Kuro No Maou – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – With the seat of Leader on the line

Inside the lobby of the Kuar village guild, numerous adventurers could be seen.

Currently, every adventurer of Kuar as well as those that were currently here coincidentally had gathered here, so it was only natural that it would be crowded.

Usually, adventurers are on their quests and wouldn’t be together like this but—–

Emergency Quest – Escorting the evacuees

Reward – Undecided

Deadline – Undecided

Client – Daedalus Adventurer Guild

Quest details – it has been decided that all villagers will be evacuated to Spada. The escort along the journey will be done by the Vigilante corps of the respective villages. The adventurers are required to act as the rear guard and protect the villagers from the enemy. Details regarding the enemy are only that it is an army of humans. It is a quest of danger level exceeding any of those till now but the lives of all the villagers are riding on you people. Brave adventurers please take part.


And thus, each and every adventurer here was compulsorily made to accept the emergency quest.

Every adventurer here knew what an emergency quest meant of course but their concern was regarding how to complete this quest.

And currently the 9 parties and 10-odd solo adventurers, a total of 50 adventurers, were talking to decide who will be the one in lead right now.

“Ha! A small-fry who isn’t even rank 4 should stay out of this!!”

No, to be exact, they were fighting with each other.

The light armoured adventurer was blown away with a dull sound.

Where he fell lay many other who couldn’t move any more.

“I will be the one to lead you bastards!! Anybody who gotta a problem with dat step forward!!” (T/N: he speaks roughly so that was the best I could do. Sounds like a wannabe tho lol)

The one who howled that was a 2 meter tall werewolf.

But he wasn’t just huge, trained muscles could be seen behind his grey fur, and numerous old scars all over his body displayed his amazing experience as well.

“What happened?! Is there no one who can take on this immortal Vulcan-sama!?  (T/N:yeah he calls himself with a ‘sama’)

The fight for the position of the leader had been overwhelmed by this werewolf called Vulcan.

The shining gold guild card hanging around his neck was a proof of his rank.

Among the few rank 4 adventurers in Kuar village, he was clearly above in power.

The rank 4 party Kurono was talking about was his [Vulcan Powered].

All the adventurers understood that to have his own name in the party name so grandly meant that he was the strongest even in his team and it was a stereotypical one-man team.

And in fact, everyone except Vulcan were rank 3 adventurers.

Party rank was not raised due to a single member’s rank, but to have a rank 4 party even with everyone else at rank 3 meant that the guild had acknowledged that he alone gave the whole party the strength of a rank 4 party.

“fun, if there’s no one left then it’s decided.”

Vulcan looked at the surrounding adventurers with a sharp eye so as to overpower them.

Although it had become a fight in the end, Vulcan’s power was acknowledged by everyone and besides he even had the experience as the leader of a party so the adventurers weren’t really dissatisfied. Either.

With the words [It’s decided], silence finally came to the lobby.

The moment he smiled while seeing that there were no objections,


A single man came in front of him.


A man dressed in complete black with black hair and black eyes.

Although he was tall for a human, but from Vulcan’s point of view, everyone was small.

“I’ll become the leader after defeating you.”


To have said that straight like him, there was no one among those he had blown away just now.

And in actuality, someone who was dissatisfied with Vulcan had come to hit him.

“Alright. Come at me boy. Don’t think I’ll hold back just ‘cause you’re a weak little human magician, alright?”

Cracking his fists, Vulcan released a beast-like bloodlust.

“I’m not a boy, my name is Kurono.”

Kurono who showed no signs of getting scared, Vulcan wondered whether he had confidence in his skills or was he just an idiot.

“Alright Kurono, I’ll say this just in case but no use of weapons is allowed. If you try and defeat me with a hidden weapon, no one’s gonna follow ya.”

“I know. I’ll fight bare handed.”

Vulcan became sure of his victory.

(“A magician bare handed could never defeat me. I’m not called immortal for nothing boy. Well, I ain’t gonna lose even if he used weapons though.”)

Magicians can use magic even without staffs or grimoires but the power would clearly fall a lot.

It’s not like a magician can’t use a strong magic even without them, he could use one after a long chant, but in such a situation where the distance between them was less than 10m, a magician could only fight back with a single action magic.

If the magician can defeat with his single action then he can surely win, but if it fails to defeat then obviously he will definitely lose. Even a magician could try punching back at least once though.

Vulcan who was called the immortal, had confidence in his physical strength, but that’s not all. He also had the Extra magic of the werewolves [Auto Heal] as well.

As the name implies, it had the effect of healing any part that got damaged.

But since it takes time for the healing to complete, if a damage like getting his heart pierced, or head chopped off, or a similar attack, was taken, he would still die instantly.

Except those, he could reduce any other damage to almost null, especially in a fist fight like this where only small attacks are allowed.

Thus, whether it be a magician’s punch or single action, he could take them on ten times and still be standing normally.

From the common sense of an Adventurer, a single action could only be used once or twice consecutively which was the limit for a magician.

(“No matter what, he won’t be able to fire more than 4 times. Even if this boy’s power of a single shot was many times stronger than a normal magician, he still would never be able to defeat me.”)

Vulcan took his stance, it didn’t matter if fire came or thunder came, he decided to charge straight forward and punch this impudent magician directly on his face.

“I’ll wait till you fire, after all, it’ll be boring if you fall without getting to fire even once right?”

“Why thank you—-here I come.”

“Come at me!”

*DON!!* A sound resounded twice at the same time.

One was due to Vulcan stepping on the floor and the other was Kurono firing his magic.

A black bullet was fired towards Vulcan’s body.

(“Something like this will never—–“)

Stop him. Every adventurer here thought the same.

But, that was only if it was just a single shot.

“Magic bullet arts – release all bullets Full Burst.”

Instantly, numerous black bullets rushed towards the giant enemy Vulcan.


Vulcan could take on ten single action attacks consecutively but what would happen if it was a 100 shots or a 1000 shots.

Of course, there was no way he could take it on.

To avoid injuring him fatally, the bullets were softer as well as the head was made round, but the impact was still the same. A normal human would have fainted with just a single shot.

Vulcan certainly withstood ten attacks but the damage that was dealt in an instant was too much to be covered by his Auto Heal.


After he was 2m near Kurono he finally fell to his knees.

By that time, all the bullets from [Load] were also used up.

“To not faint even after taking all the bullets, as expected of a Rank 4, you’re pretty tough.”

As Kurono admired the figure of Vulcan who was still showing bloodlust and had yet to faint, Kurono dealt the final blow calmly without letting his guard down.

Raising his fist, he rushed forward by kicking the floor.

Why a magician would go all the way to use his fists, the gallery wondered but they soon got their answer.

Because Kurono released his fastest and first most original black magic.

Instantly magical energy concentrated in his arm.

“Pile Bunker.”

The concentrated magic that rotated like a drill had power incomparable to a single bullet.

Vulcan, who had been overwhelmed by the hail of bullets, had neither the physical strength nor the concentration to stop it.

Black magical energy released from Kurono’s arm and dull sound of hitting Vulcan’s body reverberated inside the whole guild.

In just a few seconds, the battle had concluded.

Vulcan fell on the floor as he lost his consciousness as Kurono declared in an imposing voice.

“I am the leader. Anybody who has a problem with that, step forward.”

It was the same line Vulcan had said just a moment ago.

And thus, not a single one came out who objected this.


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