Kuro No Maou – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – Detestable Woman (1)

With Irz as centre, in the opposite direction of Kuar village was a village which was currently being used as a base by the Crusaders. This unit was the same unit to which Kievan once belonged to.

After the messenger had left after giving the report, only the commander of the unit and his aide were remaining.

“To think that Kievan’s squad was annihilated, was there a dragon or something in the Irz village?”

The one who frowned as he said that was the commander, Priest Head Norz.

On his waist hung a steel mace. He looked like a warrior Monk and was a man in his middle ages.

“Not a dragon but a ‘devil’. Were you not listening?”

It was definitely not a way to talk to a superior, but the one who had said that with a cold gaze was the aide, Sister Sylvia.

With red flame like hair and a comfortable habit that showed her bodyline, it was a truly stylish look.

Norz looked at her giant breasts that were lifted as she folded her arms beneath them, but he only sighed in irritation rather than getting aroused.

(“This damned redhead! She only speaks irritating things everytime she opens her damned mouth!!”)

The only reason he didn’t say this out loud was not because he was a feminist but because the one who selected her as his aide specially was Cardinal Mercedes himself.

No matter how charming she was, he was not an idiot enough to lay his hands on the woman of his superior.

Of course, the Cardinal could not protect her in this faraway Pandora continent and Norz could kill her whenever he wanted.

But, if she didn’t return alive, it’ll only lead to a drop in his own reputation as a commander and not to mention that he might incur the Cardinal’s personal enmity as well.

Although not as outspoken as Kievan, even he had his own aspirations and so having Sylvia return alive safely had become an important part to get his promotion.

For his own bright future he somehow held himself back.

“I know. In actuality, it must have been a black magician adventurer with high skill.”(Norz)

“I am more interested in the existence that annihilated the force that went to gain control of the sanctuary (T/N: she’s talking about the fountain).”(Sylvia)

“They might have been attacked by just monsters though. They call the forest a dungeon after all.”

They might have encountered an unexpectedly strong monster and might have gotten themselves annihilated.

But still, if that was not so, then it meant that there was an enemy army among the enemy demons that has the power to destroy a whole squad.

Along with the ‘devil’ that destroyed Kievan’s party, there was also an ‘army of demons’ that could annihilate the whole suppression squad. That meant that the enemies would be much more troublesome than he thought.

“In any case, we should quickly dispatch a scouting squad.”(Sylvia)

To Sylvia’s opinion, Norz replied,

“I’ll leave info gathering to you. Do as you wish.”(Norz)

“I would do so even if you didn’t say that.”(Sylvia)

Tch, while clicking his tongue, Norz continued his words.

“We’ll complete the controlling of this village by tomorrow. After that we’ll move the main force towards Irz. In the end, there’s no change to that.”

There was no need to panic; they won’t let a capturable land get away.

Within this one month, Norz thought to finish his work without any delays.

“But still, to have lost the whole of Kievan’s squad is a bit severe.”(Sylvia)

“It doesn’t matter even if that pretentious brat dies.”(Norz)

“At least he was a better warrior than you.”

A vein popped out on Norz’s temple, but as if not even noticing her superior’s reaction, Sylvia continued speaking.

“Kievan’s squad had quite a lot of magicians, and the soldiers weren’t some newbies either. Counting the number—–“

“Aa~Aa~ I get it, I get it, it was my fault!”(Norz)

If he kept on hearing this quietly, Norz felt that he’ll end up punching this beautiful woman in her face and so decided to yield first.

“As long as you understand. If you can’t even grasp the abilities of your soldiers properly, you fail as a commander. Nobody will entrust their lives to you. Also, the demons have resisted at much bigger level than ever before. Try not be so careless, Priest Head Norz.  Now then, I need to select the members for the scout team so I’ll excuse myself.”

Sylvia left without sparing even a single glance towards Norz, left the house.

“Shit, she really is a nasty woman!!”


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