Kuro No Maou – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Assassination Plan

“……What are you planning to do?”

The full metal jacket bullet I fired was stopped by the inverted triangular white shield just like that time.

This time, the only difference is that a small crack appeared.

I can do this.

“Magic bullet – Bullet Arts.”

As I lightly swung the baton like a conductor, black bullets appeared in a spiral formation around my body.

The thousands of bullets that appeared around me are all made by the highest level of composition of black magic. Moreover, due to the baton’s abilities, every bullet holds more power than a normal [anti material].

“Fire all bullets – Full Burst.”

I released all the bullets towards Sariel at once.

Black muzzle flash and firing sound, along with the sound of destruction of castle wall on which Sariel stood, resounded in the silent night.

Instantly, dust rose up and the visibility got blocked, but I already know even without seeing that Sariel is not there anymore.

Just before I fired, I saw her jump away from the castle wall.

“I won’t let her get away—–“

Shooting Anchor from beneath my legs, I chased Sariel and jumped down from the wall.

“—–I can’t let her get away!!”

As I threw myself in mid-air, I saw the grassland that I had been running on just some time ago.

Without any where to hide, also without any reason to hide, Sariel stood there in her white dress like a ghost.

“Magic sword – Sword Arts.”

I grabbed the wire with my left arm and raise the baton with my right.

As my robe fluttered in mid-air, I opened my shadow space and brought out 3 blackened long swords.

I bought these from the blacksmith shop at the Irz Village.

“Pierce through!!”

Before my body reached the ground, I launched the 3 swords towards Sariel.

One made an arc and approached from the left, similarly one approached from the right, and one charged directly towards her and attacked her.


I didn’t hear, but I saw her lips moving, and at the same time I landed on the ground. A small shock ran through my legs.

Since I used the wire to decelerate myself, I landed without giving any chance to attack—-



A sound resounded near my legs. The 4 white stakes, Sariel used, had pierced through hem of my robe and sewn it to the castle wall.

But none of them had pierced through my body so it must be to stop my movement.

But when were these stakes fired? I couldn’t see them at all.

As I moved my eyes to confirm it, I once again looked back towards Sariel. She had a slender spear of the same colour as her stakes in her left hand. On its spearhead, as if catching fish with a spear, my three swords were lined up together with their centres pierced.

And, just as I had once seen before, the three blackened swords were instantly invaded by her white magical energy and scattered to dust.

“Goddamn monster………..”

Whether it be the speed of the stakes or the way to destroy my swords, I was once again made to realize the difference in our powers.

Slowly, regret and fear spread inside me, and I had a sudden impulse to start crying and beg for my life.

Sarier slowly came towards me and spoke.

“Will you stop resisting?”

I almost gave an affirmation to her words, but somehow stopped myself by grinding my teeth.

“I have no intention to hurt you.”

I hate myself to have felt relieved from those words.

“Will you retreat quietly?”

Running faraway with Lily was an extremely charming offer, but I use my full strength to reject it.


I laughed with a shaky, pathetic voice.

“Who will miss this chance——“

I raised my voice, and cheered myself up.

I forcibly escaped the stakes while tearing the pierced parts of the robe.

I swung my baton and materialised bullets and at the same time brought out 10 long swords this time.

Moreover, I hold the cursed hatchet [Tsujigiri] in my left hand.

“Sariel! I’ll kill you here and stop the crusaders!!”

“Is that so……”

Facing my full magical energy as well as bloodlust head, there was not a single change in her sculpture like face. She didn’t even take a stance with her spear.

That’s fine, that composure of yours will become my chance of winning—-

“Let’s go!!”


“Because I’m the supreme commander of the Crusaders.”

Sariel definitely said that.

If not for those words, right now I would have been running along with Lily on the highway.

But, I recklessly challenged Sariel, no, that’s not it, lives are on line here. This is an assassination.

[Assassination] is to kill by using a gap in the opponent’s defence. If going by those words, then this moment is Sariel’s ‘gap’.

As the top of the Crusaders, to have appeared without any guards; if there was an assassin, there was not any better situation than this.

Even now, not a single soldier has come to assist Sariel and it’s still one-on-one. Conveniently, for some reason, Sariel is not trying to kill me.

If she wanted, she could pierce through my heart any time no doubt about it. But to have tried to pin me to the wall is a proof.

This robe is a high class good with defensive ability higher than a steel plate mail. For a second I was worried that the robe had lost its magic and become a normal cloth.

Basically, my life is in danger. This is the only chance for me to defeat her.

But why did I have to take this chance with my life on the line?

If it was the me 2 months earlier, I had nothing more important than my own life. I would never put it in danger.

But, now I have things I want to protect even at the cost of my life.

Lily and Irz village, even though it hasn’t been very long, I still can’t let the Crusaders do whatever they want.

I will never trust these bastards who wear crosses. I don’t care if it was something wished by God, but that’s nothing more than using a god’s name to kill, steal and destroy.

In the end, the Crusaders are big enough to have invaded and occupied Daidalos.

If the Daidalos army fell to them means that the Crusaders are very strong. I don’t know if even other countries would be able to win against them.

But what will happen if the top of the Crusaders is killed here? I don’t know how the chain of command of Crusaders work but if the commander dies then an organisation shouldn’t be able to sustain itself.

I don’t know how much authority Sariel herself possesses, but I do know that she is a major part of their military force.

If the top loses, the invasion plan would definitely be largely affected, or maybe, it might end all together. At least the effect would be much better than fighting the whole Crusaders head on.

But, that’s only if I am able to successfully complete this assassination.

I am well aware of how strong Sariel is. In terms of level, it’s a gap between 1 and 100.

But, even if this is a magic world, doesn’t mean it’s a game world. There are always ways if you want to ‘just kill’ someone.

It doesn’t matter how hard I have to try if I can just kill her, I’m fine even if I am able to take her down together with me.

If that can save Lily and the villagers, then I’ll bet my life as many times as I can!!


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