Kuro No Maou – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Story of a Certain Witch.

On the main gates of Virginia stronghold, stood a girl.

The beautiful girl had faint light blue hair like a spring water flowing and had shining gold eyes which were more than enough to charm a person, but her expression looked like absentminded sleepy expression.

The girl wore a tri-cornered hat, and was clad in black clothes. She held a long staff in her hands.

Even if a person from arc continent or pandora continent saw her, they would call her a “witch”.

They are not any different from magicians in terms of class, but the girl’s three-set equipment of a black three-cornered hat, black robe along with a long staff is commonly called as “witch”.

The stories about witches are too much famous, everyone will at least know one fairy-tale that is related to witches.

That girl didn’t had any business at the stronghold, rather she was going away from the stronghold.

The gatekeeper of the main gate called out to the leaving girl.

“Young Miss, the long-awaited crusaders finally came here, and you’re going to step down here?”

The girl stops, and nods towards the gatekeeper.

“Speaking of “Apostle”, it is the strongest soldier that the church boasts of, along with that the archbishop who is also taking command of the 15,000 elite forces. The mercenaries will go along the flow of victory and win this war, isn’t it?”

He did not participate in the previous Daidalos invasion, so he probably did not know the fearsomeness of the demon army.

But, the girl had no interest in pointing it out because the words said by him were plenty enough to be agreeable.

The consequence of the previous invasion was due to them underestimating the demon army, they were all in a terrible state though the girl didn’t bear a single scratch.

But this time, they had arranged plenty of good military forces for counter attacking tactics.

It took nearly one month, but finally the reinforcements of 15000 soldiers and the provisions along with various other things assembled in Virginia.

The outcome of war couldn’t be predicted even by the girl, but they would certainly be able to fight a lot better than the previous war.

The people who came to pandora continent as mercenaries, will get desperate to display their powers to receive a huge amount of reward.

If the mercenaries ran away during the defeat in previous invasion then it was fine, but for them to run away during the time of winning streak is difficult to think of due to their personalities.

At least, the gatekeeper did not think that the girl was running away from here due to her fear of battle.

That is because, if she wanted to escape, she could’ve gone to the harbour to board the ship bound to her country as the priests did half a year ago, but going towards the pandora land is not the way of thinking of a person trying to run away.

“Are you really going out?”

The girl once again nods.

The gatekeeper thought, though the girl has half-opened sleepy eyes, her decision was rather solid.

“Is that so, where are are you going? do you have a place in mind?”

The girl replies with constant expression.

“A place where food is more delicious.”

The gatekeeper sees off the girl while thinking “as expected the witches are different from normal people.”

The next day, was the day the 15000 crusaders lead by Sariel departed towards Daidalos.


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