Kuro No Maou – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Apostle vs. Dragon

At the hill of Goldran currently, the Crusaders were barely holding against the Daidalos army by deploying square formations at the ground, and in the air the Pegasus knights were holding down the flying dragon troops.

And even above the sky where the Pegasus knights were fighting dragons, far above the clouds, the 7th Apostle and the Dragon King were facing off against each other.

Under the sunlight existed the clear blue sky but only above Goldran hill, the sky was burning in black and white.


Dark red, sinister light of destruction, Gaevinal’s Dragon Breath burnt the air.

“[Light wing god’s shield – Alarux Aegis]”

The wings of angel holding white shine covered Sariel and stopped the nth breath once again.

The Heaven-class secret skill that surpassed the highest advance magic rank – [God’s shield – Aegis] was able to take on almost any magic used by humans without getting damaged at all.

But taking the breath of the giant black dragon head-on countless times, it was finally destroyed.

“[Sonic Walker]”

Before the breath could reach her, Sariel jumped above from the Pegasus she was riding.

Even though she should have started free falling, she clearly stepped on the air.

Sariel ran in the sky. Closing on to the dragon king while releasing the silver aura at full strength, she looked like a meteor.

This speed that could not be even seen by normal eyes and advancing threateningly in mid air was the effect of Sage-class martial art [Sonic Walker].

But Gaevinal’s burning red eyes could clearly catch her figure that was closing in.

He swung is giant tail towards her. Although it was a simple movement, but that tail was similar to a moving castle wall.

The tail that was covered with scales, that were considered the hardest among all living things, was harder than an actual rampart.

If that tail was swung like a whip at the speed of sound, how many magicians would it take to cast enough defensive magic to stop something like that?

Moving at high-speed in mid-air, Sariel focused all her magical energy and concentration on the coming attack. Using the [God’s shield Aegis] again was not possible. So she decided to make use of her speed to evade it.

The incoming hard attack was seen through with the help of over enhanced dynamic vision and sixth-sense that had become closer to foresight.

The storm-like destructive tail passed through the place where Sariel’s lower body was before she moved.

As her silver hair fluttered she evaded the attack and then shortened the distance between them. In response, Gaevinal had already moved to his next attack.

Large claws that were bigger than any sword attacked Sariel.

Holding unbelievable sharpness that could rip apart the body with the touch of his fingertips, those claws were not only hard and sharp but were clearly also infused with an Extra magic that increased the attack range. But, Sariel dodged it with a paper thin difference. Gaevinal had clearly ended up allowing her to come close to his bosom. At last, he had come in range of Sariel’s holy cross spear – Grand Cross.

“[Moonlight – Lunalux]”

Physical strength, magical energy, concentration power, enhancing every ability to the highest with [Faust Berserk], and then enhancing them even further with [Lunalux].

Invocation time is a mere 1 second but it uses up energy even more than 10 normal magicians combined instantly. And, in the instant the magical energy is used, Sariel released her attack that could be literally said to be her sure-kill move, a move only those who could use a part of ‘God’ can utilise, the ultimate martial art.

“—–[God’s Spear – Brionac.]”

From the point of the Grand Cross, dazzling white light overflowed.

That light was divine and beautiful, yet it had the same level of destruction quality as the dragon breath.

The [Brionac] released by Sariel with her full strength, its edge that was shining with white light aim was the heart of the dragon.

Uptill now, no matter which shield or wall it was faced with, the God’s spear had pierced through but at this moment, it lost the title of ‘sure-kill move’.

(“Hard—–can’t pierce through any further——-“)

The scales that were called the hardest, the steel like flesh, and the carious divine protections as the Dragon King; the [Brionac] pierced through it all yet at the end it could not reach the heart.

Pulling out the spear, before blood could burst through that wound,



Due to Gaevinal’s giant roar, Sariel’s small body was blown away like a leaf.

Thrown away in mid air, Sariel quickly corrected her stance and as if she was already waiting for it, she landed on the Pegasus.

Sariel rode on her Pegasus and Gaevinal had blood flowing from his chest. Both took distance from each other again.

“To have been able to inflict an injury upon me………..human girl, name yourself.”

With just Gaevinal’s words, the air trembled. Any feeble person would have instantly fainted with just that.

Sariel, even under that pressure, remained expressionless and answered.

“7th Apostle Sariel.”

Similar to how she had once named herself in front of Kurono.

“Hou, the same name as the ancient angel of god? You have a strong light as your name suggests as well—–“

Taking a deep breath, and at the same time, the bleeding from the chest stopped, and the wound quickly closed up.

“Sariel, you are someone worthy of being my opponent in a long time. From here onwards, I shall also use my full strength—-“

Acknowledging Sariel as someone worthy of fighting against with all his strength, Gaevinal released a tremendous roar.

And then, on the scales as black as the night itself, red lines started to appear. His dark body was coloured with sinister red lines and Gaevinal released magical energy, vitality, fighting spirit, and thirst for blood ——-Powers that could be felt directly with the body, everything had been doubled and become thicker.

Even Sariel, faced with that enormous presence, her beautiful thin eyebrows turned into a scowl.

(“I might die………”)

How many years has it been, Sariel thought to herself.

From the moment she started taking experiments to become an ‘Apostle’, she had lost the feeling of death.

But, numerous modifications, enhancements, at the end of experiments, she had finally become an Apostle worthy of having the divine protection of the White God, and from that moment onwards, she had become an existence like a ‘dragon’, far away from death.

As the 7th Apostle, Sariel had participated in numerous wars, disputes, rebellions in the Arc continent.

But as the strongest existence of the church, an [Apostle], Sariel faced no opponent that could actually threaten her life.

When she was ambushed, made to retreat, betrayed by allies, surrounded by enemies on all sides, in every setting where the army would resolve for death, Sariel never thought that she would die.

An Apostle was such a transcendental existence.

But right now, at this moment, Sariel felt death. The black-red dragon king in front of her was stronger than any enemy she had ever faced.

Even if she won, how many wounds would she take? Maybe she might become unable to fight ever again.

But still, without any fear, she set up her spear.

For her, death was not the absolute fear.

After all, she had abandoned something like survival instincts a long time ago. She had attachments to this world. All she had was the ‘duty’ to complete as an Apostle.

That was her raison d’être.

Thus even if she was slaughtered by the dragon king here, even if she didn’t have enough strength, she did not care about anything else.

As long as she was alive, she would fulfil her duty as an Apostle.

“……..En Garde.”

Hardening her resolve, Sariel faced Gaevinal in his true form—–

“Come, human with the name of an Angel!”

And thus the battle between the two strongest existences had begun.


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