Kuro No Maou – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Devil

Kurono first killed the 3 crusaders acting away from the village.

He lopped off the heads of the two soldier from the rear with the “Tsujigiri” in his hand and they instantly die.

Just when the third soldier catches the figure of Kurono in complete black attire, he was bisected from the crown of head to the solar plexus in one go.

Kurono takes the oil, the soldiers were going to use to burn the house down and poured it onto the corpses of the goblin family and burned them along with the house.

He couldn’t come up with any other better way for their funeral.

Naturally, he didn’t dispose of the corpses of the three soldiers and rushed towards the centre of the village, in a straight line without hiding himself.

From then to the time he reached the gate, Kurono thoroughly killed every soldier that came assaulting him.

He chopped off the head of the people who attacked him with the hatchet and blew off the heads of those who try to escape.

The chainmail worn by soldiers is of no use to either of the attacks, they are all annihilated even before they could understand what happened to them.

And by the time Kurono reached the gates, the main force stationed in the centre of the village finally noticed that they were being attacked by someone.

At the same time a messenger ran to Kievan, and even before he could give orders, the commanding officer immediately starts moving to intercept the assailant.

However, without even a magician’s support and them only being some infantrymen taking Kurono as an opponent was their last mistake.

After all, the Original Magic used by Kurono, especially the “Magic Bullet” can instantly kill normal a infantryman and it can also be fired rapidly with tremendous speed.

It is exactly just like a machinegun strafing.

The moment the soldiers rush in front of Kurono holding spears in their hands, the true value of “Magic Bullet” is revealed.

“Bullet Art – Full Burst” [ET: Atleast he is too OP for normal people.]

The thousand bullets fired by Kurono rush at once towards the Crusaders.

By the time they realised the difference in power and the bad affinity against the magician in black clothes, there were already many corpses scattered on the road.

“wha, wha. What the hell is that guy!?”

The commanding officer upon looking a black clothed magician suddenly appearing at the gates of village and killing all of the the soldier under his command, he unintentionally speaks out a complaint in a withering voice.

“God Damn it, we didn’t hear anything about a monster like that living here—–hiii!”

The mysterious black attack magic that killed his men, passes through him with a distance of paper breadth.

“Co, Commander! Please give the instructions!”

Hearing the voice of his men waiting for order which seemed like screams, a little bit of calmness returns to the commander.

True enough, seeing the scene of an entire group of infantrymen holding spears massacred before they could even reach the only enemy, the commanding officer and every other person present at the place was struck with fear and shock.

“B, Bows! Use the bows!”

The commanding officer who now feared attacking once again with spears, inevitably takes the measures for attacking the opponent without approaching him.

The opponent is still standing in the middle of the of the road, without any shield as if asking for them to shoot him to death.

Furthermore, they still have several tens of soldiers left, the difference in numbers is great.

“Thats right, calm down, that bastard is, no matter how you look at it, a magician, without a vanguard he can’t concentrate on his magic.”[ET: Duh, he just used the damn bullets with just the keywords no damn long chants. Otaku world logic]

The magician attacks while being on the rear, that is the same with adventurers and soldiers too.

According to this theory, if a magician appears out of nowhere without even a tank (aggro based classes of MMORPG) he would be able attack first but when we start attacking, he won’t be able to counterattack.

Even if he blocks the attack with defense magic, he can only buy a little more time.

“Alright, Firee!”

On the order, the arrows fly at full speed towards the black clothed magician.

Just before the arrows reach the enemy, a jet black rectangle like object, that seemed like the night sky had been frozen inside of it, appeared and it intercepted the first barrage of arrows.

But that action is just as they expected, if it’s a magician he would definitely use the defense magic Guard. [ET: umm where did this guard go when he was fighting sariel][SK: Kurono’s shield doesn’t do shit against Sariel’s attacks so he decided not to waste magical energy on shields.] The arrows are all reflected back due to the hardness of the jet black square.
“Don’t Falter! Keep on firing!”

Without being shaken, the soldiers fire the arrows rapidly.

They soon realized that the jet black square is very hard as even after getting struck from all the arrows, it is not getting even a scratch.

But it is a common knowledge for soldiers that the defense magic doesn’t last for eternity, on the contrary it only lasts for a very little time.

The moment the magic effect appears, the magical power also starts gradually dispersing in the surrounding air.

Unless the magic with preservation effects like “Eternity” is casted, the phenomenon created by the magic won’t last for a long time.

Therefore, no matter how much hard a defense magic is, at the most it will start disintegrating in several minutes.

Without waiting for it, the arrows continuously barraging his defense will pierce through it when the magical power decreases and hardness declines.

(That’s right, what is there to be afraid, the things a single magician can do are limited. Die! while regretting that you came attacking us even as a joke!)[ET: does he know that line is a definite death-flag for person who says it. source: Wisdom!]

With his victory convinced in front of the frightening enemy, the commander’s face expresses a distorted smile due to arousement and nervousness.

“Alright, alright, it’s going good, just like this—”

The moment he was going to say the black clothed magician moved.

“A. a frontal assault!?”

That’s right the enemy started a frontal assault while deploying the Shield.

Furthermore, his speed is not that of a normal person.

It has surpassed the level of speed of a normal person just like the support magic ‘Speed Burst’ or enhancement martial art ‘Air Walker’.

“A magician doing a frontal assault without any aid, it’s so foolish—”

Seeing an unforeseen opponent in front of him the commander cannot make plans to deal with the enemy closing up the distance with tremendous speed.

As a result, the soldier keep on firing the arrows at him.

But with the hardness still effective on the shield, not even one arrow passes through it.


With not more than 10 metres remaining between them, the magician roars in a loud voice which even vibrates the eardrums like an electric shock.

When faced by the roar, strength and the bloodlust gushing out, the soldiers falter for a moment.

Immediately the opponent retracts back his shield and swings his baton in his left hand.


Something flashing black accompanied with loud consecutive sounds came flying.

That is the bullet made from the black magic, it is futile to count the numerous bullets.


The front row soldiers shooting arrows, in front of the storm of bullets, are pierced with holes in their body at the point of impact as if the chainmail and surcoats were just for show.

“D, Draw out your swords!”

It was pitiable voice trembling with fear, in the current situation enemy had come close in that the bows are now meaningless. It was a precise order.

The soldiers throw away the bow, and pull out the broadswords hanging on their waists.

The enemy was already in the position that the swords will reach him.

Killing their fear, the soldiers rush out to assault with a do or die determination with their strife instinct at full throttle.

But the singing swords never reach anyone.

“He flew!?”

The enemy that should have been running on the ground, jumps just before coming in their range.

Along with the strong pressure that even earth’s surface is dented, he turned over the black robe and flies above the soldiers.


The commander realises, that the enemy fluttering in the air, intends to land on the place where he is standing.
“الدرع منع الجليد—-Ice Shield!”

The ice defense magic he has deployed is the fastest and smoothest ever in his whole lifetime,


Saved him from the once again fired black bullets.


However, the surrounding soldier all fall down to their knees, due to the rain of bullets falling down on them.

Half died instantly, the rest half are seriously injured, they are in no position to swing a sword and challenge him.

At the current moment, there was not even 1 soldiers within 3 m radius of the commander.


When he passes through the disintegrating ice shield, the demon in the form of man enters his vision.

He raises a sinister looking hatchet, from his whole body a red aura gushes out.

The red eyes of the man pierces through him, it is impossible for him to be sane at the moment.


The black hatchet swing downwards from the sky, clearly cuts the ice shield into two.

The thick and heavy ice shield falls onto the the ground, and shatters.

Seeing the scene, the already fear struck commanding officer loses the power in his waist and falls down on ground facing upwards.

And, in front of him the magician who cut through his ice shield in single strike was standing.

“H……e……y you, don’t kill me…. we are the same human beings, right!?”

“Die” [ET: Love you Kurono saying the perfect line at the perfect opportunity.]

The man swings the hatchet and chops off the right arm of the commander easily.

Along with the blood spurting out, a scream made up of agony and fear echoes.


He chops of the right arm too with the returning sword.

On top of chainmail, he had put equipments, but the attacking power of the blade far surpasses its defense power and both are are disconnected.


In one swoop sideways, the hatchet severs the legs from below the knees.

The commanding officer who got his limbs cut off cruelly; his eyes turned white due to shock, and the foam of blood flows out from his mouth. The man looks towards the already dying commander and swings one more strike.


The hatchet slashes downwards from the crown of head and cuts the steel armor easily, the skull is split in two halves, trampling down the brain, passes through the throat, and keeps on cutting in one strike to the chest area.

The one strike swinged with all of his power, certainly and ghastly takes the life of one person.

“It, It’s a Devil……”

Someone among the soldier muttered so,

The figure of the man surrounded by many soldiers, was that of a ‘devil’ who in a gruesome way killed their commander. There was not even one left who could laugh at this remark.

“E, Escape!”

“A devil’s here! Run away!”

While whining the complaints, the soldiers all run at full speed striving to be the first to escape.

In the current situation, the commander of soldier is dead, the aide who is meant to be the next commander after him is also running while showing his back, there is no one to check on the soldiers in the current place.

“……Wait right there.”

Nay, there is one person who wanted to stop them.

“Wait, don’t try to escape, you bastards.”

The black magician overcome with anger and holding a hatchet in his hand.

“If I don’t kill each and everyone of you, it won’t called a proper revenge, right?”

The blood colored eyes glare at the running soldiers just like a person who has gone mad.

For not letting even a single person leave from here alive, the demon, Kurono once again started walking towards the blood-scented Irz Village’s centre.

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