Kuro No Maou – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Night of the Full Moon

I escaped from the banquet of the party members and made my way back.

In truth, it might have been okay to drink all night and return tomorrow (in fact, I was told to do so), but I wanted to see Lily’s face by today no matter what, so it can’t be helped.

It has been five days since I had sent the letter, did she miss me? I’ve missed her.

But this time I have used nearly half of the reward I got and bought a heap of candies and fruit for Lily.

Lily’s happy face came to my mind. While being restless in the reunion after sometime, I opened the door of the hut.

“I’m homeー”

After opening the door, what entered my sight was the already familiar room.

Now that I have started living here, the room is organised and gives a fresh feeling.

Interrupting those thoughts,


A voice came from a beautiful girl calling out my name.

That’s right, the speaker of this voice is Lily――No wait, wasn’t Lily’s voice more childish?

Without having the time to think about the uneasiness, my view is blocked by a white light.

“Ugh… so bright!”


At the same time, I felt an impact on my body from something.

Somehow I stand firm and avoid falling down. I felt the soft sensation of someone embracing my body.

What is it, for Lily to be this, isn’t it too big?

However, I can’t think of anyone else who can call my name and lives in this house.

“Li, Lily, is that you?”

The view that was obscured by that white flash gradually returns to normal.

And then, I supposedly see the person who is embracing me.

“……Are you Lily?”

I once again say the same words.

“Un, I’m Lily?”

While embracing me the girl answers. The naked body with a white radiance, long platinum hair and the two wings with seven colors like a prism were without a doubt Lily’s traits.

However this form is fundamentally different. The little girl who has these traits was changed into a young girl with the same traits.

“Lily has become bigger!?”

In other words, it’s that.

If we think of the figure of the little Lily as a human child, then the Lily in front of me has grown 10 years and looks a middle schooler.

What, just what the hell does this mean? Lily is 32 years old, during that time she was a small girl, so why the hell did she suddenly grow bigger?

During the five days I was away from the home, just what the hell happened to Lily’s body!

“I was lonely Kurono, I don’t want you to go somewhere alone anymore.”

“Y,Yeah, sorry……”

Rather than the young Lily, I can’t hide my surprise on hearing her speak in clear tone.

“……For the time being can you get off of me?”


*shock* The Lily that used to so obedient to my words is……Is it the rebellious age?

“If you don’t step back, I can’t enter the house.”

“Then, take me to bed like this.”

The young Lily smoothly speaks a line that might cause various misunderstandings.

She stares at me with moist and upturned eyes, and at that moment, for the first time I look straight into young Lily’s face.


She’s so much beautiful, it sends shiver down my spine.

It seems like I’ll be sucked up in her green eyes, which eclipse the glow of an emerald.

Her long eyelashes, along with lightly shining body and hair are increasing her glow even more.


I close my eyes for a moment, and calm down my heart.

I was dangerously near to being fascinated by her charm.

In this world, the beautiful things contain the magic to captivate the hearts of a person with just that.

Just as the statue of a god contains powers, it is said that the beautiful things have the power to captivate the hearts of anyone with just seeing in it’s eyes, with just its smile and by just exchanging some words.

This is called a ‘Fascination Charm’, it is counted as a sort of bad status.

Inside this magic filled other world, I thought the story was a fake when I first heard it. I never thought I would be able to experience it by myself.



It can’t be helped, it looks like Lily has not will to surrender.

Anyhow, right now the first priority is to learn what happened to Lily’s body.

Reluctantly, I carry Lily to bed like a princess in my arms.

Even though she’s turned into a young girl, she still gives a mysterious feeling when held in arms that is neither soft nor heavy.

“Ufufu, thank you Kurono.”

To me who is still a virgin high school boy, the scene of a naked young girl lying on the bed is too much stimulating.

Whether or not her body is shining in white light, naked is naked. When Lily was in the little girl’s form there was not much resistance, but now in the young girl’s form there are various places that are bothering me.

The scene in front of me is on the level, that if it was a picture, one would keep staring at it without caring about public gazes. But the person in front of me is my most trusted partner, therefore I won’t tolerate any insolence regarding her.

“Can you wear a blanket?”


It really is the rebellious stage!?

I sit on the bed and straighten up my back, while Lily grabs my hand.

If she asks in a small child form to be spoiled, I can easily accept it, but I’m not a stoic adult who can remain calm while being clinged on by a naked young girl.

“Then at least wear this.”

I take off the black robe with a straightforward official name : “Demon’s Embrace ‘Baphomet Embrace’ ” which has already become my favorite and put it on Lily.

“nfufun, It smells of Kurono.”

“A, Sorry, because I’ve been wearing it all the time it smells――”

“It’s alright like this, it settles me down.”

Lily with an expression of being entranced closes her eyes. I bear with it to not become someone to keep on looking at her silently. I decide to cut right to the point.

“Lily, what is happening with you? Before you were so small, I still find it hard to believe you’re the same person.”

“You’re terrible Kurono, we lived together and you don’t recognise me?”

She hugs my hand and pushes her body forward. On that reaction my heart beat gets faster.

Calm down me, calm down and just concentrate on the conversation.

“It’s not like I don’t know, but your appearance is so different, I got confused.”

“Fufu, That’s right. That’s why I’ll only tell Kurono my secret.”

Lily gently strokes my cheeks with her slender fingers and grips them while bringing her face toward me.

It’s a little pushy, but I don’t resist and keep on staring into Lily’s eyes.

A cold sweat flows down my cheek, what the hell is with this feeling of tension? Little Lily, please comeback!

“Those of the fairy tribe have a growth in power on the nights of a full moon like today. It is said that the fairy queen come to this world to play from the moon.”

Wha, what is with this Maerchen (lit: fairy tale) type of back story, so is the address of fairy queen on the moon’s surface full of craters, huh?

“Ufufu, I don’t know if it’s the truth or not, but if it’s truth then maybe we can meet with fairy queen on the night of fullmoon.”

“I see. just like an allegorical tradition.”

“Yeah, but no matter what, it is a fact that the power of the fairy tribe increases. And it seems like it’s influence is more powerful towards me, who is half human and half magic beast. That’s why I can return to my original form on nights of full moon.”

“……Original form?”

In that case, who is the small Lily with whom I lived.

“That is a temporary form. If I’m away from the light of the fountain, my magic and intelligence have a drastic fall and I change into the child form.”

“Is that so……”

“Un, that is so. The current me retains the memory of the small me, and when I turn small I will retain the memories of this time too. But that child has low thinking capabilities so it won’t understand many things.”

It’s hard to accept it suddenly, but the way she explains things, I can sense the intelligence in her.

Different from the usual small Lily, she feels like someone who has lived many years.

“I’m glad that Kurono came back tonight. I’ve thought a lot about wanting to talk to you properly. If I missed today, I would have had to wait another month.”

I’m getting caught up being fascinated by the smiling Lily and can’t have a proper conversation.

“Nee~ Kurono, I understand completely that you came to this world alone. You were treated badly by evil people, but still you don’t give up and try to live your life. And that I treasure about you very much.”


At that moment, from the bottom of my heart, I was completely convinced that this girl is Lily.

I also understood that Lily comprehended the circumstances I am in and what I told her.

The first person person who understood me is without a doubt, Lily.

“――Thank you very much.”

“Same to you Kurono, thank you for staying with me.”

“I will always live with you together from now on.”

“Aa~, if Lily stays with me, I can live in this world. I won’t be lonely.”

“Un! If Kurono stays with me, I also won’t get lonely. But I want to talk to Kurono in this form, I have a lot to tell you and a lot to talk about.”

“Yeah, I’ll listen to everything.”

“Ufufu, I won’t let you sleep tonight♪”

And so , Lily and I start talking on the bed with each other. The things that had happened so far and the things that will occur from now on――


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