Kuro No Maou – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – The Dragon King

The king stood up from the throne, upon hearing the report of 15000 mercenaries departing from Virginia.

The name of the king is Gaevinal, at a glance he looks like a strong build human in his prime having 2 metres of body height, but in truth he is a genuine dragon.

The dragon are a race having large amount of Physical strength magical energy, and are completely different from other races. Among them the dragons with strongest strength called as “black dragons” is the tribe of Gaevinal.

Even among the dragons who are fundamentally individualists, Gaevinal had the ambition to rule over everything just like the ancient emperor who had once made the great empire that had governed pandora continent in his generation.

In the midst of implementing his ambition, the thing concerning him the most is the city-state “Spada” that extends after crossing the “Gallahad mountain range” which is governed by the sword king “Leonhart” who has the equal strength as him. [ET: the author is a copycat in names. Should go to school.]

He had not even thought of the human army coming to invade by crossing all the way over the seas.


“Despite of giving them the warnings to that extent, they still send out the soldiers……they are more foolish than what I had thought.”

“It is too much of a hassle, let’s send them out of Pandora continent but not to their hometown, but to hell.”

Now that they have once again risen against Daidalos, Gaevinal was not going to just be happy with making them leave the country anymore, he decided to completely annihilate Virginia.

But soon things would turn out like this, was even predicted by the top brass of Daidalos along with Gaevinal.

That is because of the report of large ships coming in and out, consisting of large amounts of humans and goods.

It was obvious that in near future, humans would not accept the demand for evacuation and come with counter offensive tactics.

The reason, why they didn’t obstruct the arrival of ships to Virginia was because Daidalos doesn’t have a navy force. Even without it, if the humans gather many number of people and start attacking first, it will be easy to kick them around or so Gaevinal was thinking.

Starting from dragon, the daidalos army was being organised with the beast men who were similar to monsters as the main force.

The assault by the means of strong offensive ability and mobility were the strong forte of the Daidalos Army. The humans cannot defeat it with even with tens of thousands of soldiers on plain fields.

Therefore, no matter how much military force Virginia has, as long as they strike first, daidalos can intercept it as many times.

Normally, their base point Virginia would also be destroyed, but as it is a stronghold which boasts a solid defence, they need to have determination to suffer some losses.

The Daidalos army was unparalleled on the field but if they are unable to show their mobility to full extent, it would be difficult to end a castle siege war in short time and would become a weakness.

As a result, Virginia’s base has great defensive ability but no offensive ability, in the current situation to reduce the loss the most good idea would be to intercept them through a blockade and stop their advance.

To Gaevinal the enemies were not the humans from Virginia but the city-state army of Spada.

Considering the invasion by Spada in near future, Gaevinal wanted to avoid dissipation of war potential.

Gaevinal thought that the defense corps of Daidalos are more than enough for intercepting the humans, though it will leave the anxiety about future.

But in the end, before I went ahead leading the army to Spada, the humans had started to invade.[ET: This author can’t seem to maintain a single tense or perspective. right now its first-person perspective.]

If I was not here, the humans might have fought a bit better, but for them to strike at such a timing, the bad luck of humans is hilarious .

Either way, it is impossible for the likes of human to defeat Daidalos.

“So the, shall we go.”

Gaevinal headed towards the main gate of imperial palace.

Below him, 20000 soldiers in black armor and helmet had already been gathered and were waiting to get the order for departure.

“From now, we will head to defeat the foolish humans, don’t let a single one return back alive――”

Gaevinal transformed from the temporary human form to his original dragon form.

“――Advance Forward!”

Along with the roar, the advance order is given, the 20000 daidalos soldiers start marching like an avalanche.

Gaevinal who has transformed into a giant dragon with jet black scales, flaps both his wings, while creating a sudden gust of winds soars up in the sky.

The subordinate flying dragons that were already in the air, started following Gaevinal and flew away with him.

The place they were heading for is, the halfway point between Daidalos and Virginia, the Goldran hilly area.

The dragons swore for a certain victory and roared which echoed in the whole Daidalos and headed towards the territory of the decisive battle.


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