Kuro No Maou – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Evacuation Start (1)

“ooh, thank god our place was safe!”

After approximately 1 week, we returned back to our home inside the forest.

I was afraid that it might have been found by the Crusaders while going to the fountain of light and put to fire, but it looks like it was safe.

The evacuation of Irz village is almost over and currently the villagers are moving to the Kuar village with their belongings.

Since there was nothing left for me to help with, this time we came back to prepare for our own moving out.

“I’m back.”

“I’m back!”

(T/N: kurono and lily said ‘Tadaima’ which is usually said by Japanese when coming back home.)

My and Lily’s energetic voice resounded inside the small room.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

And behind us came the voice of a girl. She was the mysterious witch Fiona Soleil.

Why is she here? I wondered that but somehow she came with the flow and there really wasn’t any reason to refuse her either.

“Come to think of it, she is the second person to have come here as a guest, right?”

That guest no. 2 sat down on the bed where Lily was rolling on and looked at me with serious eyes.

“Kurono-san, I have something very important to talk about.”(Fiona)

“With me?”(kurono)

“Yes. Since Lily-san returned to her child form, only you can complete it now.”

Aa, now that I think about it, Fiona-san was telling me about some promise with Lily earlier as well.

After I had returned to the guild, she started quietly eating the bread and soup I brought so I din’t hear the details yet.

But what’s making me more curious is what she said about Lily’s ‘child form’.

“Did you perhaps meet with the older Lily?”(kurono)

“Yes, I didn’t think that girl could turn back into such a pure looking child.”(Fiona)

What? Isn’t the older Lily also super cute and even more beautiful than the current Lily? Maybe she was surprised due to suddenly seeing her mature form?

Well whatever. What’s important is the promise that Lily made with Fiona-san.

“So, what’s this promise?”

“Yes, that’s—“

For a second I was worried if the promise was to pay the reward, enough to bankrupt me, for saving me.

What kind of promise did you make Lily!?!

By the Lily is currently playing on the bed while using a Frankensteiner on a big pillow and is unaware of my worries. (T/N: Frankensteiner is a wrestling move. Google it.)

“That is?”(kurono)

“That is to let me eat as much ice candy as I want.” (Fiona)


“To let me eat ice candy ‘as much as I want’.”

With emphasis on the ‘as much as I want’ part, Fiona-san repeated it once more.

“You’ll let me eat, right?”(Fiona)

She looked at me with a gaze that implied that she would burn down this hut if I said no.

Well, she did help me after all. I don’t really mind making some ice candy for her.

“I don’t have much ingredients so I want be able to make a lot of them though.”

“I see, that’s fine. Then please start.”

And thus, before we started packing to move out, I first made some ice candy for her.




From the 4th of the month of Ryokufuu till the 20th of the month of Shinyou, it wasn’t long but we vacated the hut where I had a lot of unforgettable memories and finally reached the Kuar village by the evening.

After I had Fiona-san eat a lot of ice candy’s made from various ingredients, she returned sleepily back to the Kuar village guild.

Lily and my lodging would also be the same as adventurers but before that there is something we must do.

“It’d be nice if they properly listen to us though.”

I wanted to let as many people I can know about the [death of the dragon king] and [fall of Daidalos]. So I first came to the house of Kuar village’s head.

The house which was used as the place for solving the problems of the villagers was currently filled with the refugees.

They must be also troubled since they did not know about the situation.

But from my point of view who knew about the Crusaders, the best decision that can be taken right now was to evacuate to Spada as quickly as possible. If we don’t take action soon, it’ll already be too late.

But the problem is, since I wasn’t even acquainted with the Kuar village’s head, I wonder if they would believe a rank 1 adventurer like me.

Although I am a bit anxious, nothing would start unless I actually talk.

“Alright, let’s go Lily!”


Hardening my resolve, I stepped into the village head’s house.


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