Kuro No Maou – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Devil Vs Priest (2)

“Evil magician who stands against God! You will also die like these demons by crucifixion by my hands!!”

Behind the commander of the Crusaders here, several crosses were lined up. Pierced by countless arrows, without limbs, bloody tortured corpses had been crucified on them.

The corpse had been brutally damaged, but, I don’t move my gaze away, no I can’t move it away.

That’s because I knew the identity of the corpses very well.

Nino, Harry, Aten…….if Claydor is not here means his body didn’t even exist anymore probably.

Other than them, many other people I had always seen in the guild, and even the civilian Nyarko was there, her corpse to be exact——-

“I see, so you were the one who did it………”

My hand holding the hatchet shivered.

From my hand, magical energy flowed, and in return, bloodlust and hatred flowed back inside me.


I howl. Only a shout without any meaning leaks from my throat.

I cry. Endless tears flowed from my eyes.


I won’t forgive, I won’t forgive, I will never forgive this.

How dare they do something so cruel.

They were my precious friends.

They were all good guys. A suspicious guy like me, they, the whole village accepted me.

Do you know? How precious were they to me? To protect them I would fight with my life, that’s right, I even fought against Sariel for them.

Even then, despite all that……..if, if everyone died then, I, I won’t be able to fight to protect them anymore.

I, I will—–


In front of the over atrocious deaths of my friends, the hatchet’s thoughts increased even more from my emotions unstable from sadness.

If you are sad, if it hurts, if it’s painful, if you hate then——Kill.


Kill, kill your enemies, without mercy, hesitation or compassion, just cruelly, and gruesomely, keep on killing them all.

“aa that’s right——“

Look carefully, my enemies are in front of me.

Then, what I have to do is decided. Definitely, surely, I have decided.

“——-I’ll avenge all of you.”





(the POV changes here)


A howl, of an incredible volume, was released by the black magician.

That shivering sound that resounded from inside the stomach, even while inside the barrier, the soldiers were overcome with fear.

But, even in front of that raging enemy, Kievan did not flinch.

That’s because the enemy is in a berserk state. It was easily possible to raise a voice that could crush the throat.  That reaction was still inside his expectations. There was no need to be surprised.

“Let’s go. Match with me.”

On Kievan’s words, the 2 disciples started their chants and it didn’t take much time to activate it.

“Concentration enhancement – Conses Boost.”

“Element Boost.”

This was their favourite tactic that they had used even when annihilating the Vigilante Corps.

(“If it’s a wide range magic, then even if he’s in berserk state, he won’t be able to get out of the attack range with one leap.”)

Rather than trying to kill in a single strike, Kievan put more importance on hitting the enemy accurately first.

A person in Berserk state, even if his limb is torn off, or his stomach explodes, as long as it is not a fatal damage, he will not stop moving.

But, even if he didn’t die, if he lost his legs, then he wouldn’t be able to move either. If he loses his arm, then he won’t be able to swing his weapon. Basically it was fine as long as he could make him powerless.

Kievan who had received double enhancements was about to use his [Lux Force Blast], the same magic that had killed the whole Vigilante Corps in a single blow.

On top of it, although Berserk state increased physical strength, it did not increase the defensive abilities. As long as he is unable to evade, he would have no way to defend himself against Kievan’s attack.

(“Hm, a sane magician might have been able to put up a barrier but he won’t be able to make rational decisions with that mad head of his.”)

Kievan became confident of his victory, thus, he did not feel like letting him die with just the rain of arrows of the soldiers.

Kievan started a chant only a few seconds long—-but before that, the enemy black magician, Kurono moved first.


The voice had not reached his ears, but suddenly, black smoke spread all over the place.

“A smoke screen is useless!!”

Kievan who had completed his chant, just as he said, he believed that it was useless no matter how the enemy struggles.

But, Kievan held a doubt considering the fact that a person in Berserk state took an action except attacking.

That means, the enemy had not yet lost his ability to think yet.

“Lux Force Blast!!”

But, even if he had thought that, there was no reason to cancel his attack now.

Kievan fired his strongest attack in front of him aiming for the invisible enemy hidden inside the thick black smoke.

An extremely hot light spread over the area as if lighting inside the darkness.

In front of that dazzling light, the soldiers turned their faces away and even Kievan himself shut his eyes for a moment.

(“It’s over.”)

As he spoke that inside his mind, an unbelievable sight was in front of him when he opened his eyes.


Beneath the black clothes, not just his eyes but his whole body was releasing the red aura of Berserk. The mad magician clad in that aura was standing there.

(“What? Uninjured? That’s impossible——“)

In this different world where science has not advanced, the properties of [light] were not yet known.

In the first place, the effects of light were diminished just by being in the atmosphere. Only in a true void where there are no ‘obstacles’ can the light show its max effectiveness.

Thus, inside water, mist, steam etc. are able to reduce the effects of light even more than normal atmosphere.

Kurono, by releasing ‘black smoke’ that possessed particles of ‘darkness’ that could absorb light, he halved the power of Lux Force Blast, that was basically a laser beam.

And, even if it was an advanced magic, at half of its strength it will not be able to pierce through Kurono’s shield.

This was how Kurono remained unharmed. However, Kievan had no way of knowing all this.

But Kievan was an experienced magician who won’t be shaken from just this.

Bracing himself, he quickly entered a defensive stance.

“—-Lux Argalea Shield!”

Kievan realized that the lumps of black magical energy materializing around Kurono were the ones that pierced through even chain mail.

The distance between them was just a few meters. He was clearly inside his attacking range. And Kievan who just attacked could not attack again so quickly either. So he had no choice but to defend against the enemy’s attack.

“””Lux Armour Shield””

The 2 disciples beside him also came to the same conclusion.


Kurono jumped towards Kievan and at the same time fired his magic bullets.

Its aim was, the 2 magicians supporting Kievan.


The black full metal jacket bullet struck the barrier of light but did not pierce through.

The moment the 2 thought that they had successfully defended, their heads burst open.

The hands that were raised to the front to use the barrier went limp and fell down face up.

They had no idea how the bullets, they had supposedly defended against, pierce through.

No, maybe they didn’t even realize that had already died.

As to why the two had died, only Kurono and Kievan knew.

(“He hit the exact same point again……..how can his aim be so accurate even under Berserk state?…..”

Kievan clearly saw Kurono fire another bullet on the exact same point where the first bullet had hit to break through the barrier.

If it was just once then he might have considered it a coincidence, but to have it two at the same time in the same way, he had no choice but to believe that this black magician possessed immaculate aim that he retained even under Berserk state.

Kievan had started losing his composure from this chain of unbelievable events.

But he couldn’t just retreat now.


In front of the enemy that was shouting curses and swinging a giant hatchet, he couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to.

(“That’s right. I can’t fall back here. Against this, this evil magician that is a devil incarnate, I, a priest of God must not lose, I cannot lose!!”)

In front of the approaching evil blade, Kievan put all his magical energy in the barrier and fervently prayed.

“Oh God, grant me the strength to destroy this evil!!”

The black cursed blade, finally swung down on the holy shining white shield.





Holding the cursed hatchet with my both hands, I swing it with full strength.

“Of God—–“

The priest was screaming something.


But his voice was drowned by the loud noise of the blade striking the shield.

(“Shit, it’s hard!!”)

The black blade only pierced inside the shield of light slightly and doesn’t seem to move any further.

This priest, although nowhere near Sariel’s level, but he is still a strong white magic user. I guess he wasn’t the commander just for show.

But, no matter how strong he is, I must kill him here no matter what.

“That’s why, more, give me more powweeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!”

And so, the cursed hatchet [Tsujigiri] responded to my wish.


The black blade clearly raised a ‘voice’.

At the same time, from my hands, an incomparable amount of magical energy was sucked.

I started to lose the sensation of my fingers but rather getting weaker, the strength behind the swing of the hatchet got stronger.

Whether it was blood or magical energy, I don’t know, but inside my vision that was filled with red mist, I clearly saw the shape of the black blade changing.

(“I see, this is—-“)

After sucking the blood of the numerous Crusaders and eating my black magical energy and hatred, the cursed hatchet [Tsujigiri] was,


It evolved into Grudge Hatchet – [Hararetsu/Harakiri].(T/N: not sure how to translate 腹裂 lit. means stomach cutter/ripper)


Having changed into an even more sinister form, the black blade began cutting the barrier.

“Impossible!? This is—–“

The priest looked with fright as the power of the blade increased with the change in shape.

The hatchet’s evolution not only increased the sharpness of the blade but also increased the amount of physical enhancement provided.

And that’s not all. Uptil now, using the hatchet became easier naturally just by holding it, but now it even allowed the activation of a [Martial art] skill.

“Kuronagiiiiiiiiiii!!” (T/N: lit. Black calm)

Leaving a black trace, it was a single horizontal flash.

The martial art [Kuronagi] that struck with immense slashing power, easily cut through the Priest’s body along with his shield in two.

Ripping his stomach open, the Priest’s upper half flew in the air.

Without even trying to dodge, as I bathed in the shower of blood, I heard the voice of the priest that had been put to death.

“Oh God…..Why have you………..forsaken me……….”

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  1. Green Apple says:

    Great. Now MC have powers of shinigami and got shikai. Next step is train to use bankai and destroy that “nazi” country.
    Why nazi? Well… Arian type of humans like blonde hair and blue eyes, and urge to kill anyone who is different.

    • Owl says:

      Ironically, the Japs were not that far off in their behaviour too. It actually irks me a bit to see him playing up the brutal behaviour of “Christian Crusaders” without being careful of the fact that his own people did exactly the same thing under the cult of Emperor Hirohito, so when he plays up their brutality, he does not see that he is condemning his own people too.

      I remember stories from my grandmother about Japs playing “Baby Toss”. It’s similar to “Ring Toss” except you use a bayonet for the pole and a baby as the ring.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to live and let live, but when the Japanses start caricaturing others about massacres, it does stink very highly of hypocrisy. He should have used a non-RL symbol for his “evil empire”, anything close to RL is begging to be compared to WWII.

      • Vincent says:

        They’re not Christian Crusaders. They’re based off of them. Why? Because he thinks they were worse than the Japanese? No, because the entire fantasy element is based around Europe. Most Asian fantasy settings do the exact same thing. In Legendary Moonlight Sculptor most of the setting is based around Europe in the Middle Ages as well. Guess what most of the religions are like? The Churches all have priests, knights, bishops, and popes. Berserk’s religion also is clearly based on Christianity.

        Too long didn’t read. When you base your story’s setting around Europe in the Middle Ages then seeing a Christianity knock off isn’t surprising.

        • Owl says:

          That’s the problem Vince, the “cross” is very specific to a religion, there are a lot of other non-RL symbols he could have (and should have) used. Once you bring a RL symbol into fiction, it contaminates the entire story.

          Put it this way, what are the chances of a new non-“Jesus” religion using a cross as a symbol? The cross itself is specific to that religion because of a historical incident. While dress sense and titles might be evolutionary coincidence, religious symbological coincidence is a bit too far.

          It’s probably due to the laziness in writing you mentioned before, but it does irk the people who see it as pot calling the kettle black. The writer copied the scenario too close to RL.

          • JerryHatrick says:

            People with too much time on their hands and those blind in their fanaticism are bound to have a problem with this story.

            The former because of obvious reasons. Instead of doing something constructive, they decide to, “Take up a Cause”, or perhaps just enjoy getting people worked up by starting pointless conversations.

            The latter… Well. Religion has always been iffy. When it’s taken too seriously, it gets used by people on some kind of power trip.

  2. Kara-no-Youkai says:

    …….Alpha Stigma…….

  3. Ville says:

    Umm, Christianity, might be intentionally ued? Its a differend world, but the MC was summoned fron ours (by cross worshipers) so MAYBE their religion originates from OUR world.? Christianity in middle ages was brutal to nonbelivers.. This “white god”-fellow migt be some fanatic douche that by ‘trancending worlds’ think that have become the GOD? Actually, tolerance is not Christianitys strong point even now…

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