Kuro No Maou – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – Aftermath

When I woke up, it was in a room I have seen several times.

A truly lonely room with nothing except the plain bed of wood that I am sleeping on.

Looks like this is the guest room inside the adventurer guild.

“Goodmorning Kurono-san”

The moment I recognised the place I was, a familiar voice reached my ears, when I changed my line of sight there were two golden eyes.


“Yes, I am Fiona”

Her face was saying “What about it?”. Even though I say that her face was expressionless with eyes staring at me, it’s just that I thought so through the atmosphere around here.

A moment of silence appears between me and Fiona-san sitting on a chair just sideways to the bed.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Around 2 hours I think.”

I somewhat understand the situation.

The remaining adventurer’s lead by Fiona-san must have driven out the other Crusaders.

So it means, after exhausting the magic, I was carried to the Guild for resting.

I am really happy that it didn’t become like I fainted for 1 whole day like the previous time with Sariel.

I’ve got a lot to think about and do from now on.

“How is it the situation?”

“I got hungry and came here”

“No, not about Fiona-san but what is the situation of village?”

Why the hell would I have to ask about Fiona-san’s situation right now?

As expected this person is dislocated in the mental department.

“The vigilante corps have freed the captured villagers, and have started the evacuation towards Kuar Village.”

“Captured? So, everyone is alright?”

“It is hard to say that all villagers are alright, the Crusader that came here have already killed most of the villagers. If it was after they have been dragged as slaves, then I doubt there would have been any survivors in this village.”

“Slavery? Ha, it really came to this, something that is only written in history textbooks Damn it!”

The moment I saw the scene of those bastards occupying Daedalus, I predicted something like slavery would occur. They will take the young men for labour and the old people and sick people along with rebellious people would be massacred.

But, this prediction really became a reality , huh

“Bullshit!— Those son of bitches……”

And, I was not able to save this village not even my friends.

After all this time, really, at this late regret and sadness swallows my heart.

Right now in my hand is neither the cursed weapon that lets me forget everything due to anger, and neither the enemies in front on whom I can release all the anger.

An impulse to burst out crying and shout out grows inside of me.

“……I will cry later.”

I close my eyes, and concentrate the time I use magic and calm down all the trembling emotions swelling inside me.

I have something I must do.

If there are villagers, then I have to evacuate them safely.

And, the Crusaders who will definitely come once again, I will have them taste the ground.

“Furthermore, I can’t always show uncool side of me.”

Pushing aside the white sheet covering my body, I rise up.

Besides me, is the figure of a small fairy lying down and holding me tight.

“Hey, Lily”

I gently brush the golden long hair of Lily, who is sleeping with a cute face.

I rise up from the bed without waking up Lily and wear the black robe folded and put near the bed.

My body feels fine, and there is not even a scratch on my black robe , the ‘Baphomet’s Embrace’.

The holes pierced during the time with Sariel and the burns from the Priest’s magic have all been restored, as if there really is a real devil dwelling inside.

“But, why is Lily also sleeping here?”

“After you fainted, she came ‘flying’ till here. After laying you here, she was moving around and healing the injured villagers. After most of the healing was done, she dived into the bed naked shouting ‘KuronoOO!!’. She might have gotten tired due to using healing magic a lot.”

“She completed healing already? As expected of Lily, no one can match her. By the way, was it needed for you to explain that she dived into the bed naked.”

“She looked very excited”

“Is that so, Lily is a small child so don’t mind her being in her high spirits.”

The dress Lily was wearing had been thrown at the end of the bed.

“I see, my heart was really beating fast thinking what would start happening, I will try not to pay attention to both of you in bed from now on.”

“Nh? un. well it’s fine if you understand.”

It doesn’t seem like a good answer, but looks like Fiona-san is alright with it so let’s leave it there.

“Then, I’ll be going out for a while.”

“Going to help?”

“Yeah, and I also have to do the memorial service for friends.”

“……I see”

“What will Fiona-san do?”

“I have an important promise with Lily-san, so I will wait here till she wakes up.”


“Yes, it’s a really really important promise. And I must not be a second late to fulfill it.”

“I don’t know what is it, but I’ll leave Lily to you for the time being.”


“Ah, you said you were hungry, right? I will bring food the while returning.”

“I see, that’s a grateful offer, then please bring it fast, must be sweet and a lot of it.”

After being requested in a very greedy way, I left the house.

It was officially announced that the vigilante corps along with adventurers and reinforcements repelled the Crusaders inside Irz Village.

But, if Kurono and Lily were not present, the Crusaders wouldn’t have backed down so easily. [ET: The author is a retard, he changed the perspective.]

Kurono alone killed near 100 Crusaders along with the Priest Kievan. Due to him the morale and number of soldier were reduced.

On top of that, even more bad luck to the soldiers was the fact that Corvus and all the magicians were dispatched for gaining control of fountain of light.

If the suppression unit sensed something unusual and returned to Irz Village, there is no doubt that Kurono would have had tables turned onto him.

However, that suppression unit was completely wiped out from the face of earth by the hands of Lily.

After losing the commander and most of the military force, the soldiers took the decision to escape.

Anyhow, the Crusaders who threw the Irz Villagers into the bottom of hell with fear have retreated and the villagers are evacuating to Kuar Village for refuge.

The evacuations was held without any problems.

The Irz right now, doesn’t have any military force to block the invasion from a big dragon or a swarm of monsters.

Hence during emergencies the villagers should escape, That is something told in every village.

Let it be being eaten by dragon, or being killed by Crusaders, the important people die, in spite of that the villagers face with reality and immediately try to evacuate.

There are cries here and there, some had mournful expressions and some had hollow eyes but still for survival they were moving their bodies.

Kurono desperately suppresses his overflowing emotions and helped the determined villagers in evacuation, he has already ‘taken care’ of the corpses of people.

There is an formal traditional funeral process in Irz, but there is not enough time for it as they Crusaders may come back anytime soon.

As there were a lot of corpses, in the end they were all burned as a substitute for funeral.

Without the satisfied number of coffins nor the gravesites, most of the corpses were put together and buried.

There was no other way than this to dispose of the corpses so there was no one who opposed these methods either.

There is nothing they can do other than apologising and crying for not giving them a proper funeral.

Kurono thought why did these people have to suffer this much while watching the corpses turn to ashes in the fire.

(If I had returned even 1 day earlier, I might have repelled the Crusaders

At the very least, the number of corpses would have been lower.

Thinking about a ‘what if’ situation when it has already occurred may be meaningless.

But, by reflecting on that fact for not being able to make it, the next time he might be able to do something when an emergency appears.

This time, towards the conclusion he wanted.

(“The Crusader bastards will definitely come back, this time to Kuar and they will keep on coming. “)

Daedalus is defeated and dragon king is dead, it’s better to think that this whole territory is now in the hands of Crusaders. That explains why an expedition group was dispatched to a countryside.

WIth no sufficient forces for repelling Crusaders, it’s just a matter of time the territory is conquered. There is no safe place within this territory anymore.)

Kurono recalls the map of the whole eastern part of Daedalus continent, that he saw in Village head’s home.

(Distance and terrain, no matter how one looks at it Spada is the only escape route left.)

From the west of the Irz Village that is located on the western edge in the territory of Daedalus, exists the Gallahad Mountain range and after crossing them is the City State Spada.

(The Spada has prepared an army for the invasion in Daedalus, I don’t know what it is like, but it is the only place with a military force that can repel the Crusaders. The only problem is whether they will let an inhabitant from the enemy country Daedalus to take refuge on their side……no, the refugee problems aren’t something that would be even solved like modern times. No matter what I think, it won’t help me.)

The problems whether they will take in a person from enemy nation or even if they aren’t enemies will they take an refugee from a foreign country. The answers to these political like problems is impossible for Kurono to solve who was an High schooler and is an adventurer for 3 months.

Hence, Kurono concludes, to think when the time comes.

(More than that, one more problem is whether those bastards let us run off easily. It is a good if the evacuation ends before an expedition group comes, but what if we don’t make it before them? What if they send a pursuit unit after the refugees? Will we be able to run off to Spada without any obstacles?)

Kurono exhaled a sigh and muttered.

“It’s not, will we be able to, but we definitely will!”

Kurono once again realizes the thing he should be doing right now.

(If those bastards come after us I will stop them, I will protect them this time! For sure!)

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