Kuro No Maou – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Rampaging Beast Dortoth (or Doltos/Dortos)

It was a pretty wide open space even though it was among the mountains.

About 10 minutes ago, as we continued cautiously, Nino who was in the vanguard was suddenly attacked by a giant green amoeba-like creature and then, around 10 more similar creatures also appeared from our surroundings.

“They’re just slimes! Deal with them as you see fit!”

Ooh, this is the famous slime monster? As I nonchalantly thought that, the members of Irz Blader took up their respective weapons and started fighting the group of slimes.

Nino slashed the slimes left and right and behind him, Claydor swung his spear to cover him.

At the moment where the slimes were about rush towards the two of them,

「الجليد الباردة تجميد انتشار النار―― Ice Blast!!」

Aten released the magic after completing her chant.

The slimes that were closing in on the vanguards had their liquid bodies frozen up in a matter of few seconds and finally stopped moving. Just with a slight poke from a spear or sword, the frozen slimes scattered in pieces.

All this happened in the past 10 minutes, and now we are back to present.

“It’s such stable and calm way of fighting—–“(kurono)

It felt like I was watching a recorded scene of balanced RPG party taking out the representative of small fry monsters aka slimes.

Also, I was just a luggage carrier; I don’t need to take part in battle either so nobody is going to complain even if I just leisurely spectate like this.

So, as I had planned, I could observe how an actual adventurer party does battle.

Although I don’t want to brag but I am well aware that I am also no amateur when it comes to battles. But that’s only in the case of solo battles. I won’t be able to cooperate and coordinate like them.

Even monsters attack by forming groups and teams, but as expected, it doesn’t even compare to the team play showed by people with intelligence.

I understood that although individually the members of Irz Blader are only as strong as a normal level 2, as a team they can display a much greater strength.

“Alright. Looks like they ran away.”

As I wondered whether slimes had the ability to understand and feel danger, the slimes ran away in all directions.

“Although it won’t earn us much but, since we have a luggage carrier, might as well collect the cores—-“

Nino picked up the proof of defeating slimes that was the core, at that moment,


“Is it an earthquake?…….”

What is it? It seems I was the only one who was in doubt. Rest all were looking with serious faces towards the direction where the source might be.

“To think it would come to us. That saves us the trouble.”

Nino unsheathed his sword again and lined up along with Claydor.

“Kurono, you should get away a bit.”

Aten says that to me and then starts chanting with her staff.

Harry nocked 3 arrows together on his bow and stood in front of her.

Everyone was in complete battle mode.

I felt the sound and vibrations coming closer.

This situation is definitely —–


With a shrill roar, a grey figure jumped out as it toppled the trees.

It was similar to the giant elephant I had seen once at the zoo but, its figure charging madly towards us looked more like a wild boar to me.

The most similar features were its long nose and the fur and tusks that looked like that of a mammoth.

But the shape of those tusks was more similar to the horns of a reindeer that spread out greatly.

This is the main target monster of the quest. The source of the mysterious meat. The rampaging beast Dortoth.


The first attack made on the rushing Dortoth was by Harry’s arrows.

All the three arrows were fired together and stuck on the beast’s head but its charge didn’t slow one bit.

It approached Nino and Claydor like a 10 ton truck.


「كيكو هيروشي منع تجميد الباردة درع الجليد الصلب―― Ice armour shield!!」

Since she had been chanting from a long time already, Aten’s magic was instantly activated. The moment the Dortoth and the two of them were about to collide, a shield of ice appeared between them.

The Dortoth had no way to dodge the suddenly appearing ice wall but it didn’t intend to do so either.

And it collided head-on at full speed with the ice wall.

Due to the overwhelming speed and power of the charge, the ice wall shattered apart.

But, although it destroyed the wall, its charge had been stopped and it fell down due to the shock from the impact


Stepping over the broken ice wall, Nino and Claydor attacked the downed Dortoth.

Aiming for the head, they slashed it twice, thrice but they were unable to deal a fatal blow due to its stiff fur and thick skull.

With a groan, the Dortoth stood back up.

Swinging its giant tusks, it drove the two attacking its head away.

Maybe due to the magical energy inside those tusks, they were wrapped in winds and created a whirlwind.


The tusks wrapped in winds lightly grazed Nino and his body was blown away.

It tried to chase Nino who was in mid air but was blocked by Claydor’s spear and Harry’s covering fire.


In mid air, truly like a cat Nino fixed his posture and lightly landed on the ground. He raised his sword once more and charged towards the rampaging Dortoth.

“This one is a big prey after a long time. We’ll defeat it definitely!”


Seeing the members of Irz Blader enjoying fiercely fighting the beast with an energetic shout, I felt a bit envious.


“Well done.”

After the long fight, I, the only one with energy, called out to the dead tired members.

“Yeah. I’m tired….we leave the rest to you Kurono.”

Saying that, Nino sprawled on the ground. Beside him was the giant body of the Dortoth. Nino had had used a martial art and pierced the forehead which became the fatal wound. Other than that, the various wounds created by the other members were also left all over its body.

Monsters have a stronger vitality than normal animals so they have to be damaged at least this much or they won’t die. If it’s a big monster, then all the more so.

Although damaging the outside too much might not be a good method for hunting quests, but here only the meat is important so it’s fine.

“Even if you say that, I don’t know how to dissemble animals you know.”(kurono)

“Then just put it all inside with Spatial Magic.”(Aten)

“Don’t make it sound so easy Aten. Something as big as this will just barely fit inside.”

“Eh? Barely? You mean you really can store all of it!?”

“Probably, yeah.”

Ooh! Everyone raised their voices in admiration and astonishment. Oi, I said probably. I might have to leave a leg or something behind.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! If you can, just do it already!”(Aten)

“We’ll be counting on you Kurono-san. Well, normally one would dissemble it here but other monsters might be attracted to the smell of blood and come here.”(harry)

“I see. If we can move it then we should do it quickly, is it?”

“Yes, please. If you want we can increase the reward too.”

“If you are willing to go that far, fine, I might as well try it——-Shadow Space.”

Even without the additional increase in reward, I was going to do it anyway but since you said so, I might as well take it!

The shadow stretched out from me and reached the beast’s body.

Then I opened the shadow space at max limit and started to take it inside slowly.

“Kuh, it’s a bit of a pain when the object is very heavy and big……..”

Still, I’ll somehow settle it inside. Once the space is closed then weight and size don’t matter anymore. I have to endure a bit more.

“It’s done.”(kurono)

“oooh Amazing Kurono!!”

Aten’s tail slithered and entwined around my body. She might want to show some skinship but being entwined by a large snake is a bit scary.

“Guh, let me go Aten…..”(kurono)

“Don’t be embarrassed~”(aten)

“No, I’m actually scared.”


Anyway, we somehow completed the objective of the quest.


“Now then, for the completion of the quest—-“


In the Irz village guild, the voices of Irz Blader + a luggage carrier resounded.

5 days after leaving the village, we had returned after safely completing our quest.

We returned by the afternoon but taking the reward and completing other formalities took time and it was now evening, and we were now sitting together with sake in our hands.

I’ll drink as well of course. After all, there is no law limiting minors to not drink alcohol in this world.

But, maybe due to the effect of the various body modifications (?), no matter how much I drink, I only get a bit tipsy but not more than that.

“ohh, are you drinking kuronoo~” (Aten)

Aten, whose face had already become red, slithered towards me.

“This time we were able to complete the quest easily thanks to Kurono’s help so you have my thanks.”(aten)

“Yes, we want to ask for your help again.”(Harry)

“Yeah, you really helped a lot.”(Claydor)

“Well, he worked perfectly as per his reward.”(Nino)

I got a bit embarrassed on being complimented by everyone.

“Everyone, Thank You!!” (kurono)

But it’s true that I’m also happy.

Even if it was a different world, being complimented for your hard work is always nice.

I felt that I was once again slightly accepted by this world.

Definitely, from hereon I will meet many more people, and deepen my bonds with them.

But, the one that came in my mind at this moment was my first friend in this different world, my partner, her small face.

“Ah, I want to meet Lily—“


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