Kuro No Maou – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Formation (1)

During the time Kurono was in a battle with Vulcan for the leadership of adventurers, in a certain guest room there were Fiona and Lily.

“What did you want to talk fairy-san?”

“I was thinking of making an agreement with you”

Though Lily is in her small form, but it can be concluded that her consciousness was of her original form from her way of answering the question from Fiona-san.

“What sort of agreement?”

“I want you to form a party with us.”

The meaning of the words Lily spoke can be understood by any adventurer, no, any common person in this world.

The basics of adventurer are obviously to fight along with comrades, the party play strategy.

It is not rare for for someone to have a good cooperative relationship with any unfamiliar adventurer due to completing one quest together, but normally people complete quests with their own pre formed parties.

After submitting the Party name and the names of all the members of the party, it is then treated as an official party.

Still, it is not a problem to join up with another person and complete a quest without registering as a party. Through registering as a party, it is easy for gaining guild’s favor and also easy to appeal the accomplishment of the works of party.

“A party with you and Kurono-san ?”

“Un, we still haven’t thought of any name for the party but if you enter, we will have to. So how about it?”

Fiona wavered for a second and,

“I refuse”

she refused without any hesitation.

“Is it alright for me to hear the reason?”

Lily doesn’t show any signs of being mad at the answer, but rather she boldly smiles and questions.

It was an evil grin that she can not show to Kurono.

“I’m not good for this job. There is no party which has kept me after 3 days from forming the party, there is also the possibility of being kicked out during a quest”

Though Fiona is expressionless, that experience must have been a trauma for her. Lily sensed the slight waver in her stable heart.

But even after knowing it, Lily has not in the least of intention to comfort her.

It is important to get Fiona into Lily’s pace and Fiona’s feeling don’t matter at all.

They can get a decent party which is impossible normally, just due to the addition of a very powerful witch named Fiona.

“I know you’re unbelievably clumsy at control magic, still I’m asking for you to join.”

“Why do you know that?”

Fiona inquires without showing a sign of being surprised.

“I’ve never seen anyone using a mere ‘Ignis Shield’ in a flashy manner as you did.”

“I see, the fairy tribe are knowledgeable in magic.”

Fiona is still not surprised, it was as if she had been told same thing before too.

“I am a special one, don’t confuse me with those lousy flies.”

At the very least, within the Kuar village only Lily has the most knowledge and analysing power for magic.

She has never learned about it, it is nothing more than something present in her from the time she was born.

“Let’s put your feelings aside right now, but I want you to understand the concerns on my side.”

Fiona unhesitantly asked ‘What do you mean’ at Lily’s words.

“I don’t want to let a dangerous witch be free, who can burn 100 villages in all directions while Kurono is fighting Crusaders for the refugees to safely escape. Looks like I said it the wrong way? I’m the only one who values highly about your power. I definitely want that offensive power near me.”

Lily speaks compliments with a lovely smile on her face.

“Thank you very much, you’re the second person to ever compliment me about my magic.”

Lily understood that the words spoken by Fiona are not sarcasm but from the bottom of her heart.

“Ufufu, looks like there are only idiots in Arc continent. And I’m not only taking you as a powerful adventurer but also as a higher position called ‘Comrade‘. In this case, I will also offer you a place where you can use your ‘uncontrollable’ magic power without any restrictions. Well it is not me but Kurono who will think about this though.“

Fiona looks down while pondering.

Lily thinks that “Seems like one last push is needed”.

“If you’re a good adventurer who wants to save the pitiful villagers, then I really want you to come with us. If you want to return to Spada alone for self-protection, I won’t stop you and if you want to go back to being a Crusader , I will kill you right here.”

“I have no intention of going back to being a Crusader, and am thinking of helping with the emergency quest as an adventurer of Pandora Continent.”

Fiona replies immediately. Lily smiles as if the reply she gave was obvious.

“You’re honest. I can understand you have no lingering feelings with the Crusaders and you don’t like the massacre. And I think you have no reason to reject my offer?”

Fiona stills ponders.

But this time she swings her head vertically.

“That is right, if you’re willing to take me in, I don’t have a reason to reject.”

“I see, Thank you”

Lily welcomes Fiona with a big smile who agreed for the entering their party.

“Nh……It is about time”

“For what?”

“There is no more time for me to retain my adult consciousness, so listen carefully.”

Fiona already knows about Lily having two consciousnesses, so she, without asking any questions, agrees.

“The leader of party is Kurono, he will be coming here soon. Properly do the introductions and then listen to his orders.”


Fiona nods obediently.

“And for you to not get pulled to another party let me telling you our best points”

Though Lily is in small form , she sends a perfect wink to Fiona.

“What is it?”

“Kurono comes from a really, really far away country, so he makes many unfamiliar dishes, for the time you are with us you will get to eat various unfamiliar tasty foods. Ufufu don’t think that popsicles are the only sweet thing we have.”

Those words got attention of Fiona more than anything. It wasn’t required to even read her mind for that, as she bends and approaches towards Lily.

“Is that……really true?”

“Un, a pudding for example.”

“Wh-What is that ‘Pudding’ food that seems really sweet with just it’s name.”

Fiona recalls every sweet taste she has tasted. but her expectations rise enormously due to an never heard food name.

“Find that out by yourself”

“I will confirm it immediately.”

Fiona replies with a voice of empty stomach.

“Ah, let me tell you one last rule to you.”

“What would it might be?”

Lily replied with a lovely smile mixed with a little bit of bloodlust mixed.

“Having romantic relationships is forbidden within our party, don’t forget this ever.”

After saying that. she falls down on the bed

Soon after that, a cute sleeping breath reaches the ears of Fiona.

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