Kuro No Maou – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Devil Vs. Priest (1)

As the pale faced messenger finally entered the Guild, Kievan quickly picked his favourite long staff and left the room.

Listening to the report of a black dressed magician that had infiltrated the village, rather than reprimanding the security to have allowed such a thing, he decided to head there himself and take action. It could be said that Kievan was a cool headed commander that could assess the situation well.

“To have come here alone, either he is very confident of his abilities or maybe he is just mad.”

Accompanied by his two disciples on his side, he opened the gate of the guild.

In front of the guild was the central area of the village. A place that had been lively with villagers till yesterday was no just an execution area for the crucifixion of pitiful adventurers.

Currently, the Crusader soldiers had gathered here to form a line of defence.

Behind the line of the soldiers with spears, those who had injured their limbs or just had them completely blown away were receiving treatment and the place was filled with the smell of fresh blood.

“Has he approached this close already?”

Kievan asked the messenger who was kneeling in front of him.

That voice was filled with anger on letting a single man approach this close.

“Yes, the enemy magician was using an unknown magic that was extremely powerful, so without the assistance of our own magicians—–“

“Tch, just when our magicians had gone out.”(Kievan)

He unknowingly cursed but decided not to continue and instead think of how to deal with the current situation.

“You said it was a never before seen magic, right? What kind of magic was it?”(Kievan)

“I couldn’t see it clearly but, black, small balls flew around and pierced through even armour and flesh alike.”

It sounded like the low-level dark element magic [Black ball – Death Sagita] but its effect and power were not matching.

In the first place, [death sagita] was not a magic that could pierce through even chain mail. It was a more shock inducing strike type magic.

“It’ll be fine if it was just a simple Boost, but if it’ll be troublesome if it is an Original or Extra magic. Oi, deploy Dual Shield on the whole force.”

Receiving the order, the 2 disciple magicians started their chants.

“”الجدران بيضاء ناصعة توسيع نطاق الحماية لمنع””

The magic invoked was the intermediate level wide range defensive magic [Lux Wall Defense]. The whole file of soldiers was covered with a barrier of light.

With this, they can defend against that long range magic but for the soldiers to attack, they’ll have to leave the barrier.

If the enemy can rapid fire sure-kill magic, then making the soldiers charge him would only increase the victims. Thus,

“The soldiers concentrate only on providing covering fire. We’ll face the enemy magician by ourselves.”(Kievan)

Kievan concluded that if it was not a magician that could deploy defensive barriers individually, he will not be able to face the enemy magician.

Normally, if all the magicians were here, they could put barriers on all the soldiers individually while providing support from the back at the same time, but since they weren’t here, it couldn’t be helped.

If, Kievan was just a Priest and not a white magician as well, there would have been no other means for the army to fight back but he was confident in his ability and skill as a magician.

That is why, even when facing the village’s Vigilante corps, and this time as well, he felt neither hesitation nor fear to stand on the front lines.

In fact he believed that it was trial of God to test his faith and so his fighting spirit rose even further.

“A,Ah, he’s here!!!”

Someone screamed from among the soldiers.

In the middle of the main street, a single figure was walking calmly as if he was walking in an uninhabited wasteland.

“It’s the devil!”

“The devil has come……”

The soldiers became noisy.

After all they just saw more than 100 of their fellow soldiers killed in front of them, it would be weird to not be scared.


Kievan had not directly seen the tragedy that had occurred down the street so he could only think of the soldiers as ‘cowards’.

“You bastards can just fire arrows from behind the barrier. The one who’ll directly face that is me.”(kievan)

The soldiers quieted from the Priest’s strong words and silently nocked their arrows on the bows.

“And I will definitely kill that evil magician.”

Kievan glared at the enemy who was still far away.

At that moment, as if he had noticed the glare, he raised his face.

Their eyes met.

Even from this distance, Kievan could see his gleaming red eyes.

“Berserk state?…….”(kievan)

As he murmured that, cold sweat appeared on his face.

(“To think I would really have to face a ‘Mad’ guy…”)

Berserk was one of the ‘bad statuses’ of magic.

In the first place, bad statuses were – ‘Poison’ that slowly scrapped away the stamina and vitality, ‘Paralyze’ that took away the freedom of the body and ‘Siesta’ that took away consciousness. They did not damage directly as attack but were abnormalities that slowly affected the body itself.

Berserk is also one of them. Its effect was to turn a person into a brutal killer that did not distinguish between allies and enemies.

On top of that, rise in physical abilities, isolation of pain, and such fearsome effects were also provided.

If a person fell into a berserk state, it attacks even allies along with the increase in strength, so it was highly difficult to stop it.

But, in such a situation where he was alone, the demerit of attacking his own allies was not present, and only the enhanced body strength is received.

Kievan had once faced a person who had fallen into the Berserk state.

He was just a soldier but showed immense toughness and had no choice but to kill him to stop him.

(“This is a troublesome opponent, but—-“)

Kievan walked in front of the soldiers with the bright white long staff in his hand.

“Evil magician who stands against God! You will also die like these demons by crucifixion by my hands!!”

He showed the highest level of fighting spirit with his shout.

(“In the end, Berserk only enhances the physical strength of the person. I won’t lose to an animal that has lost even the ability to talk and understand words!!”)

Knowing the weakness of the Berserk state, Kievan became confidence of his victory.


“I see, so you were the one who did it……..”

Kurono’s muttering in a small voice did not reach Kievan’s ears.


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