate, I’ll shoot.”

While mumbling that, Fiona in complete black witch clothes, moves towards the the shadow that fell down in front of the main gate..

Just some seconds a girl carrying a cat came rushing through the gate shouting ‘Finally, the Escape Quest Completed!!’

Fiona saw a glimpse of her climbing the stairs while waving her twin tails like a tail of horse.

“Well then Kurono-san, now that I have an opportunity, I will show you my attack magic.”

This line was definitely not heard by Kurono who was standing on the rooftop of the Guild, but he will be able to see her ‘intermediate level’-like attack magic for sure.

「ثلاثاء نار متقدة عصا الشعلة سبيرز بيرس」

From her small mouth came the chant of a normal model magic, with no change whatsoever, just as it is written in the school magic books.

Her magic power concentrates in her staff ‘Ainz Broom’ and it amplifies the firepower of the magic being used.

Without stopping from speaking the chant, she completes her chant in 15 seconds.

The magic she was about to release is the intermediate level attack magic of fire attribute ‘Ignis Kris Sagita’

It is written in characters of spears and people in line, if many magicians release it, it will create the same scene as it’s name suggests a line full of spears. And if activated from the ground, it will create a bristling hot pillar of fire.

If a magician hears Fiona’s chant, he/she will conclude it is a magic that will blow away the target.

But the one who sees her magic for first time will have their conclusion betrayed,

“Ignis Kris Sagita”

Because the thing Fiona made is not pillar but a giant tower of fire with scorching heat.


“Whoa! What is it?”


Kurono and Lily on the the rooftop,

“What is it!?”

“What the hell is that!?”

“What the friggin hell is that!?”

“What the f*cking friggin hell is that”[ET: the last some line were all the same if TL’ed in English, So I added a little more fun to it.]

The adventurers on the main street,

“—How is it Kurono-san, my magic, did you like it?”(fiona)

Along with the explosion sounds, appeared a flame tower with scorching heat, the people saw it and were astonished.

Just after some seconds the Ignis Kris Sagita loses its magical power and disappears.

After the tower disappeared, only the black ground was there, no one could say that something else was present at that place some time before.


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