Kuro No Maou – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Nasty Woman

“What are you planning to do from now on, Kurono?”

When I returned to Kuar Village’s adventurer guild, I questioned Kurono.

I can keep my conscience of the adult me by borrowing the power from Queen Beryl, though my appearance doesn’t change.

That’s why I can talk with Kurono about serious matters. I did a good job in bringing this.

“It’s already decided to escape to Spada. Naturally, I will guard the evacuation as an adventurer. The emergency quest will also be soon posted.”

What Kurono is saying is right. I have persuaded village head Nahad and the emergency warning bell has already rung.

For abandoning the village, every villager will soon start evacuating as a form of mass mobilization. Furthermore, the non-villagers in other words the adventurers will also have to cooperate under the name of emergency quest.

The Adventurer Guild are spread all over the Pandora continent. Even if Daedalus has collapsed, we can still get the reward for emergency quest in Spada.

It is a dangerous quest when we don’t even know the war potential of the enemy, but there is no reason to refuse when we can get an equivalent reward.

“I won’t know how things will end up unless I don’t work.”

Kurono is saying the right thing as an rank 1 adventurer, but

“It is bad then Kurono. Try to think what will happen from now on.”

Kurono makes a surprised face for a moment as if he thought he won’t be said something like or that thing from the child me and then speaks

“The biggest problem is whether Spada will accept us or not, isn’t it? I also don’t know whether they will accept the petition which we sent along with the messenger. The second is how to act when the pursuit squad of the Crusaders come after us. It will be really good if Spada deploy soldiers for the safety of refugees but even that might be futile due to us being from Daedalus. So in the end us adventurers and vigilante corps should make countermeasures, don’t you think so?”

Un, You’re right.

Without any hope of getting reinforcements from outside, we have to make our way somehow using the war potential at hand.

“It’s useless to think about the entry in Spada right now, it will work one way or another if we make racket near the national border. The problem right now is how the adventurer coming along with us will act.”(Lily)

The head of the vigilante corps is that person, that pig, a man without any distinction. A smooth undisturbed cooperation is most likely a hope.

Without any hope there it’s best to leave that matter alone. For the time being it’s to think about the adventurers.

“After this many adventurers will meet us. Kuar has more adventurers than irz, and along the way to Spada there are many villages, so the adventurers will keep on adding. First we have to decide who will stand on top, though they might work on equal terms too.”

“Yep, that’s what I wanted to say”

“Who will stand on top?”

He returns an understanding phrase with a big smile, then Kurono sighs with a painful expression. Ufufu he has good perceptiveness.

“By any chance, you saying I should stand on top?”

“That’s right! Work hard Kurono!”

“No, no way in hell, it is impossible, after all I’m a rank 1 adventurer? In these situations only the one with the top rank does the job. I heard here is a party of rank 4, shouldn’t they fit the job.”

If there are quests requiring multiple parties cooperation, then it is natural for the person with the most top rank to lead them.

It’s not like the rank is everything, that is only for exception within the the top rankers which is full of those who are not popular or are only strong.

Having a big rank is the proof of experience and strength. With just that much of career a person’s name can be well known within other parties.

Even a person with somewhat low rank can become a leader if he has a lot of connections with many people and is well-known.

At this point, the people knowing Kurono the adventurers from Irz are all annihilated, it’s impossible for a Rank 1 person to become a leader.

“But Kurono you’re forgetting the basic of the basics, the constant law of nature.”


“Ufufu, the strongest person stands at the top.”

It might not be understandable to Kurono who came from a peaceful world, but the survival of fittest is the most basic principle and theory in this world.

That is something even the monsters know, there are no flocks of them with a weak person as their boss.

That is even applied in the our society, furthermore within the adventurer who are accompanied with some problems all the time. The strength cannot be changed and is the most valued thing here.

Popularity? Virtue? Things like that don’t matter, there is no adventurer here who objects for the most strong person to lead them.

“Oh, Then isn’t Lily the most strong her—-”

“Don’t mind me!!”

“I, I see……”

It is good if Kurono understood me.

“But that isn’t the only reason for why should you be leading the adventurers. Only Kurono knows the strength of Crusaders within the adventurers here. And if someone from that rescue unit was to lead, they will make a big mistake at the start by underestimating them.”

At the very least, that pig claiming to be the leader of the unit will definitely make a mistake.

First of all, they don’t have analysed their war potential at all. They are just muscle-brained idiots who are contempt with them dying on the front lines in a flashy manner.

“That’s true, I don’t think they will not underestimate the crusader.”

“Isn’t that right, the enemy’s war potential is overwhelming, we will be wiped out if we make even one mistake. I don’t want to fight under someone I cannot trust. Ah, maybe I should say I won’t fight unless Kurono is the leader.”

Kurono shows a surprised expression on hearing those words.

But I have to clearly say these things.

“Even I don’t want to do something that will massacre all the refugees but you see the most thing for me is that I and Kurono survive. You are giving of the vibe that you will fight even if you have to throw your life away. I’m really worried.”

The half of the speech was a complete lie, I don’t give a shit about abandoning the lives of others.

I don’t even have to compare the value of Kurono and other people. This won’t change even if compared to hundred of people or thousands of people.

But I don’t want Kurono to know about all of this. It’s fine if he understands only the good parts like I’m concerned about his well being for now.

“Sorry……It’s just as you say. Furthermore Lily even healed the villagers and is being more helpful than me.”

Ah, I only did that thinking it would improve your mental health, don’t worry about it.

“I’m happy that you’re worried about me, but, just because of something like that I can’t stop fighting. Fighting is all I can do.”

“er well…, I’m not stopping you from doing even that. But you know right, that when fighting with life on line you have to fight with all the cards you have.”

“Aa, the danger level is completely different from the rank 1 quests, I can’t just leave it to others. Okay, I will become the leader of adventurers.”

Kurono declares boldly. As expected his face full of vigor is really awesome.

Go for it! While passing on the ale to him, I’m secretly make my heart flutter.

“But, I don’t have even a pinch of experience in leading. So you will become my support.”

“Leave it to me!”

But even I don’t have an experience of that sort.

Not like it matters. I will use each and every other adventurer for my and Kurono’s sake.

Worst case, only we both reach Spada. Well, they should do their best by at least becoming the baits or something for us.

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