Kuro No Maou – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – Adventurers Vs. Scout Troop (1)

Lying face-down on the roof of the guild, we waited for the enemy to enter the village.

They are 7, and we have more adventurers and all are above rank 3 as well.

Our forces include my party [Element Master] that includes a black magician, fairy and a witch, all 3 magicians.

[Vulcan Powered] having 3 warriors led by Vulcan, 1 archer, and 1 magician. All belong to beastmen race and it is a rank 4 party.

[Three hunting Princesses] having 3 elf girls, all archers, and they were sisters on top of that. Rank 3.

Other than them, there were 2 solo Orc warriors, 1 skeleton magician, and 1 slime.

Total 15 people.

The specific details about the enemies abilities was unknown but if it’s a normal scouting troop, at most they will be as strong as a rank 3 party.

If we deal the surprise attack well, we should be able to annihilate them all without any victims on our side.

We are only cooperating temporarily so it would be difficult to show any proper teamwork but, if we have numbers, ability, as well as the preemptive strike like this time, there’s a low chance for us to lose.

All the adventurers are already in position and are waiting for the enemy to come.

“I hope everything goes well.”(kurono)

“Everyone’s working hard! It’ll be alright!”(lily)

This time I am acting as the rear guard. After all there are lots of warriors to fight as the vanguard, so I’ll stick to the normal theory and provide covering fire from behind as a proper magician should.

Well in truth I feel more like a sniper rather than a rear guard. And Lily beside me is my observation supporter.

In Hollywood movies Snipers seem to work well alone, but normally, a sniper always works with a supporter as a combo.

“Yeah, we should also work hard and make the plan a success.”(kurono)

I focused myself. If we can easily finish off the scout troop here then the trust in me will also increase.

In the first place, the term sniper doesn’t exist in this world. They would only think of a hunter waiting to ambush a monster even if I tried explaining them. So when I took a position faraway from the actual battlefield, they started giving me weird suspicious looks.

But rather than explaining with words, it’ll be faster to explain the usefulness of a sniper with actions here.

I could see that these Crusaders were of a lower class, that is, they don’t have any means to deflect sniper attacks. So basically, I could start with shooting the most influential person first.

And with the accuracy of my magic bullet arts, I could snipe with the same efficiency as that of an actual sniper rifle even in this world, probably, well it’s my first time doing this so I can’t say for sure.

And, Lily also has convenient support Extra magic that I could use.

One of them is the glass-like transparent light ball that is floating in front of me.

Through it I can see faraway things magnified. It’s basically like a scope.

Even if my eyesight is over 2.0 through the modifications, that still doesn’t mean that I don’t need a scope for help.

For me who has not learned the magic [Hawk Eye] to enhance eyesight, such a support is really helpful.

Also, the rest of the duties of a supporter like keeping a watch over the surroundings and even eliminating enemies that have come very close, I have left it all to Lily.

Other than this scope, we can also talk through telepathy and with its further application, I can also see things that Lily sees in real time.

In the worst case, even if the enemy approaches from behind, Lily can eliminate him by firing her lasers like a sub-machine gun.

“……Maybe I should have sent Lily to the front?”

No use thinking that now though.

I changed my thoughts and focused towards the approaching enemy troop.

“They’re here.”

As expected, the enemy scout troop is approaching directly from the north-west highway and enters the village from the destroyed gate.

AS reported by Su-san, their number is 7.

They were clearly Crusaders identifiable with their white surcoats but only 6 of them were wearing those clothes.

“Hm, there’s one that looks different.”

It was girl with blonde twintails. I could only think of her as a normal girl. She does have a breastplate and a bow so she should be a mercenary hired by the Crusaders.

She was walking alongside the person who looked like the commander of the troops, so she shouldn’t be a prisoner from Daedalus.

I’m a bit curious but I can’t change the plans now, nor do I feel the need to.

As planned, I’ll have them all die here.

“Operation start.”




(POV change to 3rd person)

Kurono fired the magic bullet made for long range sniping towards the head of the leading commander.

He had heard from Fiona that the commander must be skilled in both magic and martial arts even if he was a low class soldier but, he had no way to defend against Kurono’s unforeseen  snipe attack.

The black bullet, having strength equal to that of an actual sniper rifle bullet, clearly shot through the head of the commander.

That became the signal to other adventurers to start the operation.

“Let’s do this you guys!! Don’t let even a single one get out of here alive!!”

Vulcan shouted as he cut through the vanguard with his long sword.

“Enemy attack! Be careful, it’s an ambush!!”

They lost their commander but they were all experienced soldiers. They had been surprised by the ambush but soon they got down from their horses and took battle positions.

They could have stayed and the horses and broken through if their opponent were humans or thieves who used brute force but,

“[Death Wall Defence.]”

The front of the street was sealed by the Skeleton magician and,

“Terra Shield.”

The rear was blocked by Fiona.

Having been sealed from both sides, the soldiers had no choice but to fight here.

Neither the intermediate dark type magic [Death wall defence], that Kurono saw for the first time, nor the giant [terra shield], that had been enhanced one level by Fiona’s magic, could be broken through easily.

The soldiers decided that it would be difficult destroy either of these walls and resolved to face the ambushers here instead.

(“These bastards, they are much more trained than those cowards that first attacked Irz”)

Vulcan secretly admired these soldiers in his heart that had quickly taken fighting stances without getting too surprised by the ambush.

He felt that they wouldn’t go down easily, but that still didn’t change their fate of being annihilated here.

(“But, what the hell is that brat?”)

In his view was a girl who had neither taken up her weapon nor had come down from her horse.

“Wa Waa! A lot of them came!?”

In panic, she ended up stretching the reins of the horse too much, and she fell down as the horse struggled.

“Ugiya!! It hurts ~ I hit my head ~”

Not even a rank 1 adventurer would show such a pathetic sight.

(“For the time being, let’s take that brat as a prisoner.”)

Vulcan thought, and all others had the same opinion as well.

Kurono had said to kill them all, but that didn’t mean to kill them all in battle. They could kill them after getting info as well.

These adventurers who lived on the battlefield understood Kurono’s words instantly, but from a normal point of view, Kurono who had shown the intent to kill even prisoners could not be said to be a ‘normal high schooler’ anymore.

Whether he himself had realized that or not, Kurono was currently taking the next move as an adventurer. i.e. he aimed his magic bullet towards the next enemy.

“You bastard, you look the strongest, become my opponent.”(Vulcan)

“Shit, don’t underestimate me you inferior demon!!”

Vulcan found the strongest soldier among the remaining 5 excluding the girl and the fallen commander, and attacked him savagely.

Vulcan swung his giant sword and the soldier used [Force boost] to face this big framed beast.


The werewolf adventurer and the human soldier. The martial art skill released by both of them was the same.

But, just as there is difference in power of magic depending on the caster, there is also a difference in martial art depending on the user.

“Hahaa! You did well in enduring atleast 1 move, not bad!!”

The result was Vulcan’s absolute victory. Unable to hold against him for even 1 second, the soldier was blown away a few meters and fell down on the ground.

Even with the [Force boost] a human could not match with a werewolf in power, that too Vulcan who was exceptionally strong. The difference in power could not be diminished at all.

The favourite long sword of the rank 4 Vulcan, that had costed him the most money and labour, was also in a different league as a weapon.

The soldier truly did deserve the praise to have endured even a single attack.

“You damned monster—–“

“Stand up already. You aren’t gonna give up now, right?”

Shouldering his giant sword, Vulcan calmly walked towards the soldier. Even in this situation where killing the opponent quickly was the goal, he prioritized crossing swords with a strong guy for a little while longer.

He had a bad habit of ignoring his objective but his party knew that and properly supported accordingle. That is why he was able to ‘enjoy fights’.

“That calmness will be your end! رعد السهم بيرس —[Lightning arrow – Rain Sagita!!]”


The soldier quickly ended his chant and fired attack magic towards Vulcan.

But even if the chanting was short, it still took more than a second. And that time was enough for a rank 4 adventurer to deflect a lower level magic.

“What, so you could use magic too? Hehe, a jack of all trades eh?”(Vulcan)

Vulcan defended against the lightning by using his giant sword as a shield.

“I told you that your calmness will bring your end!!”

The soldier, who had already stood up, threw the item in his hand.

Vulcan quickly realized what that red stone flying towards him was.

“Diee!! [Ignis Overblast]!!!”

The moment the soldier shouted, flames exploded.

The flames spread out and enveloped Vulcan’s body and a shock wave and smoke spread all over.

Intermediate level ranged magic [Ignis Overblast] was not a magic a member of the scout troop would have learnt, no matter how trained they are. Because if he actually did, then he’ll be a magician and not a soldier.

What he threw was neither a stone nor a grenade. It was a magic item that could release [Ignis Overblast] once.

Such single-use items were not rare but they were not cheap enough to be collected easily either. Using them also required some skill and a bit of magical energy.

This magic item was kept by the soldier as a personal protective charm and was not something provided to the soldiers.

Anyway, Vulcan had quickly realized that the magic item was an attack magic based item.

But, knowing it, and defending against it are two different things.

The soldier was aware of his inferiority in physical strength but was also aware that he could defeat him with his trump card magic item. Fortunately for him, Vulcan was not wearing any heavy armour either.

If Vulcan had been covered in steel, it would have become difficult to deal a fatal blow. And if he had a defensive magic then the chances would be even lower.

But, Vulcan who was wearing only clothes and a chestplate, it would be impossible for him to stop the flames and heat.

“With this, it’s over damned monster………”

The soldier took a step with his sword that had cracked from the previous blow.

He didn’t think that the magic was enough to kill a demon that had high vitality but it would be enough to take away his ability to fight back at least.

But unfortunately, he didn’t know how Vulcan had made as far as becoming a rank 4 adventurer.

“You have some pretty cool things, but, is that it?”

From within the flames, Vulcan walked out while shouldering his giant sword as usual.

His clothes and armour had some soot, but his body was completely unhurt.

“Wh,Why…….no way, healing magic!?!”

“Half-correct. But that’s not the only secret.”

The extra magic possessed by Vulcan, Auto-heal, had attained him the title of [Immortal].

But, right now, the flames and heat were not stopped by his regenerating power.


It was the giant sword that ‘ate’ magical energy with a ominous cry.

Although he called it a [secret] but any adventurer with some experience would know what it was.

At least, if they knew that this white board like giant sword was not made of metal but was actually the fang of a monster, they would understand that it was the ability of the monster that dwelt in the weapon.

The inscription on the sword was [Fang sword Evil eater/Gluttony], the raw material used was from the monster called [Gluttony magic beast – Chaos Eater]. A young one would be rank 4 and a fully grown one would be a rank 5 monster. It was magic beast that could match a dragon.

[Chaos Eater] was as its name suggested, a glutton. Its Extra magic allowed it to ‘eat’ magical energy of any form and absorb it.

Basically, it was impossible to defeat it with attack magic and could not be blocked by defensive magic. If one was careless, it would even devour healing magic as well.

To kill it, one needed to use only magics to boost and enhance their own abilities and attack directly with physical force.

The ways to attack were limited to only pure physical strength, that’s why it was classified as a rank 5.

Vulcan’s giant sword was a magic weapon made out of the fang of this monster and it could almost negate the effect of even intermediate magic with a single swing.

Having such a powerful weapon along with his own physical strength was what allowed him to become a rank 4 adventurer.

“It’s troublesome so I’m not gonna explain it, so think about it carefully in the other world.”

And thus, with the agility of a werewolf, he rushed in and split the soldier in two with a single slash.


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