Kuro No Maou – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – The Charisma of an Apostle

In front of the state-of-the-art Magic Battleship [Gargantia] that arrived at the Virginia port, Priest Head Maxwell breathed a sigh.

“An Apostle……..”

One year ago, he was one of the first members to have landed on the Pandora continent.

Being a devout believer of the church, even though he was a Priest Head, he still chose to realize god’s will by participating in the conquest of Pandora continent.

Reaching an unknown continent, he was even attacked by wild monsters, after many hardships established this Virginia, and half year ago even took part in the invasion of Daidalos.

He was presently the person who had contributed the most in the establishment of Virginia. After the death of the Knight Commander, all other high ranking members ran back to the republic and Maxwell ended up becoming the highest ranked church official here.

And being a representative of church meant that he stood at the top of all the people here who were believers of the church as they were the people of the Republic.

And thus, as the representative of Virginia, he was waiting to greet the Apostle Commander of the Crusaders.

On both of his sides stood his young Priest disciples and behind them along with other members of the church were the numerous citizens who were here to catch a glimpse of the messiah-like Apostle.

They were still cheering with joy and were waving their hands towards the giant Battleship.

It was not that Maxwell did not understand their feelings. In front of the fearsome army of demons where they could be attacked any time, a reinforcement of a 15,000 man army had arrived.

The commander of that army was nothing less than a messiah for them.

But, Maxwell was holding a doubt in his mind. Just what kind of person was the Apostle?

The Apostle coming here known as Sariel, was the 7th apostle and a young girl. But that was all he knew.

No matter how young, an Apostle was loved by the god; there was no doubt that they held incredible strength. But that did not imply that they directly control men.

What they possessed was simply combat and fighting strength.

Probably the young Apostle was just an emblem, and the true command will be taken by the second-in-command who would be a high ranking official.

And Maxwell did not believe in ‘high-ranking priests and officials’.

In the first place, the ones who abandoned Virginia and ran away were these people. Just that was enough to garner distrust in the higher ups of the church but, Maxwell did not believe in them even before that.

He was also someone who had become a Priest Head. Senior Priests or Bishops who worked in Elysion were what kind of people, he had known from the time he was a child.

In his words, the church’s organization was corrupt. Each and every one of them were fools blinded by promotions and success and could only think about using and kicking others down. Bribes were prevalent, and what could be attained only by priest through devotion, faith and practice was now bought with money.

In such a world, Maxwell had already become unable to bear it by the time he earned the title of Priest Head.

He closed his paths to success by himself and threw himself in countless battlefields for the sake of serving God.

And, accepting the precise [oracle] that was received, he unhesitatingly decided to take part in the operations to conquer Pandora continent. There was no way he would ever regret that decision.

The experiences here were painful similar to all other battlefields, but that is the trial set by God. To work towards the will of god as a proper believer was the only job worth doing, or so Maxwell truly believed in his heart.

That is why he held unpleasant feelings thinking that priests drowned in greed had once again arrived in this Virginia, a place for ‘true believers’.

He did not know what were the people who had come were like, but he seriously thought that if they were to use this god’s land for their own selfish desires, then he would erase them.

There is no surveillance in this far away land either so you could kill as many by calling it an accident.

Having resolved that much, Maxwell was standing here to greet the commander.

(“I shall make sure whether you are suitable enough for this land—-“)

The wrinkled face that had gone beyond the middle age, grimly warped.

But in that trained body there were no signs of wearing down due to age. Due to the strong keenness of Maxwell, the two disciples also shivered with nervousness.

At that moment, at last, the doors of the Battleship opened. What appeared was a tall and slender youth.

Wavy blond hair and beauty like that of a woman, he could be mistaken for a delicate man but the white robe on his body stole away all attention.

(“An Archbishop…….at such a young age………”)

Maxwell could understand that in a single glance. An Archbishop was a rank high enough to be a candidate to become the next Cardinal. It was in a level completely different from a Priest head.

(“Then that means he is the commander, no wait, the commander was supposed to be an Apostle……)

The strongest of the church were the Apostles. And an Archbishop was the 3rd highest position if you exclude the Apostles. He could understand one of them but for both to have appeared, Maxwell could not hide his surprise.

His assumption that the aide would be a Senior Priest or a bishop at max was completely overturned.

With the appearance of someone who looked he was so close to heaven, a bead of sweat flowed down Maxwell’s forehead. He was envious of his disciples who had yet not realized that the other man was an Archbishop. With elegant actions, the youth who was an Archbishop took the hand of someone behind him and started to come down the ramp.

The one who was lead by him was, yes, none other than the 7th Apostle Sariel.

The pure white majestic appearance was finally exposed in the light.


At that moment, the port that was filled with cheers and shouts suddenly became completely silent.

White clothes, white skin, white hair, and radiant ruby eyes.

That appearance was something, which could not be painted by any artist, could not be sculpted by any sculptor; it was something truly only a god could create, that shining white beauty.

“—–So, beautiful.”

Tears appeared unknowingly in the eyes, just by being captivated by this divine beauty.

Led by the Archbishop, slowly, she came closer.

A feeling that was not attained even when meeting the Pope himself was suddenly born inside, as if he was blessed by the real god himself. A sense of peace, and sufficiency came inside his heart.

Maxwell, kneeled down naturally, put both his hands in front of his chest, and took the stance of praying.

“Priest Head Maxwell, right?”

Sariel who had come directly in front of him called out. Even though he had never experienced it, he felt as if he just heard the words of God.


“You did well protecting Virginia till now. From here onwards, together with the Crusaders, let us fulfil the divine will of God.”

Sariel’s small white hand gently caressed Maxwell’s bowing face.

“Yes! This Maxwell will dedicate his everything in assisting 7th Apostle Lord Sariel!!”

Unable to hold back his tears, still Maxwell strongly replied.

As he had said, he swore in his heart to devote everything for Sariel.


Sariel was, expressionless, still silent, and then slowly gave a small wave towards the still silent crowd.

At that moment, cheers and cries of joy broke out, and enthusiasm at a fanatical level wrapped the whole of Virginia.

Seeing such a situation, Sariel’s eyes still showed no emotion.

After the ring of restraint had been removed, and released from the limiting of powers, similar to ‘other Apostles’, divine protection filled her body and she held true ‘divinity’.

Similar to how objects made after god held power, the beauty of the girl who was loved by God held the power to completely charm any who was a believer of the church.

The stronger the faith then even more so. At this moment, Maxwell had been touched by the power of a real god.


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