Kuro No Maou – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – The Dragon Slaying Angel

——This is it.

Liuchrome who was commanding the battle instinctually realized.

Although the front line had yet to collapse, Liuchrome had already received reports that many square formations had been destroyed.

Up till now, before a square formation got destroyed, Liuchrome would send reserve soldiers that were waiting in the rear to prevent it from happening. But now even that reserve had become empty. Only the heavy cavalry unit required in the ‘final push’ was left to him.

Liuchrome was not stupid enough to haphazardly send the cavalry. If it was for assault he would have considered but it was defence. Using cavalry for retreating was basically using the troops in exactly opposite of their actual forte.

Heavy cavalry who are clad in full plate armour are an extremely powerful troop. On top of it they were the elites of the Temple Knights. Their ability was not to be doubted.

But, cavalry’s biggest strong point is mobility and offensive ability. For example, when the opponent is at a disadvantageous position, if they have to intercept a charge from the flank by the cavalry as well, the enemy would be definitely slaughtered. Basically, if you use Cavalry with accurate timing, you could achieve victory instantly.

But, if the timing is messed up instead, the losses will not be laughable.

And if they were destroyed once, they didn’t have any reserves for them either.

The horses they use along with their armour, compared to a soldier, the cost and time incurred to raise one cannot be even compared with each other.

Neither are they useful only in certain situations but they are also too valuable to use recklessly.

Thus, every famous commander in the history of the Arc continent read the flow of the battlefield first and then used these troops to display their maximum strength.

Liuchrome was not as talented as those famous commanders, but he knew the usability of each troop and did not lose calm when faced with a disadvantageous situation.

His outer appearance was certainly unique, but inside he was rational, and someone who could take calm and reliable decisions. That is why Ars chose him from among all his subordinates because he believed that Liuchrome could deliver the desired result.

And now, Liuchrome had realized faster than anyone else that if the current flow continued, the Crusaders would be definitely annihilated.

Therefore, before he has to face the worst situation, he decided it would be better to retreat for now.

To order the Crusaders, who are here to fulfil the will of god, was not an easy task for a mediocre commander at all.

They cannot step back, neither they had any plans, thus there was no choice but sacrifice the Crusaders while wishing the God for a miracle. A mediocre commander could only take the above action.

And then God will grant a miracle to such a fool with a heart full of compassion; Liuchrome understood that such a thing would never happen.

A miracle is called a miracle because it is not meant to happen. Depending on such things was the same as accepting defeat from the start, Liuchrome thought so from the very bottom of his heart. That is why the ones who lead an army to victory were none other than the humans themselves that were fighting there.

And in such a position where they were about to lose, it was his duty to save as many soldiers as possible. Liuchrome was about to order the retreat, at that very moment,


With a roar able to shake the heavens, a giant black object fell from the skies.

It was crashing directly near the front lines where both the armies were clashing.

At this moment both armies stopped their hands and quickly ran in all directions in order to save themselves.

The thing that was falling finally crashed on the Goldran hill that was already painted with blood.

It’s identity was known by everyone here, but they did not realize it until it had actually fallen to the ground.

It was a giant black dragon.

The wings that could create a storm with just flapping were torn to pieces, the feet that made the earth tremble and the hands which had claws that could cut through anything had been completely severed from the body and incredible wounds could be seen.

The tail that was like the wall of a castle had also been severed and was nowhere to be found, the fortress like body itself was filled with places where the scales had been destroyed or torn off and the whole body was stained with blood.

And the burning fire-like eyes had less shine than a worn out ruby. Everyone there understood that the life of this giant body was running out.

The thing that had fallen from the skies was none other than the corpse of Dragon King Gaevinal.

Nobody noticed that on the forehead of this giant dragon king’s body, a single shadow was there.

A cross spear that had penetrated deeply into the forehead, and the one who held it was a girl wearing a bloodstained robe.

It had become so dark red in colour that it was unknown whether it was due to blood spurts or was it her own blood. Her beautiful silver hair was also covered in red and had lost its original splendour. She was missing her right arm and maybe because her right eye had been crushed, it was closed as tears of blood flowed down.

But, she was clearly standing while sticking the spear in the corpse of the dragon king. The open left eye held a brilliant red shine and showed that she was still alive.

The girl was Sariel.

Each every one that fought here witnessed the legend of a single human defeating a dragon born in front of them.

“—–It’s an Angel.”

Someone muttered.

“The Angel defeated the dragon.”

Angel, there were various explanations about their identity but the words that had been raised here was the common belief of everyone standing here.

“Aah, how beautiful.”

Wet with blood and entrails, having lost the right arm and right eye, even then, the figure of the girl firmly holding the spear in her hands was to each and every soldier of the Crusaders, the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen.

A scene so vivid, that they would never ever forget it in their whole lives.

But, for the Daidalos army what did the girl look like, at least, it was not the same as the Crusaders.

Sariel defeated Gaevinal, that incredibly unbelievable fact was understood by each and every one on the Goldran hill.

But the feeling they held in their hearts was not excitement of being able to see a legend; it was the shock of the death of the unparalled dragon.

In either case, it was big enough to make all of them forget to even move.

And the one who recovered the fastest among them was Liuchrome.

Facing the dazed subordinates standing there, he raised his voice and proclaimed thus,

“Behold! The great 7th Apostle Her Exclellency Sariel has slain the evil Dragon King! Now is the time, when we shall annihilate the evil army of demons! All troops attack!!”

The order of attack made by Liuchrome clearly resounded. Confident of their victory, the Crusaders picked up their weapons, shouted, and charged. They faced the Daidalos army that had completely lost their fighting spirit in front of the fact that the undefeatable dragon king had been killed.

“Hurry, rescue Her Excellency Sariel. Also, give the first heavy cavalry unit to attack—“

At last the moment of reversal had come. This was the only time when their less numbered army could annihilate the strong Daidalos army. With this in his mind, Liuchrome quickly gave out orders one after another.

Currently, the difference between the numbers of soldiers between the two armies on the Goldran hill, compared to the start, was in the same ratio. In fact, due to maintaining the formations, the Crusaders were at a disadvantage.

Although the enemy had lost their commander, if they instantly counter attacked, it will turn into a battle of attrition and in the end, the Crusaders would lose.

But, at this moment, it was a situation where the difference in morale would decide the outcome.

The Crusaders who were about to lose their front line, regained their spirit and confidence in victory with Sariel’s accomplishment, and launched a counter attack.

And what Liuchrome was aiming for was the realisation of the tactic, known in the warring states period as [Norikiri]. (T/N: Norikiri is a tactic where units of five to ten horsemen rode into the enemy to stir confusion)

Launching the cavalry against the restless enemy, it was a tactic meant to quickly destroy them, the easiest to use as well as the most reliable tactic.

And this was the only time where the much awaited [Norikiri] could be used.

Against this, the Daidalos army who had been unable to regain their fighting spirit had fallen into confusion.

Losing their king, whether to fight, to run, or to retreat; they were unable to take any of those decisions were faced with the Crusaders that were in the best form now.

And finally, the silver heavy cavalry troop that had received enhancement support from the magicians began their lance charge to decide the outcome of this battle.

In front of the white army, unable to do nothing more than individually try and defend themselves, the fate of the Daidalos army had been decided.

This battle that would be later known as the Battle of Goldran, ended with the magnificent victory of the Crusaders.

Three days later, on the 10th day of the month of Enrai (Distant Thunder), the Crusaders completely captured the capital Daidalos.

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