Kuro No Maou – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Decisive Battle・Goldran Hill

The crusaders, finally completing the invasion strategy departed on the seventh day of the month Distant Thunder.

The elite corps of 15000 men selected by Cardinal Ars, being lead by Sariel.

The crusaders camped in Goldran Hills near guard point with good visibility.

During the previous invasion they suffered defeat by the hands of Daidalos here and the place has some shady history in itself, but there is no better place than this to march forward in full power along with 15000-strong corps.

The Daidalos will also decide this place for the decisive battle like the previous time, as in this hilly region they can display their maximum mobility war potential.

Thus, both the Crusaders and Daidalos army would meet each other at Goldran Hills.

Both parties arrange their battle formation, and it becomes a competition of glaring at each other.

“――I’m entrusting command authority to you, Archbishop Liuchrome.”

Sariel gives a command while sitting on top of pure white pegasus.

“Yes, acknowledged.”

Liuchrome bows down his head. On his beautiful face there is no tension from commanding an army of 15000 men or the fear of the upcoming battle, a kind expression floats on his face.

“I will the rest to you.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

With just that much of conversation, Sariel moves her pegasus with an aim towards the front lines.

The pegasus stands up like a long spear lining up, and calmly takes off.

The soldiers look at the lovely girl not fit to be on battlefield while catching their breaths.

Soon after, the soldiers start moving towards the frontlines.

Some steps behind was Maxwell armed with a large mace following them.

On his back, is a large white coffin larger than his back itself.

But as if not caring about its weight, Maxwell starts walking after Sariel in an intimidating manner.

Several steps in front of the front line, Sariel and Maxwell see the black demon race army standing in a line seeming like castle walls.

Looking at that scene, Sariel speaks in her normal manner without any hesitation.

“An army of demons…”

The voice of the slender Sariel is heard by both parties consisting of more than 35000 men cleary word by word.

“Our white God is generous.

However, the Evil Demon Dragon King must be condemned with death.

We will take the head of evil dragon. If you all swear to obey God, he will forgive you even if you’re the demon races.”

As soon as she stopped speaking, a sudden of wind blew through the Goldran Hills.

“I am the Daidalos Dragon King. Gaeevinal.”

A jet black dragon leading a swarm of flying dragons flies down from midair.

From between the the dragons, a dragon extending to 40 metres in stature flies down on his two legs in an intimidating manner.

Behind him spreads two dark wings seeming like a night sky with crescent moon, and his fat tail which looks like a large serpent strikes the ground.

Upon looking at his majestic appearance, the soldiers of the Crusaders gasped. The people who participated in the previous invasion are reminded of their unpleasant defeat and start to tremble.

“For the pitiful humans who worship the white God to taunt us, it really is unforgivable.”

The atmosphere begins trembling, and inside Gaevinal’s mouth a large amount of magical power starts concentrating.

“Perish, humans.”

The inherent magic “Dragon Breath” that the dragons are so proud of and hides great destructive power.

An ominous dark red torrent of light is directed straight at Sariel.

“Light wing God’s Shield – Arulks.Aegis.”

The moment when they’re engulfed by the atrocious light, Maxwell sees the figure of Sariel being wrapped up in wings of an angel.


Along with a thundering roar, a dense black smoke rises and covers the surrounding area.

Immediately a gust of wind blows away the smoke.

Beyond that stood Sariel in the same position from before with shining white body

“……I’ll go.”

She speaks in small voice as always, Maxwell standing beside Sariel after seeing her defence magic block the attack. He replies in a strong voice while putting down the large coffin from his back.

“Your Excellency, may the fortune of war favor you!”

Sariel nods, and holds the coffin.

“‘Armed scriptures’ – Release.”

At that moment the the coffin is wrapped in a white light and scatters.

From within a long white spear in the imitation of the cross which is the symbol of God appears.”

“Holy Cross spear ‘Grand Cross’.”

The one of the two magical weapons only apostles can use are called “armed scriptures”.

The fact that the armed scripture is a spear proves that rather than a magician, Sariel’s true class is a Holy Knight Paladin.

The 7th Apostle Sariel takes the long pure white spear ‘The Holy Cross spear’ in her hands and storms towards Gaevinal on her pegasus


The roar of Gaevinal which trembles heaven and earth, signals the start of war.

Sariel cuts through the vanguard and storms, the 15000 Crusaders also march forward.

In contrast, the Daidalos army hailing Geavinal’s roar, also starts the assault.

Here, the head on collision between the Daidalos army and the Crusaders opens its curtains.


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