Kuro No Maou – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – Crusade’s Supreme Commander

Under the starry sky, Sariel and Kurono are standing facing each other.

Kurono forgets about his cold sweat flowing, and faces head on with Sariel as if to hide Lily.

“Kurono Maou.”

He hasn’t been called that in a long time, no for Kurono, it was for the first time to be called by his full name in this world.

To a devotee of the cross religion, it might seem as god’s words to them but to Kurono, it only seemed as the whisper of grim reaper.

The uneasy feeling of his was settled down by Lily, but immediately after seeing a danger in front of his eyes, the fear torments Kurono’s heart once again.

But still, due to Lily behind his back, he breaks free of fear’s grasp and various trains of thoughts come to his mind.

Kurono thinks, the fact that his name was called means that this isn’t a situation he will be killed with no questions asked.

“What are you been doing here?”

He is once again questioned.

‘If I don’t answer would I be instantly killed, If I answer would I be killed even so’. Kurono who can’t think of any situation favorable to him, speaks in in half despair.

“It’s Tourism. The walls of Daedalus are famous, right?”

“I see. However it’s better if you don’t do it right now.”

Kurono was surprised at the fact that Sariel took his joke to be real. He was luckythat he didn’t get a white stake which can pierce the shield easily in return , and didn’t think any further.

“Sorry for that, I would be grateful if you let me return back quietly?”

“Yes, you can go.”

WIth an tremendous answer in return, even Kurono who had been keeping his poker face opened his eyes wide.

“Is it really alright?”


Kurono tries to examine through Sariel’s expression, it is similar to the first he met her.

Kurono thinks that if he just gets away like this, he won’t we pierced.

He also thinks that Sariel might have no intention to kill them on that place.

「……Do you mind if I ask you something?」

Kurono thought that if Sariel has no intention to kill him even if he doesn’t run from here, then he can use this opportunity to gather some information.

Kurono doesn’t know anything about Crusaders. In the first place, He doesn’t know that the one leading the army of people called as “Crusaders” is Sariel.

“What is it?”

As expected, Sariel replied.

“Why did you come to Pandora continent?”

“Our lord『White God』desires this land. Therefore, we “Crusaders” came to this land to offer it to him.”

“Is it for propagating the cross wielding religion.”

“Yes, It will eventually turn out to change the religion of every person on Pandora continent to that of Cross.”

The Crusaders and then Cross religion, they more or less seem like the Christianity religion. Perhaps, the Cross religion and Syncrea Republic have deep relation between them. Long story short, it is a religious country or so Kurono guessed.

And thought that it starts as the propagation of Christianity and leads to colonization pattern.

“Do you guys know, what result will your actions cause?”

“Yes, A lot of blood has been spilled by now, it will also keep on from now on.”

“Do you have no intention for retreat?”

“Until our lord desires it.”

Kurono exhales a single breath.

He had predicted the answers without needing for Sariel to answer.

In short, they have no intention to retreat and will cruelly kill anyone who opposes to them.

“The King of Daidalos, is he dead?”

“Yes, I killed him.”

Kurono was not shocked at the fact that the Dragon King was killed, rather he was shocked to learn that Sariel had the power to kill an existence everyone said “can’t be killed”.

“So, what will happen to Daedalus from now on?”

“I will be getting everything within Daedalus territory.”

“You will?”

Sariel didn’t say 「We will」but 「I will」.

Kurono always thought that no matter how great she is, she is only a soldier in the end.

However, from her way of speaking, it only seems that his thoughts were wrong.

And Sariel says the words that confirm it,

“I’m the Supreme Commander of Crusader after all.”

Kurono suddenly understood, that she is the one who leads the crusaders, the top brass.

“I see……”

Kurono turns back and face his back towards Sariel. He takes Lily from the hood, who didn’t budge even a little and took her out.

While feeling Sariel’s gaze at his back, Kurono crouches and embraces Lily.


Lily raises her voice due to suddenly being hugged, Kurono without minding it, whispered in her ears.

“Lily, tell everything to Shione – san everything you will hear now.”


While hearing Kurono’s words Lily, felt within his heart was a great fear and sorrow and the ‘courage’ which is pushing them back.


Kurono guessed that Lily has read his true motives already, he grabs her in his arms once again.


“Thank you for being with me till now, It’s goodbye.”

Kurono while holding Lily with his left hand, throwed her with his full strength towards the forest.


Lily is thrown with a terrible speed. Sensing danger to her automatic defense “shield” activates which covers her whole body. Leaving a trail of white light, she flies away.

“Sorry, Lily.”

Kurono who murmured those words was already holding the ‘Black Ballista Replica’ in his right hand.

Facing towards Sariel, who was staring him, he wielded his baton.


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